Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Dec 27, 2015 – Day 514 – Beyond Science

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It’s a lonely journey, and a long one to do alone. There is no sympathy from anybody it seems. Perfect strangers are more sympathetic than relatives. I’m all alone and forgotten it seems. I wanted to get more leaves than I did this fall, but relatives who committed to help me reneged and left when it was too late. In a way, it helped me discover the 2015 Phage batch was superior,  so I concentrated on it more.

At this rate, Wild Apple Leaves will be hidden for all history again, like they always have been. It must be some kind of divine intervention to prevent them from ever getting known. If you need to try them you must find an apple tree. The wild ones here seem better to me, and seem to have some sort of bacteriophage built in. Deer eat apples and seed them. They all likely work though. Leaves from different trees felt basically the same. It can be hard to tell the difference though while the effects overlap a bit. You can even feel the effect from handling the leaves in the fall, and I needed pectin enzyme to enhance circulation and biofilm expectoration.

Commercial orchards use pesticides and fungicides, making those leaves unusable, possibly. Some fungicides like potassium carbonate for apple scab are not noxious, but other chemicals may be. If you have a crab apple tree, it may work too. While not exactly rocket science, the effect is beyond all known science. I’ve tried many times, but it is hard to describe. You get a herx reaction, or tingling in infected tissues, that you can feel. It is not toxic like an antibiotic Jarrisch Herxheimer reaction. The leaves are more probiotic than antibiotic.

Everybody always concentrated on the fruit, since Eve. It is nice, but seems to have almost none of these properties that I feel. A few apple leaves a day will put doctors out of business, I think, while an apple just keeps them away, allegedly. I did not find that at all, but then I didn’t really eat that many apples. The whole thing is weird to say the least.

So find a tree. If it hasn’t snowed, and the fallen leaves are still dry, they still work from my trees. I tried that over a year ago, but if they get wet, they go moldy, from Venturia Inaequalis fungus, or Apple Scab. It is harmless to people, but I avoid it anyway. I thought some curious biology student would have picked this up by now, but no luck. It’s now an open secret. There was no real prior science of the effect of consuming the leaves. This is it. It changed the course of my health, but not enough to win Olympic medals. For me it was simply the difference between what felt like certain impending death, and a marked improvement only I would know. It was finally hope where none existed.

I watched an infomercial about Supple. I tried the active ingredients a long time ago, and while there was improvement, nothing like that even comes close to apple leaves for arthritis. In my case, the worst symptoms disappeared, occasionally resurfacing slightly as I went deeper with biofilm reduction using pectin enzyme. It i sone of those things that lingers in biofilm. The majority of my life I had chronic arthritis, and what may have been Klebsiella, a common root illness of arthritis sufferers. The affected areas are slowly repairing as the cartilage repair mechanism seems to have been restored by getting rid of all the nematode parasites from bugs. Much of that infomercial reiterated my issues with current medicine, treating symptoms, having great risk of infection, but does not eliminate the source. When you see those hundreds, and later thousands, of parasites leave, you will know and figure out what their effect was on you.

That just stops the damage. You can’t just snap your fingers and get rid of that, and the recovery is not so rapid in my case, but being a bug chewed surveyor from all over, that’s to be expected. I feel that early prevention is essential to avoid all that recovery, but nobody is aware of the creeping damage the parasites were causing until they have done a sweep with the apple leaves first. I take it the parasites either disable the neurons by eating them, or apply an anesthetic. Then you can’t feel them eating you. They cut your neurons is what it seems like. It explains a numb feeling around my right hip where they proceeded to eat my right glute. You can likely see it as cellulite dimpling where they eat you, and can’t pack it with pectin fast enough to hide the loss. The current explanations of cellulite are shaky, but this clears up what is really happening toot sweet. It is parasites from insects, and medicine knows nothing about them. Their theories of cellulite are laughable when you see it in a post apple leaf light. The worms obviously chewed those dimples out.

It is like trying to warn people about an incoming nuclear weapon. Once it becomes evident, it is way too late, and the recovery becomes exponentially magnitudes tougher. How do you triage that? Ignore doctors and the elderly because they will only slow it up? They’re dead anyway 10 out of ten that way. It is unknown. Early prevention is the key. Do you need it? If you can feel it, you’ll need it I bet, and that, wild apple leaves, is the only safe chemotherapy for it AFAIK. As Far As Anyone Knows, for that matter. They recently found Lyme spirochaetes in mosquitoes, and there were likely nematode eggs with them, gauging by what I witnessed. Every third mosquito bite on the average seems about right.

220px-Nobel_PrizeHornets and Spiders also carry arbovirii. That is arthropod transferred disease, while ticks transfer tebovirii. Again the nematode parasites are unknown until the apple leaves skunk them out. They are that stealthy in situ. They escaped discovery until now. That is at least Nobel Prize worthy, you would think, amongst other accolades. You would just find a preoccupied selection committee instead, blissfully unaware that most of the trouble is from ridiculously common parasites, and has been for all history.

Even if I were a doctor, I see how they treat their own when it comes to issues like this. They would cannibalize and destroy you, ridicule and marginalize you. Witness the trainwreck that is the IDSA and tebovirus treatment. They are currently occupied  going full speed in the wrong direction, when all the progress is being made by retired professionals. Nobody ever listens to the lab rat, even if they have one that can speak, or type over a million words in a blog. It is too far beyond all Science that they know, or even dreamed of, obviously. It makes me glum, even though I know they will find it out eventually, some century in the far future, if I can’t get through to them. After over a year of trying, I am about to give up. When something this simple and obviously verifiable is so far over their heads, what good would they be anyway?

MSIDSYou get a rare insight that all people will be the losers if this can’t break out here. They didn’t even listen to Willy Burgdorfer when he found nematode eggs. I found a way to get the nematodes to drill out, presumably alive, and not related exclusively to Lyme Disease, but nearly everything else in the book, too. They explain such riddles as cellulite, floaters, biofilm, arthritis, psoriasis, Duck Itch, and virtually all chronic disease, physical and neurological. What is it that I don’t get, why that isn’t headline news?

ItLaundry List isn’t just that. Time after time, vector parasites and their bacterial biofilm farms are ignored by medicine. You will see for yourself. Then you will look at a medical explanation. It fails to take that two step root cause complex into account. If you have never been bitten by an infected insect, you don’t have to worry. Good luck with that. Every single medical riddle, as to disease or condition origin, instantly becomes obvious. Dr. Horowitz has a short list, but you will know it is bigger than just that when you see those parasites come out, and figure out how long they have been resident in you.

Why aren’t more people sick? Their immune system fights these things, that apple leaves eliminate, all their lives. Arthritis is the result of an over active immunity, fighting the infections and cytokines. The parasites also directly eat cartilage to make more biofilm. Eventually, an additional parasite may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Then you are in trouble. Wild Apple Leaf removes that straw, but you are still left with a broken back to heal. What kind of paint was on the Titanic? Who cares? But that is the analogy where all health care money is being blown. There are 100 known strains of borrelia in the US, and 300 worldwide. Canada tests for one, and it isn’t the prevalent B. Miyamotoi.





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