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Tues, Dec 22, 2015 – Day 509 – I know what will kill you

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Without a doubt. It will be one of the multiple diseases these filarial nematodes, that Wild Apple Leaves force out of you, nurture and farm for food in bacterial biofilms, and for decades in your body. Barring accidental death, Heart attack, Heart arrhythmia throwing a clot to your brain where you will stroke out, Urinary tract disorders, Intestinal chronic illness, Prostate, Circulatory problems, and/or several others generally attributed to old age, will kill you. Wild Apple Leaves and enzymes fought it all, but mostly by getting rid of the multiple stealthy parasites that have evaded all medicine for all time. Laugh if you want. I will have the last laugh. I am 100% certain now.

You won’t know, and doctors won’t know. I already know that. You will be incapable from the neuroborrelia once it gets started. That is the first thing Wild Apple Leaves miraculously address. It is obvious I wasted 509 Days trying to hammer that nail into the borrelia addled concrete brains here. Those nematodes, while extremely interesting because they are alive, and so intelligent that they evaded all medicine for all time, will kill you. No doubt. They have killed all mankind for all time. From insect bites. How deadly? They give smoking a good name.

Why won’t people listen? They’re so smart. I can say with 100% certainty now, given all this, they will kill you if you refuse or procrastinate doing anything about them. I’ve figured it out since about Day 3. Deadlier than cancer, and probably at the root of that too. Early detection is the key. Virtually everybody must have it, so why detect? Just get rid of them first. Detection will be accomplished in a few days. Procrastination is a certain death sentence. Exactly the same thing, but deadlier than cancer. It will kill all of you while they try to drive the nail into its heart by beating the board to a pulp. They have no idea because their worms tell them that they are so smart. They ate your brain for that reason. Total control. Not after about three days of apple leaves though.

It works slower with non smokers. I don’t know why. Nobody even has a clue it works, forcing out thousands of dermal nematode parasites and flukes. I would be worried if it didn’t because if they can stay in you, they’ll certainly kill you. Don’t stop. I still have one came out this week with a chunk of bee stinger I can’t remember. It would be before the 60’s maybe. I usually remembered the stings, but not this one. The stinger was still in it, horizontal to the surface of my skin, about 9 mm of it.

How do I know it will kill? You’ll have to find out yourself, as you feel better every day. Imagine feeling worse every day for 509 Days until you were almost dead. Well, I felt better from that point, and every single day. There were obstacles, because this is the first time that I know of that anybody tried this, but each day was better. I only do a little on the weekends for maintenance now, but each day gets better still. I had a plateau around 300 Days, but got back improving after discovering enzymes to target biofilm. There were about a hundred more nematodes hiding under it even. They’re gone now.

I know they did a massive amount of damage while they hid in there for 60 years. They eat you, cartilage, brain, and neurons. It is obvious they stop after they are gone, but their biofilms remain, like farm animals gone wild without the farmer. You would know too if you started to get rid of them all. I had thousands if you count all the ones from what we call Duck Itch. Doctors say they live two weeks. Try 4 decades, but I’ll take that as evidence they hide in biofilm in less than two weeks, subsequently escaping all detection for decades. Until now. Surprise!

220px-Nobel_PrizeWhy keep counting the days? If this isn’t worthy of a Nobel Prize, nothing is. All medicine is useless without addressing these parasites first. Moreover, the entire book will have to be rewritten when all it does now is describe symptoms of the ignored infestation. The Day Count will make the math easier too, with 4 dying a minute in the US, needlessly, pointlessly, and mercilessly, while people procrastinate about it and ignore it. That’s 5,760 people a day, 2,926,080 since inception, in the US and Canada alone. Alfred is watching. Everybody looks the other way. They alone will cheat death, along with their 20 or 30 pounds of “supposed” parasites and silly bacterial biofilms. Health care was designed as much to keep them healthy, as well as you. They haven’t thought of how much drag, that eliminating that parasite load, will reduce yet. They haven’t known there was a load. or just how heavy it was.

It’s not like you can snap your fingers and get rid of them either. It’s a battle, or at least it was, in my case. Then you have to somehow repair all the damage they have been doing unchecked for decades. You have decades of the parasites’ bacterial biofilm farms to eliminate. If you have a vector illness like Lyme Disease, you have to unwind that knot too. It’s a given that everybody has borrelia. It kills everybody eventually. Dr. A.B. MacDonald has known since 1986. That’s almost 30 years now. Parasites love to farm it because it is everywhere, biofilm compatible, and so tough to get rid of.

Wild Apple Leaves are just one part of the whole process, but the essential part to eliminate the mechanism of persistence first. You may have killed them inadvertently, or forced them to dig in deeper. Who would know? All medicine hasn’t witnessed this yet. There has been no other work on detecting the parasites in situ, although there has been some on detecting other known parasites. All the ones I saw come out were largely, presumably universally, unknown. At the rate they are going, the entire field of medicine will possibly be the last to know, or to do a simple anthelmintic sweep persistent and deep enough to prove that they are gone. They have to get rid of the biofilms too. Many admit they are alone the deadliest threat to health, but they are only a part of the whole problem. Wild Apple Leaves expose what was building it.

I’ve been like the Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke. Since there is no interest, maybe I’ll pull my finger out and move on. Don’t look at me when the whole country is under water. I tried. There is no unringing that bell once you’re up to your ears in nematodes, and everybody already is. Imagine every third mosquito transmitting the parasitic nematode eggs. It’s not just Lyme Disease. It’s everything. By doing everything you can to inadvertently ensure your parasites’ health, eventually they overwhelm what you thought was yours. By trying to carpet bomb them by targeting their farmed spirochaetes, you only serve to toughen their resolve and defences.

They will just repopulate all the biofim you missed and be back in business in a week. Your body won’t attack biofilm because it is made out of pectin, sheltering other proteins and pathogens it definitely can attack. If there is a pathogen you can’t attack, that is where and when it can be attacked by medicinal methods, when the biofilm is deposed, but you have to get the “persister” nematodes out first. They aren’t a cell. They are a parasite worm, and they don’t live intestinally. They live in your skin and are deposited externally by bugs and aquatic biofilm contact. I’m sorry to be redundant and condescending, but the story does not change. The result will not either. They will kill you if a jealous husband doesn’t first.

Here is an oldie but goodie to prevent biofilming on implants… but apple leaves do the same. Just add pectin enzyme. In a little revisit to Mexico 1992, that old aragna bite had a twinge. Tequila Agave enzyme must have gotten it with a serrapeptase. I wonder what else is lurking there? My left forearm still flakes from leaning on the dock algae. The lil’ Co0+ies were stealing hair again. I’ve gotta confirm that agave enzyme, with blackberry pop/wine. Have to finish up the Patron too, after sitting over 7 months opened. <sip> Expired Patron not too bad yet.  It expires. What would Dr. Horowitz say? Wild Apple Leaves are a new one on him. Not me for 509 Days now. Don’t eat a whole salad, or have an ibuprofen handy. The neuroborrelia die off can be harsh, You’ll have more than a headache to deal with then anyway. Rookies!  lulz




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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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