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Fri, Dec 25, 2015 – Day 512 – Another Christmas

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I didn’t think I would make one Christmas on the morning of July 31, 2014. It was a shot in the dark. I finally got around to nibbling some apple leaves Ediefrom where the deer came to eat. They tasted a bit like apples actually. Made sense. I had a cup of salad. That was too much. Maybe it was just me. At first0 Apple Branch I thought little bugs were coming out of the bug bites or from the apple leaves themselves. Later I determined it was some kind of nematode parasite that earlier bugs must have transferred from biting me. Now I knew why the deer craved them so much. They got rid of parasites from the bugs. One of the fawns had been limping the week before, but she was cured now, and gaining weight, like her brother.

My journey wasn’t as rapid or dramatic. I take it early prevention with apple leaves is essential. Yet continued Apple Leaf consumption popped out more nematodes from where they were hiding. From the continuing improvement in feeling, I knew they, those exiting parasites, were not doing me any good. Then more came out from Swimmer’s Itch. They appeared mostly where I was in contact with algae on docks and rafts. They were different, coming out like dirt from the upper skin surface and pores. The bug bite ones came from deeper near joints and in major muscles. The Swimming ones were obviously a lot smaller species. They would have been there for decades. I looked for reference to what they all were, but there wasn’t much reference at all except for a casual mention by Dr. Eva Sapi at University of Hew Haven about filarial nematode eggs in borrelia burgdorferi biofilms.

512 Days later, I still have the odd straggler coming out. That old bee stinger on my right inner forearm is still healing, after something came out by it a couple weeks ago.  It had t0 be in there almost 60 years maybe. I could have been stung when I was an infant. I do not remember that one. I remember sometimes bees might get trapped in the back of the car while travelling down the highway with the front windows open a bit. That was a long time ago from the 50’s. People generally know nothing about this. I document it here because once people get the memo, it will happen to all of them too, and they will likely go through this whole experience themselves. If they don’t, those parasites will kill them. I can tell by the feeling without them that they cause a lot of trouble. I didn’t bother making up a test. Everybody has been bitten by bugs. Now they say almost 30% of those bugs are infected with borrelia, and they aren’t only ticks.

These parasites are flesh eating. They eat you alive. That’s the draw. Dr. Sapi pointed out they like juicy neural tissue and cartilage, from brain, nerves, and joints. There was the arthritis link and a possible mechanism. My arthritis was gradually reversing to a place that I hadn’t experienced, having suffered from it since I was a juvenile. Later, after attempting to reduce biofilm from Day 313 on, more of the same was found lurking deeper. I assumed that since biofilm was mostly pectin starch polysaccharides, I would try food grade pectic enzyme. Wine and Tequila makers use the same stuff to break the pectin down to sugars.

If they are eating nerves and brain, that explains a lot of increasingly bad neurological problems. A look around shows it is more common than you would think. Bell’s Palsy, Parkinson’s, strokes/encephalomyelitis, heart disease, and heart arrhythmias. The apple leaves turned out to be a way to find out what was at the root of it. I continue to type as much info as I can every day because I know that someday, when this reaches critical/viral, and finds the 15 minute headline news cycle, people will be looking for answers as to what is happening. This isn’t just a big thing. This is everything. All illness. All disciplines.

TMI? That’s what search engines are for. Hopefully people will will hit on a combination of words that ring a bell. Plus, the typing is a form of physiotherapy for the reversal of a stroke/TIA I suffered more than 8 years ago. I know now it was directly related to a nematode parasite from a bug or tick in the back of my neck. I suffered two more such bites this year, but the apple leaves nipped the infections in the bud. Unfortunately, as noted above, early treatment and prevention is key. I am 60. Kinda late for that. Lots has reversed, but some damage may be permanent. I still hold out hope. When I feel I have pared that biofilm back enough, then I might be ready to try a Lyme Literate naturopath. Doctors here and their tests are obviously all useless and a waste of time. I now know any attempt before that will be futile, as the parasites or biofilm will make the disease persist. No0body has detected these things, but Wild Apple Laves force them to come out from where they hide. If they don’t, I would be really worried if I were you, and if your parasites are somehow resistant to apple leaves, probably through extensive biofilm formation. Chances are you may have found another way to force them out, but you will not forget it if you have. You would write over 400 pages about it on the internet.

Spirochaetes like to hide in bone marrow where your blood cells are made. You can feel it when you kill them with HCP, or others, like samento. I really felt the first treatment, but not so much the second. I can only hope I got them all. I have been walking better, although I am still a little weak. Maybe I am too far gone, and it was too late. Early prevention is the key. These things ate my whole right gluteous maximus muscle. It is only now recovering a bit. Two Christmas’s later.

What would you do if you knew what was killing everybody, without a doubt, and nobody would listen? Would you wait a few years, rent a bullhorn, then say, “Told ya so, dumbazzes!?” That wouldn’t be very nice. Of course, you know that it gets worse the longer they procrastinate, like cancer. Some may think that’s the answer. They’re all gonna die, and it will be more excruciating and miserable the longer they wait. Doctors can make it more miserable for a lot longer I found. Once you give into them, you’re done. They know nothing about this.

Doctors will beat the board to a pulp trying to hit he nail on the head, and they can’t even see it, until Wild Apple Leaves start popping out a lifetime of hidden nails from all over the place. They’re hopelessly infected too, I take it. As soon as they try to treat themselves for it, and show how smart they are, they will kill themselves. Or botch it. You only get one chance. You will understand why so many people die from medical treatment. Should you kill all those nematodes and schistosomes at once, the toxic shock could be enormous. I stumbled on a way to get them to come out, all by themselves, and on their own schedule, still alive like they had been inside you, for decades. Then you can start on all the damage they must have wrought.

What is leprosy? It has largely been eradicated, with around 200,000 people per year affected worldwide. It used to be considered highly contagious, but was later found not to be. That sounds like a vectored, or insect transmitted, illness to me. It got billing in the Bible, but borrelia predates the Bible historically, with spirochaetes found in the Tyrolean Ice Man’s body.

If a third of bugs are affected with borrelia, it will be a lot bigger problem than leprosy, by factors of thousands of times. What I found escaping from Wild Apple Leaves is more than just that, and is a candidate for parasitic, deep dermal resident, filarial nematode spirochaete farmer worms. It affects 7.4 Billion people, while many are allegedly asymptomatic, but they all die from it anyway, should they even care to look. The worms are stealthy, and do a better job exposing themselves, when skunked out by eating Wild Apple Leaves. The symptoms are attributed to individual disease classes with fuzzy causes, like ARD, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, intestinal, etc. These nematode farm animals, borrelia,  can be discovered in blood smears in seconds. There is no treatment, or test, intentionally. It underlies all the top chronic fatal illness known and unknown. It is caused by smoking, the brain trust figures, with shaky or no evidence to back that up. It is a convenient subjective agenda driven non sequitur.

This is all totally unknown in medicine. There are casual references to intestinal parasites, bur virtually nothing about this, other than Bilharziasis/Schistosomiatis. It is a lot more than just that, and is the Number One health issue in the world, obviously. It becomes obvious once you see and feel it for yourself. Eventually it hits you that this affects everyone, and solves the age old mystery why people die.

Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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