Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Dec 24, 2015 – Day 511 – T’was the Night Before Christmas

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It is pretty sleepy here. Not a creature is stirring, not even my mouse. I don’t use it to stir anyway. It doesn’t have a spoon to stir with. In Canada, we have two main seasons; Bugs, and Less Bugs. This is the latter. They are mostly hibernating, but sometimes the odd one wakes up for a snack.

Bugs hate diatomaceous earth. It dries out their waxy exoskeletons. It isn’t really the bugs though. It is the diseases and parasites they transmit. I know that 29% of ticks found on the Arctic Circle tested positive for Borrelia. So much for the theory they don’t get infected or transmit disease in Canada. I am going one step further. It is a safe bet they cause all sorts of disease. It will kill you, and then they don’t even bother to confirm it in an autopsy. If you saw all the parasites that came out from eating Wild Apple Leaves too, you would likely be forced to draw the same conclusion. They had been living in my tissues for decades before that.

I see studies where they detect a small amount of proteolytic enzymes in the apple leaves. Nothing is said that those enzymes may be inside a phage. They mash the things up and just measure the contents. If they were inside a small animal, there would be no way to tell. This is a lot of the problem in the Athabasca Tar Sands. The deposit is layered separated by membranes of biofilm. When heated, the biofilm/clay layers impede the flow of bitumen normal to the biofilm layers. It is the same with biofilm in humans. It impedes the flow of antibiotics and other antimicrobials including phage to the biofilm sheltered diseases. Biofilm elimination becomes Job 1 if you want to make any progress. Pathogens transmitted by bugs succeed where they would otherwise fail. I suspect the worm parasites are behind the whole operation. Using that logic and interrupting has worked for me.

Trial and error feedback is how I have progressed. Interestingly, all medical attempts were worse than failures, always making me worse. They made me discover the MSIDS Map, from Dr. Richard Horowitz, where each failure there pointed to a specific medical condition, and was in fact predicted. No doctors follow the MSIDS Map that I know of here, despite the repeated bulls eyes. Now they are able to grow Borrelia Burgdorferi biofilm in a lab, and are making discoveries. Canada is more than 30 years out of date, but that is unfortunately where I am, in a swarm of Canadian bugs at the root of transferring most serious chronic disease. That in itself is also a major puzzle I solved in 2015. I happen to be in what appears to be a cluster of infection here, which is where I started looking for answers in 2014. If they are 30 years behind their published scientific peers, they will never know any of this.

So this blog of all this discovery is my Christmas present to you all. A new herb, Wild Apple Leaves, that works for deeper and more serious schistosomatic/nematode parasitic issues than Lyme Disease and borrelia, and may be the straw to break the chronic camel’s back. Looking back, I would be lifelong congenitally chronic, and both parents suffered from the same thing. My whole family, and extended family, is sick and in denial, being treated one symptom at a time, by an incurious medical system more than 30 years out of date. All have fatal intestinal, neurological, and cardiac borrelia symptoms, and are now all in denial, blindly trusting those failed doctors, and getting worse with every single intervention. None have even started on reducing biofilm, although that wouldn’t help before the 20+ pounds of disease farming parasites are forced out first. They are not alone. Everybody is in the same boat, save for one person I know of for sure; Me.

The CDC is also a decade out of date, promoting IDSA over ILADS, and injuring increasing amounts of patients. The whole thing is corrupt. I can only hope people don’t get sucked in where their trust of medicine winds up killing them for “unknown” reasons. The reasons are actually well known outside of their little world. The new stuff I found is unknown to anybody. How many more have to die to prove that they are on the wrong track? I guess “All of them.” Art Bell gave up trying to get the word out. The whole thing is crazy.

I maintain it is better to be nutty than nutz. Those parasite worms have really done a number on peoples’ brains. Without apple leaves, people will never know just how bad it is, and what they do. The Worm in Tequila was a myth started in 1950, but these parasitic worms are no myth, and they have riddled people from 4,000+ BC, longer than written history. They started on animals millions of years earlier. It is a testament to the insect rider parasites’ stealth that they have evaded all medicine for all time. It is a testament to the effective properties of wild apple leaves that they continue to rack up unprecedented success stories.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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