Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, Dec 4, 2015 – Day 491 – Floaters

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I keep checking for floaters when I close my eyes in a bright light. Months ago, I noticed they were gone. I keep checking, but can’t see any more. I thought maybe something might have happened to my eyes. Just after Christmas, my left eye went a little fuzzy last year. It slowly recovered up to a point when babesia symptoms woke up. Now it is back and forth clear and fuzzy unpredictably. Meanwhile, still no floaters when I block either eye to see the other one at a time. It seems the apple leaves smoked whatever they were out, like the little bug worms that drilled out all that time. If it is a meter as to how the anthelmintic is working, it would be a really good one. That is why I keep checking. That is why I am having trouble believing my eyes. Rarely anything that good happens to me. I have to believe they don’t lie.

I believe my ears, even though lately I can’t with the TV news going off to the side here. If I can’t believe my own eyes and ears, I am really up shzt creek here. Then there is the scale. I’ve given up on that thing. There is no way I can weigh what it says unless I have pockets full of helium. All I can think of is I had a lot of lead toxins that are gone from the pyrus malus fibre, and/or those worms that left actually had Dark Matter in them. Gravity generally has always sucked, but somehow the Wild Apple Leaves made it blow for a change. It has really thrown my balance out of whack from the way it used to be, but you get used to it. My CG, or centre of gravity, is just higher.

I suspect T4it was a phage in the wild apple leaves that smoked them out. I didn’t notice it until much later. The floaters just vanished when I went looking for them, and I put two and two together. It was a sudden and unexpected anthelmintic action. Why isn’t it in food? I suspect the widespread use of pasteurization throws out the baby with the bathwater, and kills the natural phage in pre-processed food too. Bulk pasteurization is cheaper. Phage is used to test food for pathogens that processing misses, or before meat is cooked. It is also used to treat plant diseases like Erwinia Amylovora “fire blight” fungus.

They use E. Coli bacteria to teach students about phage isolation technique. A common phage for E. Coli rapidly wipes it out, as shown in that picture. It is a harmless virus that attacks pathogens, unless you are a pathogen. It cures a common cold rapidly when you find a large and pphagediverse enough source of phage. Some plants appear to be a natural way to isolate human compatible phage varieties. They are very small, and you need a very expensive electron microscope to take pictures like that. A typical phage is only 220 nanometres top to bottom.

The side effect of all this is you start to feel younger as unknown pathogens are wiped out. I found a way to safely expand the phage library, since I am still alive. It does not cure all MS like symptoms, but the ones that go away go rapidly. The feeling of well being is literally like rewinding the clock minus the accumulated lifetime parasite drag. Knowing the before and after feeling puts you far beyond all current state of the art medicine. It is hard maintaining a straight face talking to them because they are obviously so far off base, knowing absolutely nothing about this in an artificially sterile antimicrobial antibiotic resistant disease world of their own making. It becomes pretty obvious when your critical thinking IQ doubles in 3 days when the phage wipes the pandemic neuroborreliosis out. Keep it hidden. They mad, bro. They Jelly. They throw you in nut house because they can. You find out they are worse than the disease… All disease, and PDQ.

I don’t take them so often any more, like once a week after a year of a size 0 capsule daily dose. I do it to kill bugs when they suck the blood and transmit more disease. They have that acaricidal property, again from the phage. Infected bugs bite you and either die or leave, cured as well. It apparently kills embedded ticks in situ like it did May 18 and 21 this year, twice. You can prove it if you want, but I already know first hand. I couldn’t see where they embedded above the hairline on back of my neck, but I could sure feel it with encephalitis like symptoms for a couple days.

The phage are so small they go through your skin working with them. I can feel it. I don’t like the mild herx, but it is a metric to see if they are working. It is also wise to have that acaricidal action working outdoors. That is how I got in such a messed up state to begin with. It becomes obvious to you, and you alone. We are obviously a very small group here because nobody else is cured and nobody even has a cloo what all that biofilm breakdown feels like afterwards, and concurrently.

It seemed to reverse stroke symptoms with a “clot buster” action. The current drug for that is $2,500 US per IV Treatment. They won’t give me my records to prove I had a stroke. They said it was too late to give me that drug. It doesn’t matter when you take mine, it seems, since they said the stroke was 8.5 years ago. May 18, 2007. After unwinding my lifelong chronic arthritis, diagnosed October 1970, I now know more about that than they ever dreamed of, too. Their solution? Kill your immune system for $1,500 US a month. They will not let me do a clinical trial. That’s why I don’t feel much empathy for them when they go postal.

Now I know how to build phage libraries, but I have to test them myself. Maybe I should teach people so they can do it for themselves. It’s all here, but at over a half million words, it needs a ninja editor. lol I haven’t exactly got a scanning electron microscope in the garage. I wanted to get one, just a cheap PC blood microscope, but then why? I won’t see anything if I can believe my eye floaters, or lack thereof, now.

I can’t find a link to an important ingredient I use. It is raw unpasteurized No Name Pure Unpasteurized Liquid Honey. I buy it in bulk instead of sugar, the $22 size. It takes a few months to get through one. It makes the broken polysaccharide biofilm taste sweet from the naturally contained invertase enzyme. You can’t heat it over 160F or it kills it. Some people say it isn’t sterile. Who cares? My phage library will wipe out anything bad that lives in it. 2000 GDU bromelaine makes it taste slightly like pineapple too. I heard a bee has to circle the globe 3 times in flight to make a pound of honey. Not the same bee, silly! lol I know they’re pretty good workers, but not that good. That kilogram took the equivalent of 6.6 bee circumnavigations to collect and make.



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