Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Dec 6, 2015 – Day 493 – The Root Cause of Ageing


Isn’t that what you are looking for? Some way to reverse the clock. I was looking for a way to solve what was likely Lyme Disease. I blew it, and found this instead. Nobody in Canadian Medicine knows what Lyme disease is, so nobody can say definitively if they had it. Naturopaths with a blood microscope can spot it instantly, but the spirochaetes they spot are behind so many diseases, it seems to be virtually everything, like Dr. Alan B. MacDonald discovered back in 1986. If you go looking for spirochaetes, they will be there. Every speciality of medicine reported finding them. Canadian doctors aren’t the only idiots that can’t find them. Brits and the French can’t either.

They could if they were allowed to, but they get kicked out of the doctor club if they do. Yes, it’s criminal. The cops look the other way. Enter Wild Apple Leaves. Hundreds of microscopic filarial nematode spirochaete farmers start coming out. You start feeling better every day. Funny skin conditions, cardiac, cancer, arthritis, peripheral edema, kidney, breathing, and digestion issues, you name it, all start to disappear slowly. The most shocking and rapid issue with me was neuroborreliosis. 3 days, and it vanished. I had forgotten I had a brain. Do you know anybody like that? Try to catch the flu, a cold, or a disease from a bug bite or sting, and it disappears in hours. What is in those apple leaves?

All I can figure is it behaves like a phage. The composition of apple leaves is known, but the components don’t do the same thing separately or together. It is like bee pollen. It cannot be reproduced. I know how to make a human being the old fashioned way with a couple glasses of wine, and showing her my etchings, but get the $5 worth of minerals together,  and it doesn’t work. Whatever is in Apple Leaves scares the living daylights out of those parasites. They leave a treasure trove of evidence behind in the biofilm they must make.

In fact, they made so much of it, you can live for months on it just by taking wild apple leaves and pectin enzyme to break it down to sugar. You don’t feel hungry at all as it dissolves back into your bloodstream. I forced myself to eat more when it actually got scary, but still did not feel hungry. I didn’t want to take too much, because it might make me hyperglycemic, I thought. I was watching the symptoms for it. What they hell was all that pectin doing inside me? Harbouring disease I deduced, because you feel better every day. What kind of disease? All of it, whatever it was. What was it? Who cares? It’s gone. Th last thing you need in your tissues is 10 kilograms of pectin and worms and hair.

Hair? The little buggers were stealing hair to make it. That reminds me, where’s my serrapeptase? Little “Buggers?” Yep. They were alive for decades, and alive enough to take off when they left by drilling out from where they were. That is what the deer must know. They have ticks and all sorts of other bugs biting them too. If you have never been bit a bug in Canada, there is a word for that. You are a Liar, and also a dumbazz for thinking we would believe you were anything but.

Something else disappeared. You know the floaters in your eyes? They were alive, until the wild apple leaves smoked them out. They vamoosed. I don’t know when, but now they are all gone. It must have been sometime in the first 6 or 7 months. Only they know how they got out. It might have been in the first three days for all I know. I wasn’t looking for them. One day I did, and they were no longer there. My left eye went fuzzy after Christmas last year, and that is when I looked I guess. It wasn’t until much later I knew that was a symptom of babesia, change in eye focus intermittently.

There is a cure for it if you aren’t in Canada. Wormwood may treat it, but it isn’t very good for you. The thujone is poison. Dr. Richard Horowitz knows the tests for it, and drugs that treat it. I think he is a real doctor, not like a Canadian criminal. The key is getting rid of the nematodes and their biofilm that make it all chronic first, and it is the safest treatment of all. I took nothing else. Then all the multiple diseases like bartonella and babesia showed their individual symptoms. I assume the Lyme MSIDS was broken and exposed. Without biofilm, it is planktonic, and back where even our JV Team of doctors are supposed to be able to deal with it. They can’t deal with shzt.

Initially, I took 500 mg of pectin enzyme every 6 hours, and 1 to 4 – 350 mg 2014 Apple Leaf Powder to see if there as an upper limit. Now it take 400 mg enzyme with 100 mg 2015 Apple Leaf Powder mixed in a week. Even handling the leaves has given me enough this week. Powdering them, the dust goes through your skin by osmosis. You get more sensitive to it the longer you are exposed to it. It makes you cold. All your body systems feel like they are working better, and that feeling doesn’t stop. You need only 5% of the initial doses once you get sensitized, and enough of the biofilm is dissolved.

A drug manufacturer won’t like that. They are looking to get you hooked on something you need more of as time progresses. A spin off is all medicine becomes more effective the same way. I take it the dose was picked to penetrate a lifetime of biofilm buildup. The safest course is to give up doctors I found. They can’t even get close to what this does any way. Move t0 some place where you can sue them if they touch you, and if they can’t navigate the MSIDS Map. You’ll see and understand why.


Moxidectin can kill nematode parasites. The smaller the worm, the worse the disease, it is said. When treated for strongyloidiasis, with anthelmintics, people suffer near fatal ileus sepsis. Killing the nematodes can cause them to release deadly toxins when they die. The best thing about apple leaves is the nematodes do not die. They just leave, obviously very much alive. You also know where they were, what they caused, and what they were doing in some cases, leaving a treasure trove of intel Pyrus Malusbehind. Those are just the external ones. You can only imagine what the internal ones were doing. I didn’t go there. Your intestinal function becomes the best it has ever been all your life, or it did in my case. You’ll save money in toilet paper easily. That is a known property of pyrus malus bark. The leaves contain the same fibre I assume, on top of an unknown large micro bacteriophage library that you can enhance and modify.

Dr. Samadi and Dr. Siegel from  Fox News tell us researchers have found that Chromosome 15 contains a gene that makes smokers have trouble quitting smoking. It also makes some of them immune to the effects of smoking, or conversely, at higher risk of developing lung cancer. Medicine makes smokers all suffer for the 15q25 genetic mutants. Using the same logic, they should arrest everybody having nematode parasites then. If they got with the program, they would realize they are dozens of times deadlier than smoking, killing 4 a minute in the US alone. They haven’t even looked at the 20 pounds of worms, and their shzt, everybody is packing around, but they are sure, by making all smokers miserable, they are geniuses. Wild Apple Leaves will also make you sure they are, at best, criminal idiot over simplistic pharmaceutical dope pushers without a clue, blind to an obvious root cause pandemic vectored nematode parasite infestation.

I don’t really believe in palm reading, but I notice my life line now goes down to my wrist. Maybe there’s something to it, after all. lol


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

5 thoughts on “Sun, Dec 6, 2015 – Day 493 – The Root Cause of Ageing

  1. hi mike . are you using apple leaves from a regular apple tree? how much leaves to use?


    • These appear to be a common Antonovka rootstock. I thought the properties of the leaves were generic to the apple tree, but there is a wrinkle. The tree must grow where it is introduced to pathogens from which ever animal the leaves cure. These grew out of deer droppings on the edge of a forest.


    • Oh, as for amount, anywhere from 100 mg. to 1,500 mg. per day of dried powdered apple leaves. that is anywhere from one raw leaf to a cup of salad. I had a lot of bug bites from my life, so a cup of salad was a bit too intense as all the vectored parasites drilled out. If they have a viable phage, you will feel it working, and adjust accordingly. I use pectin enzyme at a 4 to one ratio with mine to lower the viscosity of a thick biofilm mucus that is produced from dissolving biofilm, but your mileage may vary.


  2. mike are these the leaves of a regular apple tree?


    • Antonovka apple trees are common here because they are hardy to -50 C. Crabapple trees also work. I notice you can feel a reaction even handling the leaves. I will have to try wearing surgical gloves because the phage they seem to contain goes through your skin by osmosis. I get more sensitive to them as time goes on it seems.


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