Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Dec 17, 2015 – Day 504 – The Long Run

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It’s a saying, in the long run, meaning sustainable. Antibiotics are not, killing all your intestinal biotics, or roughly 91% of the cells in your body. Apple Leaves are probiotic it seems, so you can keep munching them perpetually. As I type, I feel that warm probiotic feeling in my core. Processed food these days is so over treated with glyphosate, a patented antibiotic weedkiller, that you forget what probiotic foods feel like. That effect alone may be responsible for a lot of the antidepressant feeling apple leaves impart, by restoring normal digestive function, and tissue re-mineralization.

It couldn’t have come at  better time. People will finally be waking up to the reality that they were guinea pigs for weed killer laced foods, genetically modified to withstand the weed killer. It’s your tough luck that you can’t genetically modify yourself to withstand it. Worse yet, the weed killer manufacturer lobbied to keep if off the label. As it stands now, every single food in a supermarket is laced with GMO’s and the weedkiller they were modified to withstand. Slap one label on the supermarket: “Deadly.” That link is kind of dated, two years old, but the tune remains the same. The manufacturers succeeded in keeping this hidden in the long run. It was hidden for 21 years.

McCrapAre Wild Apple Leaves mighty and probiotic enough to fight pure weed killer laced crap? Maybe not. They help, but “food” is only made to look like that these days, sort of like one of those plastic decorative fruit bowls. There are lots of minerals missing in there, and especially the ones responsible for healthy brain function. Unless you’ve been dead or in Edmonton, you likely knew that already. Unfortunately, half that time I was in Edmonton. Knowing it is half the battle, but it isn’t too late to start to rectify it. It just takes a miracle, that’s all. Apple Tree Fibre is as close as you can get.

Over a year ago when I finally started rolling over rocks to see what was going on underneath, it was a bit shocking. That was about the only thing that government was supposed to do, ensuring food safety. They failed abysmally, so food safety was, and still is, a crap shoot. At least they deemed Enlist Duo, including glyphosate and Agent Orange 2,4-D, too toxic for human consumption recently. They’ll just liquidate the inventory and move on. You can handle it a few times, 7 or 8 times out of ten, and you’ll never guess where it came from.

When you restore your intestinal function with Wild Apple Leaf probiotics, and make up the deficiencies with a multivitamin, it is like starting your car after it quit from dirty fuel. It blows smoke for a bit after it sputters to life again. You floor it to try and blast it out faster. That may not be so good. Go easy and feel it out  a bit first. All the time, helminth parasites and schistosomes will  be drilling out, depending on how far you are along, and how many you acquired over your life. In my case it was hundreds and thousands respectively. Everybody will be a bit different depending how many bugs bit you, and if you got a Duck or Swimmer’s Itch. All those little worm escape channels have to heal. They were all cozy there with a free lunch for decades, until this, after all.

What will happen when medicine ever catches up? You shouldn’t have any problem. If you do, and they try to claim it is because of your probiotic, take that with a grain of salt. After all, they are the mouth breathers here, unbelievably decades behind the curve, ignoring this whole crisis that blossomed on their public health watch. Light a couple cigars and cram one in their pie hole with Duct Tape. After that, they likely won’t be rescheduling any appointments soon, after deploying the time tested Doctor Repellant™.

A couple months ago, I was contemplating going to the Baja, but opted to stay put in a simulated Mexican “man cave.” That was before all the ISIS blow up. I have TV, wifi, agave tequila, and in short, exactly what I wanted there anyway, minus the pool which would be too cold to use, and the scuzzy paint schemes. I did find a good locally stocked Agave Tequila, and mostly, I still have my apple leaves and enzymes here, without the hassle of trying to get them in Mexico. I would have to order some Pyrus Malus Bark from ebay to try there if they would ship it. It for sure would not have this evident phage vocabulary though. Agave Tequila factories would know where to get Aspergillus Niger Pectin Enzyme matrix to break polysaccharide bacterial biofilms, but again, I would be searching. I have that all here and I am still finding out new stuff, like that Agave fact alone. Agave Syrup is polysaccharide rich, just like bacterial biofilm, the farmer/parasite worms’ chosen engineering material. It has a slight lime salt margarita after taste if the tequila was made with it.

Moving along to other sayings, we’re in it for the Long Haul. You know. You take that last turn on to the highway, an’ go 2,000 miles that a way. You have a long way out of whatever Wild Apple Leaves find in there. Unless you are a teenager, you are going to have decades of those lil’ bug parasites nematodes and/or schistosomes coming out. Teens will just have one decade worth. Rookies. lol Wear their little exit wounds as a badge of honour, now that they are busted. Medicine has no idea what is in there and what is to come out now. If they say you should keep them in there, then you know they are woefully ignorant. Look at all the diseases of schistosomes alone, thousands of which you can get from simply swimming. Each pound of those things and their bacterial biofilm that comes off is worth a ton of cure.

I’m here to inform you  that there is a bottom. We are not completely made of worms and snawt. Most people are only 10 to 20% worms and snawt I am guessing. Being an early adopter, you can walk out in public, and never view wormbags, virtually everybody you see, the same way ever again. They don’t know. They will bankrupt the medical system or themselves when their doctors try to hide it to get out of the insurance deal. You’ll wonder why this isn’t leading world news, and they are the only plausible reason, if your apple leaves work like mine did. I saw majorities vote on mathematics even, adopting the wrong answer because more were wrong than right. There were no other adults in the room; The kids ran the candy store. Later, they always run into one while mired in the wreckage, and that party is OVAH! Spanked.

There is an oversupply of 2 million barrels of oil a day on the market. Prices may hit $20 at some point before recovering. It’s around $36 US a bbl for delivery end of January CLC6, or $50 CDN,  for WTI. Refiners are all caught long riding on high priced iron, so they will be buying whatever they can of those lower priced contracts when they come along. All those worms will get a last free ride to meet and greet more bug parasites before the big vamoose hits. I guess they’ll enjoy it while it lasts.




Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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