Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Dec 30, 2015 – Day 517 – Horticulture

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Botanischer_Garten_Berlin-Dahlem_10-2014_photo08_Malus_sieversiiAfter a couple of snowfalls, the apples finally have fallen. Most were the size of grapefruits. That was a healthy tree after I cured the Venturia Inaequalis affliction. Apple Scab is a common affliction of apple trees here, or anywhere for that matter. The difference on the 2015 Test Tree was a doubling in the size of the fruit, from smaller than a baseball to that. The tree did it by itself after being introduced to my antibodies and pathogens. It is possible that it also got the coddling moths, those little worms that like to drill into the apples. Those nematodes have the same effect that nematode parasites have on people likely. This tree is just a file photo of a similar tree, reverted to wild. Mine was loaded evenly with apples.

The trees are dormant now. It would be a good time for “Wassailing” them, or to thump the trunks. It is a tradition to increase the yield of fruit, and they used to do it every year on Christmas Day. I did not wassail that tree. Back in the late 70’s, I bumped into one with a pickup, and that increased its yield though. I suspected that it tickled the roots somehow. It was a kludge confirmation that wassailing works for these trees. Late winter/Early spring was when I added the urine to the ground over the roots around March 18, or Johnny Appleseed Day. It is regarded as a day good for planting apple trees from scratch, after freezing germinates the seeds.

I could add links to all that, but you can look it up for yourself. Like the apples, I am also kind of in hibernation mode these days. I wonder if I will stale date things too? 2016 is almost here, while I am almost not. A couple visitors pointed out that the cougar has moved west a mile or two from here, after our deer moved south and east a bit. I hope they come back. They are my favourite proxy testers, somehow knowing by smell and taste which leaves are best for therapeutic value. Likely it is just Darwinian evolution that has refined their selectivity to eliminate the nematode parasites from bugs and aquatic biofilms. Perhaps there is a theological component too, but that is not scientifically confirmed. I’ll leave that to our doctors, and their decidedly anti-theological bent, condemning all of us to Hell. Ironically, Hell itself is a theological concept. If there is a God, they would all be able to go there. Unfortunately, then they won’t be able to come back to tell us what it is like.

The stock market, the big one in New York and Chicago, is getting unstable. It is a random crapshoot kind of thing. The only thing anywhere near predictable about it is the unpredictability, if that makes any sense. Everybody has an opinion that 2016 will suck. After the fact, some analysts will say they were right all along. They will say it was predictable, then proceed to lose a bundle, when they find it was more like a broken clock being right twice a day. Hedgers take the road less travelled, admitting defeat. That is sort of the way I look at it, and it works most of the time for me. I can’t call the shot like Babe Ruth used to. Big Red Flag when some people say they can. Then volatility will rob them, varying as much as the market. Still, I know that after a couple up days, it tends to go down. Today is one of those days. Trying to grab the bear by the whiskers doesn’t help when the volatility rises enough to rob the expected result. Most hedger traders got the memo, and the big volume trade is crowded. Predictably, CNBC will say that hedgers are feeling the pain of making half what they expected or less from their hedging. Of course, as soon as I said that, it reversed in spite. Predictably unpredictable.

We were just talking about “arthritis worms” in insects around here. In Lyme, Connecticut, the disease was pegged to an outbreak of juvenile arthritis. I can independently confirm that. Spawning Salmon is the common chord there. If that is the metric, this place has Lyme Disease on steroids. Dogs, cats, geese, and deer are all affected. Don’t kill us just to test for it though. Take Wild Apple Leaves from here to get a heads up. Wild Apples grown near any salmon spawning ground will produce tree fibre that will likely be the same. I’ll keep you updated on the fate of the dog. He is 8 this year, but I thought younger. Maybe he has had arthritis since 3, but has been mum about it. He used to “dog track” with front and back legs independent, dysthymia. “Dr. Duck,” the Quack, calls it that, and that still quacks me up. Vets are not allowed to treat humans, like doctors shouldn’t  be. It’s all quacked up. lol Likewise, trust me I’m not a doctor, TMINAD ™.

Warren Buffett is having a bad year. That’s news, and you just know they have that hedged 6 ways from Sunday. I’ll take that as a typical predicted CNBC response that hedgers are screwed by this market. All; rumply looking, but flatter than a set of fake Hollywood tits that drop out. I’ve been watching the Diceman. Can ya tell?




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