Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Dec 28, 2015 – Day 515 – Weather Or Not

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I got snowed in, but luckily got rescued. A friend had plans collapse at Christmas and got stranded in the weather too. She walked over and we commiserated being stranded with Blackberry – Tequila. She is the girl in the picture in my email. Merry Xmas Part Deux. A l0cal snow plow broke down and the towing company was backlogged all day yesterday. The highway was closed until they could clear off the sudden dump of snow, and start catching up. Of course, it all happened spanning a weekend. Here in the Rockies, the weather can carpet bomb us occasionally.

Everybody is still digging out after a half inch of rain froze, then got a foot of snow added. It was so glazed when the snow hit, you could plow the lawn. lulz Oddly, this all comes down to solder. I couldn’t make a joint in a piece of wire with environmental resin core solder. The flux didn’t flux, and the solder just beaded up. My 45 watt solar panel charger had a broken wire, and Solder has no lead in it any more. They did not get the memo that Wild Apple Leaves clean lead and other heavy metals up in your soft tissues. That is the old Pyrus Malus claim from a century ago or more.

“Pyrus” is Pear in the old botanical classification. We have a couple pear trees, but the hornets take over the pear crop at harvest time. The deer steer clear of all those pear eating Yellow Jackets. The trees are susceptible to both Venturia Inaequalis “apple scab” and Erwinia Amylovora “fire blight” fungus. That is a coming phage project to see if they can be cured of fungus like I inadvertently cured the 2015 Test apple tree of scab with human antibodies. That is worth spending time on at least another three discipline doctorate in microbiology, botany/proxy phage engineering, and clinical pathology. There are more pressing things though, like my theory linking tick borne illness and spawning salmon, like here, upstate New York, and Ontario. Spawning Salmon is the common link to all three places.

MSIDSHere we get Wawa WA-1, B. Myamotoi, B. Duncani, bart and babs/RMSF, at least. They are so prevalent they don’t test any more, because presumably everybody has them. You will get a positive test south of the border, and no test here, save for B-31 Borrelia. We could use a thousand clones of Richard Horowitz here. They’re baffled, and/or hiding it. Pasteur’s Postulate “One cure for one disease” completely unravels with insect borne biofilming co-infestations. They test only for one of 300+ species of this puppy. It is akin to saying the only species of dog is a Collie, and you don’t look like Lassie.

That’s all fire under the bridge though. Apple Leaves are acaricidal, on top of being therapeutic and probiotic, meaning they kill insects that bite you. In some circles, people blame deer, when in actual fact, deer found out how to fight all these bug diseases eating apple leaves. Moose are not so lucky. Lyme Disease AKA Powassan is exploding because of GMO agri chemical over spraying, but you are not allowed to link that. Those broad leaf weeds the animals used to eat cured it somehow. Apple Leaves are a kludge fix for that. OMG!™ is GMO spelled backwards.

Neil_ArmstrongDown south, there is a town called Armstrong, BC. I know somebody who likes that. “I like the name.” I wonder if his Heart Disease was related to STARI, or Southern Tick-borne Illness, from geological training expeditions? Even the best and healthiest are not immune to borrelia biofilm related illness it seems, and the best doctors are stumped. It’s easy to see why. I found these nematode parasitic co0ties are so stealthy, they hide in biofilm themselves, until you break down the biofilm to sugar with enzyme the way you break down agave to make tequila. Biofilm and agave are made of the same stuff, polysaccharide or starch, it is known. The enzyme is also used to clarify and juice apples grown from here to Kelowna, changing to polygalacturonase in the process. The Tequila making Aspergillus Niger fungus produces the pectolase prescursor of that.




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