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Sun, Dec 13, 2015 – Day 500 – MSIDS 1b. Parasites

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They Lifesaid I was nuts for 500 days. I know they’ve been wrong for 500 Days. They are therefore never able to get past 1b. on the MSIDS Map. I found unknown schistosomiases, helminthiases, and their farmed spirochaetes hiding in me. For decades. Over 50 years in a lot of cases, and more, actually. The best thing is that I found a way for them to get out alive, from where they were hiding. Now everybody else will have to do the same thing, or die miserably from multiple diseases from them. They haven’t got a clue. I am giddy knowing they, virtually everybody, will have to go through the exact same torture they put me through, or worse, including all doctors. I know it will end badly for them, and it will be their own medicine that kills them. Now I am more giddy. There is no Hypocrisy in My Oath to worry about. It is simply “Told you so, Dumbazz!”

Maybe I’ll open a popcorn stand, so we can sit and eat popcorn, watching all the geniuses die horribly. Teach them not to listen to me. Make sure they get the memo on their death beds. “You know, way back in mid 2014, I said it was nematode parasites. Looks like I win again, azzholes. Me: 1 You: Zero.” If course, I am likely the wrong pitch man for Wild Apple Leaves, making it even sweeter. This isn’t a pitch. This is your decision to show me how much faith you put in my hard won scientific gains. Told you so. Repeatedly.

I am glad to inform you it is a miserable 500 Day journey, and it is made even sweeter knowing that this is all unknown to medicine. Even worse, I found cigarette smoking was an accelerant. I tried to speed it up to 100 Days. I failed. Maybe 200. I had one come out of a long forgotten bee sting on the inside of my left forearm yesterday. I must have unknowingly put my arm down on a bee. That one took 499 Days to start to get out. It has a stinger with it, embedded nearly horizontally. Enjoy! lulz

pound-o-wormsDon’t feel bad. I have a whole family of geniuses dying here to worry about. They won’t listen either. It  is divine irony. They are all nonsmoking geniuses now, save for one. They never used to be. Now they say how much it doesn’t matter to them how they die. Why d’hell they quit smoking then? I now know how quitting smoking actually makes you die faster, and solved what I called the Smoking Paradox. It will make you taste better for all those farmer worms, flukes, and spiros literally eating your azz and bone marrow. Ten times or more than in that picture by weight. Ridiculous they say. We’ll see what a laugh riot it is. I see disease has already started  to win for all of them. Not even one has tried a Wild Apple Leaf, and they likely would rather die now that their legacy is irrefutably that of an incredible dumbazz. All they will prove is how Credible a Dumbazz they are, and nobody gets a pass. Drink it in.

Wild Apple Leaves don’t kill spirochaetes. They do get the filarial nematode Farmer Worms out though. Some farm spirochaetes, and others farm all sorts of other diseases, it seems. Schistsomas alone are responsible for more diseases than they can shake a stick at. You would see, but most likely won’t. They’ll die miserably. If you don’t get the farmer, they’ll just farm again.

The education that this Wild Apple Bark that is Worse than its By(i)te Herb™ will give you isn’t exactly rocket surgery, but it will put you far ahead of any medical education that ignores this at their own peril. How would you get people to to report the parasites that drill out? Offer a free Applyme™ capsule for each one, up to 100 worms, skunked out per  month? That might get the word out. Charge a buck a capsule. Only give 1 for Swimmer’s Itch. I’d go broke. There’s thousands of them, heretofore unknown Bilharzi-somes, living in some of you. They come out of your pores like dirt. Not my problem, any more. They say the smaller the helminth parasite, the worse the disease, rule of thumb. I’m sceptical.

Then there is the “Parasites are GOOD for YOU!” Camp. They want you to die. I don’t. Bad for business. lulz It isn’t a business though. I can’t figure how to scale it, although I’m still working on it. The leaves work better with a little help in the right direction, and especially from the intended IMG-20140809-00090patient. It would be better if people could build their own phages at different locations and soil types. That is an explanation why d’Herelle preferred the location where the epidemic started. Then a plant could filter the phage and keep it alive. A Partridge in a Pear Tree, possibly. Pear and apple, Pyrus Malus, are related by name. The 15 Coinfections of Christmas, and then some. We’re at like 1b. still. They didn’t know that the world had 10 ³¹ phage though, and they killed half the bacteria in the world every two days. The Deer sure did. They paused to eat some Blackberries, but who didn’t?

It’s like the people we elect don’t represent government. Bureaucrat Henchmen do that, no matter who you elect. You have to admire them, wrangling to a spot, where no matter what they do, always matters, to THEM! It’s a classic Good Cop Bad Cop illusion, on purpose. We get it that we don’t get it. This is like that. No matter what you treat, parasite nematodes likely caused it. They are the real bureaucratic henchmen of disease. It used to be hard as you fought it to get rid of it, until you fail and give up. Until now.

Blogging itself is a disease. A cathartic experience to say the least. Here’s a thought. Let’s fill the innernet up with shzt until she blows! FAIL! lol Great typography physiotherapy. Remember when we used to worry about bandwidth? The innerner is triplet 72″ sewage pipe equivalents of it. It, too, is in serious need of a phage edit. lol They say the meek shall inherit the earth. I’m still working on the air topside for now. It’s  a lot easier without the bacterial biofilm and worms/flukes making out in it though. Just sayin’. The news says that smokers need more HDL Cholesterol. Everybody needs more HDL Cholesterol. If you stop feeding 20 pounds of worms with it, even better. They’ll probably swipe it all anyway.

Trump knows how to play the deal game. Go for the outrageous. You Dodge_Brothers_Motor_Vehicles_Belt_Buckleconcede some of it. Now there is no negotiating the mildly outrageous parts you agreed to already to get a second rewrite of totally outrageous. You’re dealing. This is like that. Deal. The difference is nobody has a choice to get out of the deal. You think that’s bad? Wait until you find out how lawyers deal. lol We get it. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz get it. Trump gets it. Hillary doesn’t get it. We know she trolled with her server, but her IT couldn’t count their balls twice and get the same answer. lulz We oughta know. We taught them. They know less about making deals. Or this family. We negotiated the largest deal in History in the twenties.  They weren’t Jewish even. Just engineers. Oh well, Happy HanukkahHappy Hanukkah anyway. Couldn’t tell, huh? lol

I don’t know. Typing is a lot better than sitting at the computer, doing nothing. No mouse. Nothing. Leaving a little agave syrup in the tequila is a bonus. Lime and salt built in. The tequila I drink has it built in. Like 1800.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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