Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Dec 20, 2015 – Day 507 – Dear Penpal

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Dear Internet, it has  been 500 Days and a week after being left for dead. It has been about 400 since I started the blog here. How are things going? I had a good simulated Mexican visit yesterday. I had a minor simulated hangover. I discovered a new drink. Agave Tequila and Blackberry Wine. Like a velvet hammer. I watched “Sunday Housecall” on TV this morning. It is my weekly doctor visit. This week was about hardening of the arteries, and prostate cancer. I still have to quit smoking. I tried everything, but I have that 15Q25 gene that makes it nearly impossible to quit. Champix made me feel too glum. Nicorette gum works, but I always fell back, and started again. It used to make my teeth hurt. My teeth are fine now, although they rebuilt the gums with organic wild apple leaves.

Getting rid of over 20 pounds of bacterial biofilm and parasite worms has helped me a lot. I didn’t find out soon enough to stop the damage they did. Eating wild apple leaves made them leave, and had a really good probiotic effect too. If a blood sucking insect gets me, it dies from the effect the leaves have on it. I can see why deer sought these leaves out. The parasites all drilled out after they had been sponging off me for decades.

Sunday Housecall says we should be more forgiving. Dump that baggage because it will kill you from the stress. I shouldn’t dish on doctors so much. It is impossible to keep up with everything, and especially something like this that was largely totally unknown. They don’t want to know about an apple leaf a day putting them out of business. Here I always thought it was the fruit, but the leaves are where the real medicine is, it appears to me. Pyrus Malus bark, like the kind on ebay, may have some of the same properties. My leaves cured a nasty flu that was going around in hours. Back in May, it fought the tick bite fever off twice in my case. It was a big Salmon Run year here last year. This tick fever is somehow related to all the dead fish lying on the shore, I think. ’06, ’10, and ’14 were big years in the fall. My trouble started in May ’07 after the big run of 2006. It was the same symptoms as tick fever, and then I had a stroke. Miraculously, even 8 years later, I was able to reverse a lot of the effect of that. Not all of it, but lots of it.

I found out that MS and tick fevers are related. They check cerebral spinal fluid for borrelia spirochaetes. I think it is dead fish and insect bites. Migratory birds get sick with tick fever too I found. One Canada Goose in particular was limping. It had similar symptoms to the tick fever. Our ticks are very small, 1 mm to 3 mm it seems. 2016 will be another low salmon year as there were almost no spawning fish this fall. There is no way to really avoid all that environmental pressure, but apple leaves do fight it at the source of the bite. There is no way to really prove this, but that is what I have noticed in my unique environs. I notice that it is epidemic around here, piling on a little more evidence. Many are limping from the tick fever arthritis.

The effect of wild apple leaves on rheumatoid arthritis is amazing. It is also an education in biofilm reduction. I started trying to reduce biofilm with pectin enzyme and it was obviously working well. More hidden worms, and some more hidden arthritis was exposed. It is nothing withoutPyrus Malus biofilm to hide in. My own immune systems were amped by the Wild Apple Leaves to where they could wipe it out easily without biofilm there to protect it. Arthritis is a result of an overactive immunity as well. The apple leaves also acted as a super probiotic, really cleaning up intestinal functions. That was a known property of Pyrus Malus bark that I found out later from an old eclectic medicine remedy book.

I started to suspect a phage was at work here. If so, I deduced that the apple tree was somehow storing and nurturing the active bacteriophage it took from the soil. An experiment, where I introduced the tree to pathogens in my urine, confirmed it for me. Maybe if the trees were fertilized with dead salmon, they would produce more powerful leaves, specifically fighting the tick fever.As it stands, the leaves from that test tree fight nearly everything else. They restored hope for me, facing what seemed to be a hopeless outlook.

If you have a hopeless outlook,  I would definitely recommend trying some organic apple leaves or tree bark. They work better if they have included pectin enzyme. The biofilm is what really makes the diseases chronic. The parasite schistosomes and nematodes transferred from those insects are what makes the bacterial biofilm. The leaves start the process breaking it, and the enzymes accelerate it. If you aren’t well, internet, and feel a little glum, I hope this can help you too. You’ll feel better very single day.

CBD may also have multiple therapeutic properties, but has a stigma. Wormwood Extract seems to fight co infections, but is somewhat toxic. Organic Apple Leaves have none of that, but can be used in concert with many medications with little ill effect. In fact they seem to amplify the intended effect of any medication, and I suspect it is by removing biofilm. The side effect is herxing of infected tissues. At 60 years of age, there was a lot of it for me. It’s a one shot thing though. Keep track of all the feelings that reverse. Right now, my right hamstring is tickling me, letting me know something is working in or on it.

Can I call ya’ ‘Net for short? Thanks for being here for me. You have the occasional outage, but don’t we all? We just have to pick up where we left off, and soldier on. Star Wars toys are big. When I was young, models of the actual rockets, like Apollo 8, were the big toy. That was 47 years ago. That’s still the Force that is with my generation. It wasn’t Hollywood escapism bullshzt. It is still the reality that we deal with every day. So are nematodes and schistosomes, or they were in my case, for 46 of those years. Who knew we are all packing these things around until the wild apple leaves forced them out? Now the Force in me Forces them out, like that Apollo era bee stinger still partly stuck in my right forearm.


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