Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, Dec 11, 2015 – Day 498 – Cheering up

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Wild Apple Leaves are a pretty strong antidepressant. I really noticed that, but they don’t have side effects that are as harsh as the pharmaceutical ones. I would say they are at least on par with cigarettes, one of the more powerful antidepressants out there. Maybe it’s the complimentary effect of the two. Then would come recreational drugs, and a depressant, alcohol, to balance it all off, unfortunately in a lot of cases, badly. But that’s too depressing. Wild Apple Leaves restore hope, or they did for me.

It makes it helpful to fight spirochaetes by getting rid of biofilm. It’s hopeful. It makes spirochaete fighters like desloratidine and HCP much more powerful to the point where you can feel it, and at the location where they are hiding. It’s a God send to help research because you can figure out what is happening by where and how it feels. You get an unknown insight to borrelia. When you are battling back from zero like me, it’s another small victory, I hope. See? lol

I hope there’s enough to go around. “Take two phagenabled™ apple leaves, an’ call me in the morning.” lol It’s a whole new paradigm of eclectic medicine. It’s working for me, any way, and the evidence of how it is working is like phage, AFAICT. If it grows where the disease is, chances of getting a good phage is likely, I’ll bet. Nobody will believe the biofilm control. They’ll think I’m nzckin’ futz  when I tell them 100% Agave tequila breaks biofilm loogies to pineapple, water, lime, and salt. lol “Fear and Loathing” not. It’ll almost turn your wine into water which is kind of odd, but good when the wine is biofilm. Unfortunately, there is an excess of ethanol, that makes me tired. It’s a good nightcap.

I’m Back up now. Had a snooze. I still feel a little stiff where the bones were herxing strongly, for me, a couple days ago. That’s a good sign, you know. Healing. It must have been a large spirochaete die off. They are obviously trying to hide, or were, in there. They take advantage of the blood making processes in bone marrow. If the apple leaves weren’t a strong antidepressant, I would likely be apoplectic. When you think of stuff affecting bone marrow, you think of leukemia. It also produces stem cells to repair neurons. I sure hope so. There’s that amped up apple leaf hope again. It has taken me nearly 500 days to find that out though, and a gram of HCP did it so intensely, it was scary. After 300 days, I found out how to soften up that biofilm better though. That was a tough one to crack. Maybe the more biofilm reduction you can do first, the better.

That was a rare toxic hot herx. It affected my digestion enough that it needed Applyme to sooth, and a couple grams equivalent of milk thistle extract, Equate brand. Now I know why deer wipe that out of they find a patch of it growing; Hemp. They are doing it for the medicinal effect. With nearly days of biofilm reduction from Day 313, after what apple leaves did themselves, any medicine gets way more powerful. If the object is to make biofilming stuff more planktonic, pectin enzyme seems to have worked.

I have a theory that herbicides are killing phage, causing disease to increase, in their absence. Blaming bugs is like blaming the taxi driver for 9-11. Seems legit. I have other Theories, like the one where from the perspective of the dark matter universe side, we are 95% of the matter in what they perceive their universe looks like. That’s pretty nzckin’ fzts if you ask me, but then, it’s complex matter math where 1² = -1. The Gravity of that lends gravity to the situation. It’s a not-a-pun, pun. A trainwreck². Everybody sees a bigger piece of the π. Seems Legit. It’s a scepticism side effect. I lend a lot more credulity to the theory I am getting better.

It’s like the Vonage commercial. “Is it just me, or is everything getting Better?” They say smart phones will be toast in 5 years. Seems legit. I doubt it, but that’s news. You have to have a little more faith than that. They’re sellin’ widgets for Xmas. My new word widget is Schistosoma. “The parasitic flatworms of Schistosoma cause a group of chronic infections called schistosomiasis known also as bilharziasis.[16] (pictured life cycle, Swimmer’s Itch?) An anti-schistosome drug is a schistosomicide.” Sounds like Wild Apple Leaf is exactly that, but doesn’t kill all the schistosomes, on top of everything else, to me. Maybe it kills enough that they get the message, Capiche? What I witnessed was several unknown species drilling out. S. Columbia Canadensis? There allegedly is no schistosomas here because they say so, meaning they never looked because thousands of tonnes of dead salmon rotting on the beach is soo clean. They call it Interior Health because they are expert at medical cover ups.

Lyme MSDIS 1Parasites are 1b. on the MSIDS Map. Knowing where they come from helps. Theodor Bilharz wrote the book on parasites of this type. He was taken by typhoid at the age of 37. He would have been fascinated by the new parasites exposed by apple leaf, and also the ones responsible for Swimmer’s Itch that also come out, defying all detection for all history until now. He wouldn’t have thought much of doctors who ignore his work as a regular course of action. They wanted to rename schistosomiasis to bilharziasis for him. Wild Apple Leaves deal with half of the things on the MSIDS Map. The other half would be up to doctors of they weren’t AWOL.

The markets look to need some Hope. It’s up to The Fed and their rate decision. S+P futures dipped back to the 1990’s.




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