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Fri, Dec 18, 2015 – Day 505 – The Force is With You

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There is a new Star Wars movie out; The Force Awakens. It was having a nap. That’s Hollywood. In reality, the Real Force, parasite animals comprising over 10% of your body weight, never sleeps. While you sleep, it gnaws away at your brain and cartilage, a free ride with an endless supply of food, and bathroom systems, akin to peeing and defecating in the pool. Eventually it eats enough of your brain that you die in a home, poopin’ your pampers. I am told that’s life, because people do not know there is an alternative. They ridicule any alternative like Wild Apple Leaves that will force the 20 pounds of parasites to flee for their lives in a freshly kicked hornet’s nest swarm equivalent of attack phage bots.

People can’t believe it. They would rather die in a pile of shzt with their brains gnawed off to a stub on their spinal cords. That’s natural. Have at it, geniuses. All the cartilage is eaten out of their joints, too, to make it as uncomfortable as possible. Nobody knows that the parasites even exist, and no matter how much I type here, I get the feeling that none of them believe it, humouring me. Imagine their horror when they witness the first dozen nematode parasite farmer worms, or so, come out, and they realize that it is all as real as a heart attack.

It will eventually cause at least that, and all their bright doctors are, in fact, clueless, when it comes to this. It is an overwhelmingly negative force we all fight since birth, and the first few bug bites, or simply packing the eggs from their mother’s bug bites. I’d be interested in theories why there would be no parasites in any sector of the population. I know they are there, but your turn. Humour me exactly why the Force is Not with you. What was your specific anthelmintic program to ensure their demise? Why would some filthy flying or crawling, biting or stinging, bug not get through to their allegedly pristine locale?

I started with straight Apple Leaves from a tree I saw the local deer repeatedly come back to. I nibbled some myself to see what all the interest was. They tasted a bit like apples. Initially I thought, hey, great salad. Then it started happening. All the parasites started to drill out. Whoa, I thought. What’s this? Now I get why all the bug bit deer are coming back for as much as they can get. They are magnitudes smarter than people, and simply by Darwinian evolution. The ones who didn’t eat these leaves likely are all dead. Now I know the root cause why people die. Bugs kill ’em. They carry all kinds of parasites and disease. You really feel the lack of it when they leave. A huge burden gets lifted.

Lots of the damage may be permanent. I try to keep positive, and I am working and improving on what I thought might be permanent, like neurological issues, like a peripheral neuropathy. Progress can be slow, but at least it is progress. You get quite sensitive to changes in your internal condition. You know what it was like, and how far it has been restored. You keep hope that you can improve back to where it was before all this, and it makes obvious sense what caused all the deterioration in the first place. You wish you knew this when you were 5 years old or younger. You wonder how it would have been different if you did, but you have a fair idea. You definitely would not age as much. The parasites damage you as you get older. It’s that simple. They cause myriad physical and psychological issues, including the inexplicable unwillingness to stop it.

The parasites don’t take the gallons of bacterial biofilm they built up into a farm with them. That is the tough pickle that you are left with. Luckily, the apple leaves start to break that down a little, but you can help with enzymes. I keep making the capsules with a 4 parts pectin enzyme to one part wild apple leaf powder to keep it going. It is the same enzyme used to make high end agave tequila, converting the agave polysaccharide to fructose sugar. The parasites use polysaccharide to fashion their bacterial biofilm farms inside you. That’s just my theory, confirmed by direct evidence of that biofilm destruction. I could live on biofilm sugar alone for a couple months when I started, from June 6 to August 6. Before that, apple leaves alone were the sole biofilm reducing agent, but there is simply too much of it to use them alone.

I have no idea why medicine thinks they can get away with this, killing us all by neglect and professional incurious conduct. Absolute power corrupts absolutely they say, and that is as good an explanation as any. Wild Apple Leaves are something a child can rapidly understand, and a doctor is not allowed to. There’s your trouble. You’ll have to deal with your own interpretation of what is going on there. It is a whole new medical paradigm that doctors are in denial of, with no plausible explanation from their quarter. There are no doctors any more, and they refuse to learn the lesson a child of three can see, to get back in the game. Soon you too will understand why all biotech and medicine is useless in the light of what Wild Apple Leaves expose.

Pyrus MalusJohnny Appleseed Chapman tried to tell them. Some may have listened. They were shunned by their peers. After this entry in 1898 in King’s American eclectic medicine compilation, it fell off the radar. That is because Wild Apple Leaves destroy the entire premise and foundation of modern medicine and pharmaceuticals. They are an unstoppable Force that never sleeps, exactly like the parasites they ouster. Now it all makes sense why all obsolete medicine has to ignore them. They will certainly be wiped out if they don’t, because Wild Apple Leaves rapidly eliminate the entire reason all medicine exists. Have a cigar. It is nowhere near as deadly as the parasites you ignore at your peril.

Bacteriophages1It has been a battle. I couldn’t have predicted that. I incorrectly thought it would be obvious. I never knew medicine was so completely devoid of critical thought, or curiosity, they could afford to ignore it, given their worsening track record. Since then, I have confirmed that the apple tree exhibits an ability to seemingly sequester bacteriophage. I know phage has had a difficult battle for acceptance in a simplistic ineffective patent medicine chemical world. stickerI will just have to wait longer for chemical medicine resistant disease to wipe them all out. Until then, the enzyme effect of Wild Apple Leaves alone is remarkable as a probiotic, in a world gone mad eating weedkiller antibiotic laced food. Martin Shkreli medicine doesn’t care.

The Farce could awaken. Typically, given their MO, they could just lace some overpriced ineffective patent medicine with Apple Leaf powder. They know how to hide anything off label. Two can play that game. Push to have it added as a placebo in all blind studies. Then the placebo would cure nearly everything better than the test drug. Might as well get some humour out of it.

Multiple Sclerosis is the same disease. Now it is no wonder they intentionally hide it. Multiple scarring of the nerve myelin sheaths, transmitted by bugs. Look at the symptoms of Lyme disease. Then look at MS symptoms. No effective treatment exists for it either. CBD provides relief. Wild Apple Leaves provide answers as to the origin. I know wild apple leaves thin scars, getting biofilm out of them, and eliminating the excess fibrin. It’s an interesting insight. Couple that with the tendency of Canadian doctors to misdiagnose MS in world record numbers, when it is really just a subset of Lyme Disease, and you see our problem.

Canadian doctors love to beat cripples. It’s because they smoke. Free beatings with a peanut gallery of whiny non-smokers egging them on. Smoking has nothing whatsoever to do with it, but there is no better doctor feeling than justifying beating cripples and making their lives more miserable. Their hope appears to be they can make them live longer in misery, and they won’t fight back. It is the ultimate warm fuzzy. Throw ’em in psych for a pay check, and the medicines cripple them more! Sweet! Isn’t modern medicine amazing? Hey, look! None of the cripples are coming back! That’s OK. We’ll just beat the next one. </sarcasm> They had their fun. They no longer treat smokers. They never have treated Lyme disease AKA MS AKA Cripples. You can only harass/beat several hundred smoking cripples until it wears thin, I guess.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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