Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Dec 7, 2015 – Day 494 – Phage Predictability

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Bacteriophages1Phage are unpredictable. You can see why. Theirs is a chaotic world, catch as catch can. If they can find a bacteria to use to reproduce, they will use it. I haven’t got an electron microscope, but the evidence of how eating apple leaves work, points to bacteriophage. Biofilm prevents them from getting at all the bacteria, but somehow, they still start a process that slowly breaks it down, perhaps including other enzymes in the apple leaves. The pectin enzyme really sped it up, and hundreds more nematodes fled the scene of the crime. Imagine kicking a hornet’s nest, and throwing open all the doors and windows. That’s what it seems like. You tell me what that herx is like. Mine seems to be a bart herx, in the smallest capillaries at the extremeties.

Apple leaves may have a billion different kinds of phage in them. It seems that way. You could get bogged down trying to isolate each one for MSIDS for two lifetimes. Screw it. I’ll just eat ’em all, and hopefully find the ones that work for me, I guess. Both d’Herelle and Eli Lilly gave up. You can’t sterilize or pasteurize the leaves, but you could conceivably make an extract, and filter it with a 0.45 micron filter. It makes a nice salad, albeit it with a surprise kicker, as it gives hundreds of bug parasite worms the boot. What kinda worms? I don’t know. There are so many different types, it seems, and they are all unknown. It kinda tastes like apples. The biofilm mucus kinda tastes like weak pineapple honey jelly in my case. It’s the added bromelaine and invertase I get, when I hit it with that food grade pectin enzyme, that seems to bust it down to fructose and carboxylic acid, like a carbonated drink. There was a bit of methyl hydrate to start, and maybe a trace of formaldehyde and glycerine soapy like taste/smell (directly to the olefactory glands from circulation), but that disappeared after a week. There was kind of a weird ketone taste, and a chemically burnt hair like smell in urine. It must have been from the outer protective biofilm layer breaking down.

The fibre in the apple leaves is really good for digestion. In my case, it was the best it has EVER been. Contrast that with Black Walnut, which was the WORST it has ever been. Both are strongly anthelmintic. Black walnut did zero for all the dermal nematode parasites, while the apple leaves and enzymes smoked hundreds of the strongyloides like nematodes out. I suspect they came from infected mosquitoes, spiders, fleas, mites, and maybe the odd tick. The swimmer’s itch ones were in the thousands, and came out of my skin like dirt. You feel better all the time as you get your hair follicles back. They were hijacking them to make bacterial biofilm, it seems. I’ve been singing this song for a year now, and nobody cared. It’s getting close to 500 days, and I ain’t dead yet. My sister thought the leaves had cocaine in them. I told her that was impossible because all the orchards, worldwide, would be cut down, ground up, and snorted before sunrise, if that were the case. lulz

All this time everybody has been eating the apples, and nobody really hit on the leaves. Pyrus Malus Bark is apple tree fibre, and is a century old remedy. The leaves are the same thing, but even the leaf stems on mine contain the phage that works. I made my own phage library using my test trees. I started with some of the deer’s favourite trees. The most powerful ones are growing on the edge of an old septic field. Sewage is  huge source of diverse phage, and that is known from d’Herelle a century ago. The tree filters and purifies it automatically. Apple trees have almost the most diverse gene pool in the plant kingdom with 57.386 genes, including the highest rDNA count. Somehow, they can make phage it seems. That’s just what I have noticed. So I rip them off, and use them to build my own custom phage for International Lyme Disease. That is something I didn’t have a short supply of. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to touch a bart/babesia coinfection, and our doctors are so clueless about this <cough cough> in their rush to get out of a huge insurance settlement.

So why not get rich off this? Do the math. If a 1% of reduction in chronic illness is worth a trillion bucks, and this wipes out 90% of it, with potential to wax 99%,  I couldn’t close the windows without catching somebody’s fingers in them. Life would be totally miserable with everybody stealing everything, just like it was, but way worse. Do you 220px-Nobel_Prizewonder why Mark Zuckerberg gave away 99% of his wealth? His kid would be miserable too. It would be a lawyers’ nirvana, but not mine, I think. I’m just a simple guy. I like to get drunk an’ play & sing crappy Led Zeppelin. OK? YMMV. lulz Just getting better would be enough. This is too much better. People should know about it. Nobody will believe it, but then, nobody ever does anyway. The coolest thing is they will do themselves in by that fact alone. This is a backwards firing Karma bullet if there ever was one. It’s the ultimate Singing Frog. d’Herelle died broke, and never got a Nobel Prize.

How did I get it to do all that stuff? I’m a mineral process engineer. The BCTF.logobody is a mineral process plant. The ore is biofilm, with little diamonds of disease in it, smattered with nuggets of nematodes. I found a few reagents that work. They are all safe reagents as far as they know. I continue to screw up solving every other disease in the book, except whatever the hell it is that I’ve got left. There you go. Doctors? Who cares? They have a 100% track record of failure, and they have abandoned us all. There’s no money in it. Or more correctly, money left in it for them. LeafsMeanwhile, saw the President on TV last night. I see his hair getting darker and thicker. You don’t suppose he got the memo about Wild Apple Leaves, do you? 😉 It doesn’t look like a dye job. Hair gets reclaimed, and it grows darker from the roots out. Jimmy Carter seems to have recovered miraculously as well. Told ya it was a failure, sometimes. lol It was Stage IV Melanoma. Who knows what stage mine was? It looked a lot like my Dad’s where they were freezing it off. It disappeared last year before I could take notes. The nematodes were a lot tougher, as are all those co infections. The arthritis was more tenacious too.

Everything is so screwed up. Smokers paid taxes that built health care, then they get refused service by that same health care, while an anti cancer vaccine Cimavax costs 50 cents a dose, or less than one cigarette. Their refusal to administer it is tantamount to criminal negligence on top of professional misconduct, while a man who smokes 15 cigars a day and drinks whiskey is older than 109 years old. “Oh, he smokes so we won’t treat him.” One of their retired 90 year old professors treats Lyme Disease so they attack him, and refuse to refer their patients, or “victims” as we know them. They’re psycho.

I don’t know. We got bit by a bug, obviously, since a worm crawled out from the spot 50 years later, and it’s because we smoke? Is it us or is it them? Confront them with that fact, and they blame something completely unrelated. They’re not doctors. They’re some sort of sick psychotic insurance flim flam fzckups, playing games. A guy, 43, shows up with an aneurysm, and they won’t treat him? Because he smokes? That’s psychotic. Lock that lunatic doctor up in a smoke filled room to die. It’ll take 80 years, or more. Shock all his worms out in the first few months for an education he’ll never forget this time. If he doesn’t know about vectored nematodes, he doesn’t know shzt, anyway.

Maybe that’s why those shooters really shot them up, government health care, in San Bernardino too, since they’re obviously hiding and faking something, salting and staging the crime scenes, and then inviting the media in. How did they drive away, returning fire, handcuffed in an SUV? That’s how they were found, with handcuffs on, full of bullet holes.

Health Care people, all completely riddled with worms, more than 10+% of their body weights, don’t even know it. Then they all make up bullshzt stories about patients, and co workers, and staged crime scenes, for unclear purposes, and handcuff the shot up dead alleged perps, and throw them in the street outside a shot up SUV, 4 hours later. When it doesn’t add up, time for a full and complete independent prosecutor audit. Somehow, we’re just supposed to stay out of it all. Something is fishy as hell about the whole thing. Just sayin’.


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