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Tues, Dec 15, 2015 – Day 502 – The Source of Biofilm

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I think all those parasite worms make it. How do I know? I’m gaining on it. After the hundreds of vectored nematodes drilled out, and the thousands of schistosomes came out of my skin, biofilm reduction kept me going on my long trudge out of this cumulative attack. After dissolving the toxic outer shell, it reduced more to simple dissoluble sugars. Now so much has been reduced, I have to be careful with medicines, as they work a lot harder at much lower doses. If you are looking to bl0w  a lot of money on pharmaceuticals, don’t try Wild Apple Leaves and Biofilm targeting Enzymes. You’ll be dead soon enough anyway from everything I know it eliminated from me. God only knows how it would have ended, but after what I witnessed, it surely wouldn’t have been pretty.

No doctor would be able to touch anything that I witnessed without a doubt. It would all be antibiotic resistant through the gallons of biofilm I have eliminated. I found out a lot of things, like why agave tequila helps dissolve biofilm. They use pectin enzyme derived from Aspergillus Niger fungus to break the agave polysaccharides down to simple sugars, and there must be a little excess left in there. It seems to change it to a salty lime, presumably agave, tasting syrup. You don’t need much to start the reaction, or I don’t now. A couple ounces of 1800 100% Agave Tequila, and off she goes. The key is pectin enzyme again.

There is a large weight reduction with the reduction of bacterial biofilm. 10% of body weight and more. Somehow, like with proteolytic enzymes, wild apple fibre powder with nature acts as a catalyst. I have my theories but they may all be BS. lol Something adjudvant to tequila distillation is beneficial. Can you imagine that research grant? To get data on the manufacture of Agave tequila/medicine? Seriously, biofilm and agave employ the similar polysaccharide structure. The other homeopathic qualities are storied.

Maybe I need a new plotline. And a USB Cam. GoPro®?  More like a NoPro™. “Getting rid of chronic disease with Doc* at Mexican Tequila Factories, * denotes TMINAD.” Fear and Loathing south of the border. Doc’s Tequila Enterprises, SA de CV. Crowd source it. The spam crowdsourcers won’t do a research project where a bunch of drunk chemical engineers set out to make the best tequila EVAH!, and accidentally find a process to make the Best medicine EVAH! everybody needs. It’s so frustrating why they don’t get it, but it has to be something I haven’t thought of. I already tried the “Yer gonna die without it!” angle, but people are sceptical. Wusses. Fzck ’em. Twice. lol

It’s like moon landings. 11 wasn’t able to find it. 12 found it, but left the documentation of it behind. 13 was fubar. 1 in three. Neil was being positive, thinking 50/50. Ridiculously, my next project is to skip- all that drama and do it here at home with all this blackberry merlot. It’s all germ engineering. Using Agave is cheating. I can do my worst, but the Apple Trees will beat it. I just need a few thousand people with a logger or oil patch work ethic like I used to have. Moreso, I am looking for oil patch supervisor grade material. Nothing comes close. It’s the extreme crisis management experience.

I showed without a doubt the worst diseases in the world come from Canada. YMMV, but I doubt it. Salmon. Birds.. Insects. Poop. From Canada. Try and prove that it isn’t the world’s biggest bug hatchery. Luckily, I used to live on a patch of diatomcaeous earth. It was subsequently recovered by idiots. They missed their disease riddled insects. I thought, that’ll take care of itself. Not soon enough. The longer they stretch it, the more horrible the trainwreck ending. Sounds good. How can I be so callous? I learned from pros. The government. lol

I’d cut all that crap though, and just put it in the water. We know it’s a worldwide epidemic. Except here. There’s your ticket. World domination in a nutshell. Without even trying. We simply delegated to a bazillion bugs. It’ll get around. I’ll have to bone up on evil and nefarious, but doable. It’s likely a good thing I’m lazy. Some other pro at evil and nefarious will beat me to it, no doubt. Just sayin’, This would be a good place to start, at the source. Nobody except me knows what the hell it is. Don’t bother our doctors. They’re too busy cornering the nefarious and evil angle. They know it kills, too. They know you’ll buy anything to make it stop. They know nothing will stop it that they have. It’s a given by now they know my thing works spectacularly. They’re kinda mum on it though, Ca Vie? Repeat my experiments yourself, or suffer the consequences if it gets lost in money. Doesn’t apply to me? Bwahahaha! What part of Everybody, don’t you get, yet? lol If the Pentagon went rogue, they couldn’t have done a better job. It will get rid of everybody.

Now the kids in LA have been sent home for a credible threat. News travels fast that way. Chronic Disease isn’t terrifying. Nobody believes it, but it kills nearly 4 a minute anyway. It’ll kill over 2400 people in the next ten hours of news they’ll have about a credible “e mail” threat, over empty aerial shots of school yards. Chronic disease is OK because it it slow and miserable. Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t dig it that much. You can’t snap your fingers and resolve it in a shoot out. It takes months to get rid of that biofilm, and you see why after you realize parasites were building it up for years.

It is quadruple witching Week in finance circles. Between VIX expiration today, and Friday, they throw in a Fed meeting, as if there wasn’t enough volatility precluding the forced futures balance on the solstice. Brokers like it because it is gravy in commissions as people rebalance everything. It finally got us away from all the helicopter shots of empty buses and schools in LA. Meanwhile, everybody’s parasite bacterial biofilm lining all their blood vessels will get another layer of pectin added. It will likely stay there until they die, getting fortified with every injury. People don’t care. It grows slow and creeps, but medicine ignores it, so it has to be good for you then, right?

In 4 to 5 years, medicine will get swamped with this from retiring baby boomers. They are ready for it. They expanded their mental facilities to handle the rush of bug bit retires dying, and finding out how useless medicine is to stop it. By then most will present with borrelia related chronic illness. Doctors don’t give a ho0t, and government is wringing their hands. Nobody is doing anything about it, except us early adopters. If you want, they can widen your heart arteries to hold more of the thick goo. Lovely. That’s if they can get you to a hospital bed before you die. Good luck with that. After seeing the same story go down over and over, I thought it was terrifying. People tell me to suck it up, princess. Failing that, I took steps to dissolve it instead.

Inflammatory cytokines. Tumour Necrosis Factor Alpha and others, Interleukin 1 and 6, Nitrous Oxide and metabolites. It drags it out after all the parasites and their biofilm is sent packing. It is in the 16 Point MSIDS Map.  Biofilm is the unmentioned 17th point, but the first step to eliminating the chronic condition. Biofilm is something everybody has, and medicine has trouble getting through it. Some say 99% of you will die from biofilm related disease. It’s behind the persistence of everything from cancer to colds, and I found the parasites are behind building it. Only when you start reducing it, and the first gallons of it come out, you see how big a problem it really is, for everybody.

The biggest thing is getting away from long term antibiotics when Wild Apple Leaves replaces that, gets rid of thousands of parasites, and starts the biofilm breakdown as an added bonus. It seems safe if you can manage getting rid of those gallons of melted down polysaccharide simultaneously. I still have had no relevant medical treatment. This has all been all naturopathic. I have a new map. Get rid of the parasites with Wild Apple Leaves,  and their bacterial biofilms, first.






Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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