Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Dec 29, 2015 – Day 516 -K9 Arthritis

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One of the surprising things is how fast dogs develop arthritis. When you think about how much bug pressure they’re under, plus the fact they swim in biofilming lakes and get that too, it clears up a lot of the mystery. Add to that the fact so much pet food is stretched with starch fillers. Bilharziasis Parasites are likely the problem. It seems like you turn around and a dog has gone from pup to old adult in a few years. And it has arthritis already. I feel your pain, Rover.

Having Juvenile Arthritis really sucked. “Warning! This product tested on humans. And a cat. May have side effect of ‘cat-dog.’ ” I guess most of my early herxing was that arthritis being gobbled up by the apple leaf phage. Sometimes, dogs eat grass trying to shake the bug worms. I wonder with their elevated senses they also know like deer do? Watching videos of dogs and deer, they seem to have a smell communication set up. Then there is that whole azz sniffing thing… As a human, I sorta am not going there. It’s just another day in the “Adventures of Dr. Duck: Quack DVM.”

Now I know a 3-4 year old dog having arthritis troubles for which it takes Glucosamine Sulfate. I know that, been there, done it. It had some relief, but what really is relieving will be Wild Apple Leaves. I have some fall ones from Gramp’s Tree I am trying. Those were the ones with all the phage, that went straight through my skin when I gathered them. Dogs are de-wormed intestinally as puppies, but then they are all on their own, and these are different dermal worms. I can see them loving a dog for all the hair follicles they can co-opt to make biofilm “shell” protection. It must also play hell with their urinary system.

I know the leaves were the only thing that cured my arthritis from where it was. It is still cured, but with a strange caveat. Knobby knees let me know it still lurks a bit in biofilm around old affected joints, but while there is inflammation, no pain really around those joints. The bromelain makes the tendons downright rubbery around it, which is a little disconcerting initially, but it might help the K-9 swelling too. As for the hundreds of nematodes coming out, you’ll be on your own there, pal. Perhaps your humans will scratch your itch, too.

I DogsPokerknow dogs have trouble scratching their upper chest. They seem to like that the best without fail. Friend for Life! if you ever scratch that itch there. They also do not find approaching with an open palm to be as threatening, anticipating itching that spot. Pavlov’s Chest effect. Dogs would be lousy poker players too if they can’t suppress that whole wagging tail thing. It appears they have the cigar part sorted out.

If your dog has arthritis, find an apple tree. If you are too chicken, let rover take over. They’ll love it more than your leg. I know. I also know that the salmon flies transmit those worms to a new batch of salmon. That must be how they know where to come back to spawn where they were born. Somehow, the worms can “ping” them to show where they are. I suspect it has something to do with the dog tendency to roll in the dead fish, too. That’s kinda how it is out in fish school here. I do not roll in dead fish. We have bugs to achieve the same effect without even trying though. I also wonder if the Yellow Jackets carry arthritis worms? Our dog ate Yellow Jackets sometimes. There’s your trouble, maybe.

Come to think of it, my arthritis cured after those Yellow Jacket worms drilled out of my right knee area near the bone. Somebody should look into that. Damn things were in there through the 60’s. I think we have a smoking gun. Scarcely a day goes by, even 516 Days in, where I don’t learn something new from Wild Apple Leaves, it seems. Dogs have the added factor of an accelerated life span. I wonder if apple leaves can cure that? Doubling a pet’s life span would be a good confirmation.



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