Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Dec 16, 2015 – Day 503 – Inflammatory Cytokines

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You can see here that nothing really works, better than 3 stars. If you’ve tried Omega 3 and all the eye of newt and bats wings on there things, not much helps. I had some success with tumeric and curcumin, and bromelain, and maybe even Celebrex to some extent, but no real solution. With cytokines, you just tough it out.

In the olden days, they would tell you to exercise. That’s about the last thing you you want to do, or even can do. Rheumatoid Arthritis is inflammatory cytokines. Granny’s Rheumatizz Medicine helps somewhat. A good stiff shot of whiskey was the only relief at times when it flared up. Of course, that can have disastrous side effects. Many arthritic Surveyors fell victim to it, on top of vectored arthritis.

The big revelation here should be that arthritis is a vector illness. It is transmitted by bugs. The official line will argue that for years, but wild apple leaf makes it obvious when all sorts of vectored parasites come out of your skin and joints. Soon, the worst of arthritis disappears. Spirochaetes prompt a different cytokine production process when they die off though, and in different locations where they reside. It’s a Cytokine Sequel. This time it’s not in the joints, but in the ends of the long bones. I can feel it there, presumably in the marrow. They have infiltrated the blood cell factory there, which demonstrates how serious it is. All from bugs.

It is environmental. By messing with the environment, we are suffering the consequences. What we called weeds were medicine for animals. Now the moose population is dying, and tick, not to mention other arthropod populations, are exploding. Bugs hate carbon dioxide, so we obviously aren’t making enough of it. By reducing it, they’ll only get worse, exactly the opposite of what they try to tell you. Bugs love the politics of idiots playing into the hands of business and finance. Bugs ❤ Monsanto.

So we are stuck suffering the cytokines again after we thought it was finally over. There is always another hurdle with this. Maybe it is better to recall that medicine still doesn’t realize there is a Chronic Lyme or Powassan condition. They still don’t realize it is all borrelia. Everything from Alzheimer’s to heart attacks to bowel cancer.

I am still waiting for the University of New Haven report on Hemp Cannabidiol. I guess I should have kept looking, because it is out now, including lactoferrin to address biofilm. On Feb 12 this year, they released the Morgellons Study, torpedoing the official medical assertion it was a mental illness. The interesting thing is lactoferrin reducing the viability of biofilm by 15%. Boy, I feel a lot better now, because my AppLyme™ wallops biofilm by like 95%, although it takes 6 months for an old lifelong chronic coot like me. My focus is to eliminate the hidden farmers, though.

There is nothing in the lactoferrin paper about cannabidiol I found yet. I can still feel the effect of it from last week though, recovering from the inflammatory cytokines, of course. It must have really toasted whatever is left behind this, and it was amplified by my gallons of polysaccharide biofilm reduction. Nobody had a clue that the farmers hid in biofilm. I didn’t smoke the hemp, as there would have been no buzz anyway. I ate it. If it lasts a week from about a one gram dose, that’s a pretty powerful positive reaction. Of course, my spirochaetes would be naked without any biofilm, so YMMV. The cytokines still smoulder, begging some milk thistle, or more bromelain, or something.

nodiplomaThe takeaway here is biofilm reduction. It amplifies any medicine, so you really have to be careful. I’ll take less next time, or stretch it out. It sure lets you know exactly what the unvarnished effects are, but keep in mind I am 6 months into biofilm reduction, and from a lifelong condition. Back to the cytokines, making up another 72 2015 Applymes, one broke when joining the capsules, so I ate it. It actually helped a bit. There ya go, maybe. It could also be the bromelain, but feels stronger with the two together. They’re for a lady, 55, diagnosed with cancer, and who they are giving the run around, chiding the client. No business would get away treating their “clients” like that very long. It is modus operandi for government health care here, emboldened by getting away with their blatant Lyme crime, and casual first degree murder activities. What’s their motive? Smokers don’t deserve to live any way.

All to try and keep getting bitten by a bug. Smoke repels bugs. It’s not good for you, but how about those diseased bugs?FacitT_1 Or the chemical replacements? The bugs don’t like that licorice smoke. Quack homeopathy? It’s an effective doctor repellant, I noticed, luckily. I didn’t like gallons of DEET/Off®, either. I have heard that natives eat sapindus berries, or  “Soapnuts” as a repellant. Samuel Clemens dba Mark Twain says quitting smoking was the easiest thing he ever did. “I’ve personally done it hundreds of times.” Then there was champix, and I felt like I wanted to hang myself. 40 years of smoking, but that shzt almost did it in a couple weeks. I survived it.

Feeling better now. You can’t help but feel for those involved in these bug situations. Get bit by bugs and get sick. Surveyor Disease. I know bugs live in the winter in heated buildings. They acquire more infections both ways. In Canada, the bugs can eat you alive up North, 365 Days a Year. Not fun.  City people have no idea. I count my lucky stars that I found any improvement in homeopathics. The Apple leaf thing was a bonus.



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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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