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Sat, Dec 5, 2015 – Day 492 – Chronic Tonic

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What is the purpose of our Health Care system? They can’t do anything about chronic disease. By definition. They know it because they attack anybody who  claims to be able to do anything about it, and who does not come from their own ranks. Somehow, having a zero percent grade at it makes them the arbiter of any kind of Health Care.

Vector Illnesses are all chronic. By definition, they come from insects. In Canada, they are woefully ignorant of any Vector Disease. Powassan was named for a Canadian town in Ontario, but they haven’t got a clue what it is, or how to effectively treat it. I’m glad I have nothing to do with them. I am a mineral processing engineer, and the human body is a mineral processing plant. It has pipes, valves, processing units, and one pump. One. It is about the simplest gawdam plant you can imagine, but with the most complex and misunderstood processes of all. LSD is the acronym: Liberation of the mineral of interest, Separation of that mineral, and Drying. Let’s imagine that we want to separate the disease. It is our Ore, or Diamonds and Gold.

T4Well, the pipes are really small. Can we send a nanomachine in there to smoke out the Diamonds and Gold? Turns out we can, but where the hell do we get that? It’s Phage. There are 10³¹ of them around, and they kill half the bacteria in the world every 48 hours. There is no shortage of the things, except in Hospitals, which are the equivalent of Tiffany’s in our analogy. Crawling with pure disease, and designed to exclude any nanomachines. Talk about a screwed up operation. Food processing operations also fall into that category.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t work on Phage with my Leatherman, or even my 1/4″ drive set. They’re tiny, at 220 x 150 nanometers. No problem. It turns out some trees can gather them up and store them. They can stay fed in the trees with sap an’ shzt. Literally. There’s strength in numbers, and if they can find some kind of new disease, they scramble around until they find something that works on it. They have the work ethic of bees, and the sting of hornets. Can they fetch cancer? No problem. They can eat it for breakfast. Medicine wants to pick flyshzt outta pepper so they can commercialize it. Engineers just send in a few truck loads of pepper to get the job done. Trial and error has worked pretty well so far for Darwin. Just create more inconsequential errors faster. That is the way phage work best. They create a coalition of the willing, and the unwilling for good measure. They are faithful like dogs, rarely if ever biting the human hand that feeds them.

Medicine has identified one prophage that attacks borrelia spirochaetes. One out of a gazillion kinds of phage. Lytic phage are better, squaring their numbers every generation. There may be a lytic phage that hasn’t been identified. I may have found it. Medicine wouldn’t know because they don’t want to. There is no such thing as chronic vector disease in Canada in their books. Really dumb. Any kid with a microscope can see it in seconds. Duh. Any idiot can see it closing their eyes and looking for “floaters.” Medicine says they have no floaters. They don’t masturbate either, I presume. They’re consummate pathological liars. Whatever I found, it sure got rid of my floaters, along with hundreds of nematode parasites. There is your chronic disease problem. obviously.

Why is medicine so expensive? It costs a lot to get rid of phage, and create a centralized playground for chronic disease that their chemicals can’t touch. Is there something like phage that can wipe out medicine? They’ve already created it, and it is drug resistant chronic disease, with which nothing they want to do, can touch. Their only defence against it is a huge glop of bureaufilm they have created to hide their failure. You would think they would be first in line for a solution to chronic illness. Not.

I see ads for the ASPCA showing abandoned animals. Where is the one for abandoned people? True, they don’t want to kill 91% of the cells in your body with antibiotics, but I found something more effective, and it kills any diseased cells it can find in your body while skunking out the nematodes that farm the diseased cells in literally gallons of biofilm. It starts the breakdown of the biofilm too, but you have to keep at it. The key is that you can without any ill effect. As each layer of biofilm deposits are peeled off, more pathogens get exposed and devoured by phage, as well as more nematodes hiding with them. After a while, it cleans the parasites and illness out from every major organ it can, and in all sorts of nooks and crannies within. You can tell just by feeling it. Some things you thought were gone forever like hair and libido start to come back again. The damn things are the root cause of ageing.

How long can you go if this solves ageing? Who knows? The Bible said 900 years. That’s if a jealous husband doesn’t get you first. lol



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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