Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Dec 26, 2015 – Day 513 – Animal, Mineral, Vegetable

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I am a mineral engineer. Laundry ListWe beneficiate ore. What is the most valuable substance in the world, or most importantly, the most valuable concentrate-able  substance in the world, bar none? It is without question, chronic disease. More valuable than platinum or gold or rhodium or diamonds. Doctors are supposed to be good at disease geology, bur are about the lousiest mineral engineers ever, in that light. Time to call the Pros from Dover. What took them so long? Disease and patients are way down the list.

I went Open Source with my discoveries. Minus $100 T is an estimate of what those diseases cost, when they say that each 1% reduction in chronic disease is worth $1 T prevented in time lost injury. That is where you have to understand my other interest, Financial Engineering. This discovery is a potential hedge against chronic disease, like futures contracts are a hedge against future price variation, and where no effective hedge exists. Until now. I lucked out. However, force majeur will take over. They only said that because they thought nobody would ever come up with anything near a solution.

Surveying is a close analogy to Financial Engineering. By taking opposing readings, the answer will lie at the means. Financial Engineering has a strong bias to the “$” built in, though. It is not “on the money” in Survey lingo. Pu$$ie$, says $. Survey says professionally, “Do ya wanna make dirty money, or be right?” I had to be correct instead, because other surveyors have to be the arbiters of boundaries from that. I didn’t “follow the money.” “On the Money$” financial was different. There was the secret of Finance, and the difference between it and surveying lies in there, a bias to the money side. One side sells closer to the BID, but the other wants the ASK. The mean is not the financial answer, necessarily, skewed to the market, at that time. Mixing apple and oranges there is the problem between medicine in theory, and what we see. They will protest, and say government is the solution. Anything but, because it gets corrupted in secret, excluding a free market altogether.

It’s a mess. Medicine says all diseases that cost them too much do not exist, or cannot be treated. You have to take them out of the equation, as much as practical, to ever get to a solution. They tend to ignore new science, even when peer reviewed it seems. They’ve always done it that way, and it doesn’t seem that they account for their track record. Some new things aren’t fully supported with data yet. Then you are a guinea pig. I skipped right to guinea pig. As I learned more about apple leaves, the evidence pointed to a good homeopathic remedy, and I got more evidence that they were helpful in many ways, but for unclear reasons. They exhibited bacteriophage behaviour. The included enzymes were known for good health.

It turned out to be a lot more. They were a powerful anthelmintic, but there was no data on the apparent parasite worms they forced out. I looked at strongyloides and pinworms and threadworms. There still wasn’t a true match. Schistosomiatis was a candidate for what it did in cases of Swimmer’s Itch, with some parasites having a known lifespan of 20 years. These could be second generation, because some were 4 or 5 decades since the bug sting or bite. There was nothing about the bugs being infected.

I’m sort of marooned here on Boxing Day. There’ll be a bit of snow. I’ll get by. Started a fire in the wood stove. I have a bunch of food that should either be finished up or tossed. Then more canned stuff I have to rotate out and replenish. Next week will be better once the crowds picking bargains taper down. I’m not too keen on those shopping crowds anyway. You get meeker with age. If the Night Before Christmas was quiet, this one is quieter. No great loss. There is a Best of Pawn Stars marathon on History channel. I haven’t watched that for a while. Why are they so mean to the Old Man? I feel sorry for him. I’m not that crotchety yet. The elderly are a wealth of information, and especially relevant to Finance. They are a living testament to the march of inflation and a litany of a debt backed fiat currency shell game, all to pay for an unsustainable bloated government. Now we are past the point of being able to service that debt, kicking the can off the cliff.

And here we are with medicine thrown on top. If Wild Apple Leaves can’t rescue that horribly broken mess, nothing can, because they are the most amazing, powerful, effective, and practical discovery in medicine, ever. Unfortunately, they seem to expire too, after a year and a half of storage. I found the relatively fresh ones are better, and once they wipe all the pathogens, where will fresh phage come from? Good question. Maybe I should concentrate on storing the phage, but then how could you test/extend longevity? I just keep counting the days. A year and a half isn’t very good, but really good for a salad. The other thing is I rarely take a Zero size capsule any more, other than to test the longevity, because I am a lot more sensitive, feeling a quarter of that or less now. Then it is unknown if that is just because that phage library has cleaned out what it could. I know all my biofilm reducing efforts may have a lot to do with it now, after witnessing the pre biofilm reduction effects. I need more data, but all I get back is that they’re good.

They aren’t the only homeopathic remedy, of course. Others may also have phage behaviour, like Super Beets. It may be more than just Nitrates. Natural Saw Palmetto my be like that. It works better with biofilm reduction as well. The concentrated versions still work, but the natural stuff still seems to work better. Like Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother. That in itself may be phage enhanced. If you are looking for something to hunt with an electron microscope, these things may be a good place to start. Effectiveness with multiple issues raises that curiosity and suspicion. A targeted chemotherapy-like repair feeling does too. It’s sad doctors can’t really follow that line, or more stuff would get wiped out, other than patients. Only immature science is decided when it should be the last thing to be.



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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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