Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Dec 23, 2015 – Day 510 – The Force

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… hit the Snooze button, and went back to sleep. The Vatican says this episode of Star Wars just isn’t evil enough. It isn’t quite clear why the Vatican is an arbiter of evil, or how much evil is “Just Right!” They are using previous instalments of the series to gauge it. I thought the Christmas release timing itself was pretty evil, taking advantage of the Christmas toy sales season even though I haven’t seen it. That is pretty standard Hollywood evil though, merch and marketing.

Are insects evil, because 1/3 of them are infected with nematode parasite eggs, borrelia burgdorferi, schistosomes, and babesia? Or are they just as evil as their predecessors? It’s hard to be up to a standard of evil these days. I think they are just about evil enough. 23 months ago, they had me paralysed and I had no idea what was happening. A little research into the prequels show that they called it Lyme Disease, except in Canada, where they just say “You’re nuckin’ futz!” They say it is caused by smoking. That’s pretty evil. Perhaps that is the sort of plot twist the Holy See is looking for, where the doctors are worse than the disease. Canada Health Evil. It isn’t new for Lyme disease, where tests only catch half of it, if that. It is an easy way to dodge insurance liability, so they do that, and declare all the patients are insane. Government, always a ready partner in evil, is right there to expand all the mental health facilities to lock up and murder all the baby boomers and their parents.

That’s just regular evil though. Doctors feel that Wild Apple Leaves are a good metric of evil. They stand to put them outta business, and cancel that Mercedes sports car order. phage-group-bright-2-russell-kightleyWorse, they contain bacteriophage, a type of harmless virus that kills disease. It’s not clear how to do merch and marketing on them, and that has stumped doctors for almost a century. That’s pretty evil. If you could patent them, they would likely be welcomed back into the cabal, and they could have all the jape with golf balls and notepads, an’ shzt. You would have to isolate one of the hundreds of phage they contain for each disease, and patent each one separately. Anybody could just eat apple leaves from a wild tree growing on a field watered by septic drainage to maximise the uptake of phage relevant to everybody’s pathogens. You could also include animal waste to maximise the client base. They have the potential to take Evil in the Eye of the Beholder to great new heights.

They work for lots of things, it seems. Arthritis and biofilm chronic disease. Colds and flu. They are very probiotic for digestion, even though all food is laced with glyphosate weedkiller, or has modified genes. It doesn’t seem to matter much, and wild apple leaves somehow make it all digest as right as possible. They are more evil than Monsanto, and that’s pretty darned evil.

They force out hundreds or even thousands of dermal parasites, decades after the fact, having a unique anthelmintic effect where the worms simply drill out from where they hide. As they continue to chip away, or dig away at bacterial biofilm, they expose more disease and parasites, and repair old injuries where the healing was intentionally botched by the parasites. They reclaim thousands of hijacked hair follicles, and decades after the fact as well. They mortify health care professionals, putting them into an Uber-evil category. It’s a way to fight evil with evil-er.

They helped me but it has been a long 510 Day trudge to get here, against all evil, from the Dark Side. They have a phage from the Dark Side too, getting rid of unknown Dark Side co0+ies, Light Side parasites, and maybe even some of their farmed diseases as well. You can buy them on ebay, but there is no guarantee if those ones have an extensive enough phage IMG-20140809-00087library. The shipping is pretty evil when it costs more than the Pyrus Malus fibre itself. Mine are pretty well versed from multiple dead salmon pathogens, and animal droppings, I guess. YMMV, depending on how broad a phage spectrum your apple tree has access to, it seems. You can always fertilize it with pathogens in droppings to see if that makes the leaves more powerful. You can tell by the Jarrisch-Herxheimer reaction you will feel from the disease die off if you get a hit. What kind of disease? Who cares if it gets it? You’ll know when the disease effects disappear any way. Deer just knew they would feel better if they eat apple leaves.

They may not cure everything, but they sure help when nobody knows what causes all this. It seems to help with Old Age and other grey area things, like Growing Pains, and CRS (Can’t Remember Shzt,) leading me to suspect they are caused by these stealthy former parasites and their pathogen farms. They might wallop Lupus, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, dropsy, digestive disorders, heart disease, dementia, and more. They did for me, walloping a lot of unknown, and nuckin’ futz, in official medical speak. I can only hope they continue to fight the epidemic of IDunno/Nuckin’Futz illness around here, filling up all the disabled parking spots. In three more months, the evil bugs will all be waking up again, too.

Then the Wild Apple Leaves will continue to turn back the clock. You feel a lot younger when all that evil gets booted out. Just make sure to have pectin enzyme, like that used in wine making, handy so your biofilm doesn’t drown you when it starts deposing. It softens it up, converts it to sugars, and makes expectorating it easier. It starts out heavier in the first couple months, but gradually subsides. It comes from a lifetime of starch, but it all starts from an infected insect bite, and not just ticks. Then lots of other bug bites team up and join in on the party.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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