Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Dec 8, 2015 – Day 495 – A Free Education

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Wild Apple Leaves will give you a free education second to none. Doctors don’t know what they teach. Physicists don’t know what they teach. Engineers don’t know what they teach. They teach an entirely new paradigm of medicine. It is a game changer. The phage they seem to contain wipes out an unknown neurological disease rapidly too, so you can understand what they teach in no uncertain terms. You will see rapidly that all medicine is on the wrong track, and has been since Genesis 3. They have been completely wrong for all human history. It’s a secret education that makes them all look like idiots.

Medicine vaguely knows about other internal parasites, but they know absolutely nothing about this. Veterinarians do know a lot about parasites. They are way ahead of doctors who assume humans have no external dermal and deep tissue parasites because they say so. So exactly what are all these little things coming out of bug bites? As far as I can tell they are a vectored nematode, meaning a bug transmitted them. You can tell all sorts of diseases they cause by what starts getting better after these strongyloides-like pinworms leave. They don’t cause all of Lyme Disease, but they cause a lot of it. The Lyme Disease makes you susceptible to bacteria, piroplasms, chlamydia, arthritis, and mycoplasmas, to name a few. They say it has persister cells, but they know nothing about these persister parasites.

Pasteur’s Postulate is one disease, one pathogen. Lyme Disease is multiple diseases and pathogens. The signature is borrelia spirochaetes. Medicine is stuck on the one disease and pathogen model that does not apply in this case. Killing the spirochaetes will do nothing alone without killing or smoking out the worm that farms it. Wild Apple Leaves show where they were, what they were doing, and how they got there. It’s not the whole puzzle, but it sure is enough to get the picture. It is obviously a picture that has been hidden from medicine for eons.

Wild Apple Leaves gave me an unknown education about bacterial biofilms, who built them, and how they work. Medicine thinks they build themselves. Not. The nematodes obviously build them, and even hide in them themselves. I also got an unknown education about phage. Where, why, when, how, who, and what they do. Nobody knows anything about that. How can you do prior art when there is no prior art? Nobody paid attention to the worm behind the curtain.

WitchAll my nematodes are gone now, at least all those that I know of. I didn’t get a diploma. It will take another 60 years to build all the slime slathering things up again, and I’m still getting rid of the slime the first batch left. It becomes pretty obvious I have another 60 years to go at least as far as I can tell from all the drag that has been removed. I’m still recovering from the first 60 years of worm damage though. It’s clear that it can largely be cured by Dr. Horowitz’s MSIDS Map, but no doctors here are that skilled yet. They could follow the map, but they get more money by just fzcking people around instead. They don’t recognize NY State certification. In BC, they think the Mayo Clinic is a place where sick condiments recuperate. That’s fair because I don’t recognize BC credentials any more, either. I can play their deaf, dumb, and blind game just as well. After a course of Wild Apple Leaves, from the Original Burning Bush, you can write your own ticket, once all the parasites are gone.

Meanwhile, all I can figure is that they are hiding something in San Bernadino. It has morphed into conspiracy theory turf. It was probably a few hand grenades, or a nail bomb, and those aren’t the perps. The whole gun thing is a false flag. They don’t want people to know it was so easy. The stories have enough holes in them to drive a bus through. It’s so sloppy, it wouldn’t pass muster for a Columbo script, in the birthplace of Columbo scripts. It doesn’t take a degree in rocket surgery to know that if it is health care of any kind, the motive is money. Forget all that altruistic Hypocritical Oath shzt. The fall guy looks to be ISIS or whatever they call it out of the dozen different names. They’re that psycho. Almost as psycho as Health Care.

Maybe they are trying to hide mass murder like Monsanto. The food inspector was ready to out the whole thing, and so were his co workers. No problem. Fall guy kills all the co workers. The cops? They’re in on it, and we’re all gonna die. Not them. When no explanation they are offering adds up, they are desperately trying to cover it up, and deflect blame. Because they can. Just what is it? Whatever it is, both police and public health inspectors are in on it. It goes right to The President! OMG! It’s real bad Hollywood! They’re going to kill us all. Nothing to see here. See it all on the news. Here’s the crime scene “set.” Computers and Jihad books. Dishes in the sink. See? Look at this! Meanwhile, Columbo goes straight to the donut wrapper in the corner… He knows they’re hiding something, instantly. Then he would play with them for 90 minutes of Good TV. I bet he didn’t even put his own clothes and shoes on, and they all knew something the real perps desperately wanted to hide from us.

Chevron Technology Ventures capital backs Novophage. They have changed to engineering phage to combat industrial biofilm, which is exactly the same thing I am doing, but my industrial “plant” is the human body. Novophage got out of that for the same reasons I am finding, I presume. Health care is evil, and they are nowhere near the sharpest tools in the shed, so to speak. Nobody likes dealing with a psycho. Health care has a million explanations to explain why something, that works so spectacularly, won’t, it seems. They have zero explanations or comparable alternate solutions. None of them add up to more than a waste of time. If you have something that is conceited, incompetent, psychotic, idiotic, useless, greedy, self aggrandizing, AND evil, go looking for government health care first, it seems. You’ll score a bulls eye every time. If you want to clean the bacterial biofilm out of the pipes, you won’t find a health care way to do it.

They won’t do a simple iGenex test or babesia panel either. I suppose here they can’t find anyone who tests negative, not the other way around. I discovered that it is all moot, because they don’t even have a clue about what Wild Apple Leaves show in no uncertain terms. They aren’t a test. They are the answer key to the most baffling questions in all medical history.

Hillary says Trump doesn’t get it. I think he gets that if we are going to have a terrorist Turkey shoot, don’t let them into “gun free zones.” Older folk need them closer as their eyes get dim, to draw a bead on them. Terrorists look for gun free zones to maximize the dead meat. The last thing they wanna do is walk into a shooting gallery. They wanna be the only ones packin’ any sort of heat. They made that clear on their English language ISIS website, The New York Times.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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