Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Dec 12, 2015 – Day 499 – Exhaustion

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It wears you down when you have Chronic Lyme. Getting rid of the chronic arthritis was definitely a help, but then other things step in to take its place. It seems to get rid of the nematodes and flukes to a large extent, but then there is remaining toxicity, fungii, mycoplasma, and spirochaetes the worms used to farm. I find it unbelievable that medicine ignored parasitology that Wild Apple Leaves give a first hand education in. It appears the nematodes were behind a lot of what was ailing me.

I have been continuing reading the Bilhaziasis story, noting that S. Haematobium is a more common parasite than they let on from swimming in lakes with fresh water snails. They say that dams and irrigation canals have increased the prevalence of these parasite diseases, and I found they hide in biofilm, clinging to docks and other floating surfaces, like boats. Wild Apple Leaves skunk out that parasite adult worm among all sorts of others from insects. Lots of other things do intestinal parasites like Black Walnut and Wormwood and clove powder to kill eggs, but these do another class of dermal and subcutaneous parasite, and shock it out alive.

Maybe I should change course, like an almanac. There’s lots to type about to continue my typing therapy. That was the first symptom. Left hand typos, more than usual. Then a pinky toe went numb. It took months for a pinky finger to go numb. That made it obvious, but then why is a bunch of it reversing? Must be the apple fibre. The stuff really works, I thought. Now to find it is a cure for schistosome worms, like Trichobilharzi regentia, that’s really something, I thought. All it was was Apple Leaves, after all. I think we have a part of the culprit.

So, no almanac for now. I can’t say enough about wild apple leaves, though. They not only expose several families of the worms, but where they came from. They’re really good for digestion and brain fog, possibly from the same source, on top of that. They seemed to cure a cold/flu in fast forward. Then there is that biofilm breakdown thing they started and Pyrus Maluscontinue to get. The panacea effect points to them containing a large phage library. They seem to amplify holistic, eclectic, and other remedies, especially in concert with reducing impervious pectin biofilm. They increase self awareness of your body systems by the good feelings they impart. Everybody could be different, as many don’t have guts, a spine, or brains, according to even Trump! You don’t have to use the bark, and harm the tree, as the growing or autumnal  organic dried leaves have the same properties. They seemed complimentary to many OTC remedies I also tried, amping them up.

There is no data on a clinical trial, but there should be. Then more would see that I’m not just nzckin’ futz. I’m not just whistlin’ Dixie, either. Maybe Bill and Melinda Gates would be interested given what I’ve witnessed with schistosomiasis type nematodes/flukes coming out, and reversal of symptoms with it. Again, it would need a large trial, but closer to home, if what I found scales out. I contacted USP but there is no monograph for it. The issue is 60C maximum drying temperature to ensure results, and not denature the leaves, it seems. Apple-Tree fibre or salad fell between the cracks. You can still buy Pyrus Malus on ebay, but I have never tried that brand of it. I stuck to the natural stuff. It would be difficult and costly to start a monograph from scratch on it, I am starting to think.

Look at all the options. That’s why there isn’t Lettuce USP. That’s FDA. There is also a herbal medicinal component that is hard to isolate. Seems to have good probiotic enzymes and properties. YMMV, but I doubt it. It doesn’t take much. Denatured leaves work, but not as well. Need more data. Now is the season in South Africa and Chile. Add Tasmania/Australia for a kickah’. The original trees were planted by Captain Bligh circa 1700. Not exactly a John Chapman style pitch man. It’s one of several reasons wild apple leaves are only now oozing through the cracks. They had the wrong pitch man, and maybe still do. I’ve been as blind to the parasites they expose as everybody else. Until then.

In Highland, Michigan, teachers got a surprise when pot brownies were left in the lunch room. One was hospitalized, but they didn’t say what for. Bloodshot eyes and a craving for Doritos? Details. Perhaps it was an inability to stop saying, “Far out, Man!”



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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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