Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Dec 31, 2015 – Day 518 – Call Me Nutz, but…

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Notice how I snuck that but in there. đŸ˜‰ -But- after driving a friend home, a real Visiting Angel, and not one of those rentals, her dog acted very strange around me. She sniffed me out, and started licking my hand and everything. I think she needs a quack vet. She could sense that I had zero worms.

Well, call me nuts, but that is the second dog in a week asking for Wild Apple Leaves. They can smell wormy humans, but now me having no worms. A Strange New Smell. Their “owners,” (I hate that… More like they own us, and for NOTHING! lol) remarked both times that  their pets always didn’t cotton to strangers at all. Both were strangely hand licking. I don’t think it was the liquid soap, because their owners had the same stuff. It was something else by all accounts, including both previously snarling dogs. One dog didn’t like my baseball cap, but once it was gone, back to the suck up. Interesting.

I like proxy scientific instruments for nothin’, like dogs to sniff the worms out. Find a mad dog. If it is suddenly friendly, there is a metric as to how many bug worms you have gotten rid of. Dogs know, and without a doubt. That keeps the record straight for those keeping track. If you followed this boring screed, I seem to find out something new every day about humans, dogs, cats, deer, ducks, geese, wild apple leaves, etc. When I stop findin’ stuff out, you will know it may be trouble. I won’t have anything to post about on this theme.

What can you say about Apple Leaves that hasn’t already been said? I was guilty of whippin’ the dead equine to shreds to start, but it remains that you can’t say enough good about them. What about the initial 1 Ibuprofen headache and herx? This Puppy bztch slapped that last night for me. It also made me committed to finding out more things about quack veterinary science, crossed with TCM Du Testing. When you deal with cross species active phage, it opens doors to a whole new science. The others are kinda crowded now. I am committed to pet longevity. And the pets seem to know.

I know about the square root of fzck all about Veterinary Science. My best friend, when I was younger, went into veterinary sciences, and on top of him being the smartest guy I ever knew, he went into horses. He was a direct relative of Alexander Graham Bell. Call your dog “Watson.” He’ll get the memo. “Watson, fzck off!!!” Unfortunately, he died of colon cancer. I wonder what effect apple leaves have against that, but I repeat? They’re awesome for digestion. You’ll see. “Warning! These Products Tested On Humans!! And Cats!!!” Cat subsequently laid the two longest logs EVAH, then converted to all dog, hand licky, leg humpy. It gave up shzttin’ in a box. Had to let ‘im out. lulz

They also have those strange interactions with Wild Deer. I suspect they can smell the lack of worms there too. I wonder what the olefactory sig is there?

Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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