Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

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Sat, Jan 30, 2016 – Day 549 – A Large Body of Evidence

Here I am nearly a year and a half in. In microbiology, everything is microscopic by definition. Wild Apple Leaves exposed nematodes at or near the initial site of the infection, and you could see the exit wound left by the exiting nematode. Biofilm reduction measures were apparently working, because more nematodes hiding in biofilm came out after Day 313, almost 8 months ago. I have not used any antibiotics. None would have worked anyway. The nematode farmer would survive and build a new flock, so I kept trying to get rid of the farmers. The reason it has taken so long is that I am going slow and careful here. I haven’t asked for any money. I had no idea what would transpire, and followed the hint from the deer.

Eva Haughie from Empire State has a timeline here. She provided the first evidence that I was on the right track with nematode farmer parasites. I didn’t know what they were at the time a year or so ago, but now we have a better idea first hand. They come from insects in general, and in my case, more than from just a tick. Last week, I stumbled on a new paper by Dr. Alan B. MacDonald describing it in finer detail. That is about MS though. It turns out that MS is just a symptom of Lyme Disease, according to Tom Grier. I believe it now. From the evidence I see, this is what was happening. Something like a human form of SURRA caused by T. Evansi trypanosomatids. This is all a game changer. I concur because what they say is matching what I see with apple leaves.

In Genesis 3, it starts, “And the serpent was more crafty than any beast…” or something like that. No kidding! These things can kill a moose, and they are killing whole moose and deer populations. The new paper gives clues that SURRA affects all vertebrates. All from just a bug bite. Can we just kill all the bugs? I don’t think that would end well. That will kill all the birds too. That was the trouble with DDT. There was so drastic a hit on the food chain, they banned it.

I live in a unique area with a salmon run every four years. I got notably sicker every four years. Wild Apple Leaves intervened, and showed me why that was. They are like Ivermectin, an anthelmintic. They have more side effects from other properties too. The evidence I found shows that is the first job that has to be tackled with vector illness. You must get rid of the farmers. Only then can you address the disease farm. MSIDS shows that is no small chore either.

My lifetime of travels complicated it. I likely caught malaria, or babesia, from an infected person by a convenient vector. I had those symptoms. Bartonella came in from family pets. Medical care here is overly simplified, and unable to deal with any of this. I tried to do what I could. Dr. Ernie Murakami is in Hope, BC, just down the highway a few hours from me. He is retired, and attacked by his own system for trying to look into this. He teaches at Boucher Institute now. There is nothing for us here.

trypanosoma-is-a-protozoan-parasiteThe evidence is that my own case is now hopeless, as far as I can tell. I fell through the cracks. I tried to bang the heck out of the sides to no avail. At least I am stable at this point, and I know how to get rid of the disease persistence mechanism. I only planned to go a year, but 8 months ago I attempted to reduce biofilm with more surprising results at Day 313. Nematodes were also hiding in biofilm! The apple leaves skunked roughly another hundred or so out. They were hiding in old broken bones too, pervasive and evasive.

Please forgive my linking of these open source pictures. I went Open Source with the body of evidence, as the evidence that it would go nowhere in the medical system grew to enormous size. The deal with open source is that at least it is out there. I hope it makes people sleep easier because they can move to the next challenge faster. It may be too late for me, but not you. Funny how songs pop up into mind from the TV or other open source, out in the open? Explains a lot, like Deepak Chopra’s Universe. It’s another mountain of evidence.

Speaking of Little River, it is just down the road connecting Shuswap Lake, BC, to Little Shuswap Lake. It’s a way to cut to the Chase, BC. lol We grew up as space children here Surveyor_3-Apollo_12pre-teen, back in the hornet days. Nematode came outta those too. They were the ones responsible for arthritis I believe. Yellow Jacket vectored nematodes. I was diagnosed finally with anklosing spondylitis in 1970. That morphed into a Surveyor’s Disease affecting compatriot surveyors and engineers working outdoors. and that winds up being Lyme Disease and other vector variants. They all have parasite nematode components from a bug.

John Chapman would say it was God’s way. All from an apple seed. Genesis 2:9 warns us not to eat from the presumed apple tree of knowledge in 2:15-17. Yet the serpents populating everybody and many insects were more crafty than any beast. They know it too, and are hiding under the surface of all kinds of disease. Does that all come from the little serpent eggs in the apple? Other religions say that the tree of knowledge meant from this is a different tree, Palmyra. The Forbidden Fruit takes many forms. It looks like there is always a deception when nematode parasite serpents are involved. They have successfully employed it to escape the vision of doctors. It explains difficulty understanding Lyme disease.

Nobody gets out alive from that. There are no immortals, unless they hide like the serpents/nematode parasites. They skip around used vertebrate hosts. The healthiest just make better nematode parasite food. I take it they do not like smokers when their smoked meat tastes like ashtray. The serpent has deceived yet again. Surveyors smoked to keep the biting insects at bay. Almost a third of insects tested had serpent eggs. Much has been invested to find extraterrestrial life, but there is intelligent life within all of us, hitching a ride. The next bug lies in wait to reinfect us. It is a divine connection documented in western Judeo-Christian religions, but the language is cryptic, suffering from too many subsequent translations. Chronic Diseases have a base nematode mastery of deception, using borrelia spirochaetes as a puppet. Zika Virus is just the latest metamorphosis of that old game.

Everyone eats of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil if it is in fact an apple tree. I suspect the knowledge I have gained comes from that. It is said you cannot even touch the tree in the centre of the garden, yet here we have all the offspring of that tree surrounding us with sweet and sour apples everywhere. Perhaps it is preconception due to our Christian upbringing, and is all psychosomatic. We are all sinners, all human, no matter how hard we try. We are all armchair psychologists in a battle of Id, Ego, and Superego, constantly questing knowledge. It is the entropic quantum nature of cognitive thought, underpinning all religious and other thought. Time marches on and we follow, inexorably locked to it. There is realization of a larger universe now including Dark Matter Energy. We have that knowledge now, however immature that it is. Wild Apple Leaf sure scares the crafty filarial nematode farmers. Make of that what you will.


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Fri, Jan 29, 2016 – Day 548 – Pectin: Deadlier Than Cigarettes

Easily. If Bacterial Biofilm is made mostly of pectin, or starch, it is easily magnitudes of times deadlier than cigarettes. The CDC says over 80% of chronic disease is in bacterial biofilm, and even cigarette diseases themselves incorporate it too. I believe it comes from processes started by filarial nematodes and other vector helminthiases. Farmer Worms use pectin based polysaccharide slime as an engineering material to build protection for their disease flocks. Dr. Tim Lu of MIT even uses a jam analogy to describe biofilm. Well, if we know what it is made of, can we get rid of it? Yes, but it is like bailing out a boat with a leak. Edible Pectin Enzyme and Wild Apple Leaves slowly nibble it away. It is up to your immunity or doctor to deal with the disease hiding inside the biofilm.

It got deposited very slowly. That is the trouble with bacterial biofilms. They are slow growing, and the are sealed from access by target medications. When you eat rice or a plate of spaghetti, most of it passes through as fibre, but a very small amount is absorbed by the large intestine. I take it that the helminth parasites use that to set up their disease farm, protected from all medical assault. Medicine does not have a very good track record against chronic biofilm illness.

It explains why biofilm diseases are great imitators. They are hidden from the normal human immune processes, and have evolved where they can throw the endocrinology all out of whack. Your immune system sees that pectin slime and ignores what it contains. If a human being were a computer/robot, it would definitely be a “bug” in our operating systems. It is why most of us don’t make it a century before we are all plugged up with pectin in our hearts and brains. We can’t get rid of it inside our circulatory systems, unless you try what I try to break it to simple sugars in situ. This will decrease your appetite a lot because you never feel hungry from all that sugar. The apple leaves force the worms out so hopefully you can then consume your pectin buildup faster than they do. It is everywhere in you that your blood can get to. Pectin is not taxed. It is in everything we eat to stretch it out. If it were taxed proportionally to cigarettes, would it be $10,000 a pound?

biofilm enzymesWhen you use edible pectin enzyme, other minerals help. Vitamin C reduces the viscosity of the expectorant biofilm slime, but has been contraindicated possibly with Lyme Disease. So does KCl Potassium Chloride, or potash. That is just plant ash, like cigarette ash, ironically. Reducing biofilm effectively is hard on breathing because it all comes out of your lungs. Celery and carrots, raw, are known to help loosen it too. Strong whiskey helps a bit too, but not very much of it. It dilates blood vessels and prompts a coughing response. Your liver must deal with all that ethanol though. There are many other enzymes too to get biofilm out. Kirkman’s Biofilm Defense makes a formulation pictured. I found invertase and serrapeptase help with the natural proteolytic enzymes in Wild Apple Leaves too. Nattokinase, like in miso soup, is shown to help. Biofilm has many ingredients, but it is mostly thick pectin jelly. Apple leaves seemed to be a catalyst to start the breakdown process.

A lot of pectinase gets consumed in your small intestine. Pectin makes your intestines slimy. Your body doesn’t produce any of those enzymes or minerals and you must consume them. Apple Cider Vinegar helped a bit, but it is kind of sour. That acetic acid ironically prompts an adjustment to a desirable basic body pH. Mixing it with ashes is not recommended because vinegar and ash produce H2S, a deadlier than Cyanide poisonous readily soluble gas that immediately attacks your central nervous system. It smells like rotten eggs. Do not clean an ashtray with vinegar to find out. Even smelling rotten eggs is a danger, so ventilate the area immediately. It is heavier than air and settles readily. That is all common knowledge in oil field because it occurs naturally with most petroleum.

I had a sip of coffee go down the wrong pipe. It is a quick expulsion of pent up juices. I also wouldn’t recommend that. It is like getting snotterboarded. Too much pectin glop to expel all at once. Very efficient though whether one likes it or not. Slow and steady wins the race here, when you are a guinea pig. Patience is a virtue. I couldn’t find much initially on Wild Apple Leaves and edibility, so I used Traditional Chinese Herbal Du testing guidelines, and have documented my experience here. A couple raw leaves a day, maybe 3, will keep the doctor away. You don’t want to make him expand his business. You use less as you go. About a leaf a week is where I am now, or less, but I may increase it a little. YMWV.

So while Wild Apple Leaves, at least mine, work some on biofilm, that main reduction driver is still pectin enzyme in half gram doses as necessary. You have to cough out a lifetime of that biofilm since your first infected bug bite, so I would get on it if I were you before your 60’s, but definitely, the sooner the better. It may vary as much as your bug bites throughout your life. Wild Apple Leaves will give you a surprise when they finally get down to all the pectin coated helminths attempting hiding out there. The little worms, <1 mm. long mostly, will wriggle out of your skin. If they are trypanosomes, they’re stealthy, and too small to see in blood smears. Pictures are here in this new paper that tells it all in a nutshell. My deer were susceptible to SURRA, or Trypanosoma Evansi infection.

The fibre with the apple leaf is a great probiotic. They used to make one pound packages of “Apple Tree Bark” for good health in the 1800’s. Since then it has fallen into disuse. It was an eclectic medicine thing. Tinctures were made up in 40-50 % ethanol for 1 – 4 cc. a day. I prefer just the air dried raw leaves for a steady dose. I tried microwave drying them slowly and carefully for a bit at first, but air dried are better. Maybe I should sun dry them like Super Beets. Their TV spot says they use light drying. Knock yourself out. There is no set method, but dry they are less bitter, and even taste a bit like the apples the tree will produce. They contain 90% moisture or higher though. Unfortunately, the current crop is closer to our antipode to the south of the equator.

Microscopers are interested in blood smears. There is lots of future work here for them, if a suitable trypanosomatid stain can be found to watch them wriggling alive. Here is what you are looking for. I just bet Zika Virus has some sort of parasitic filarial nematode like that behind it, and likely a farmer. By “farmer,” I mean it “farms” disease like ants nurture and farm aphids. The WHO has stepped in to class Zika as a worrisome epidemic. What I found has a lot of the similarities of a vector parasite helminthiasis like that. The Apple Leaves smoked them out, but the enzymes really help too. It isn’t just a cell, but a whole parasite animal and pals you have to deal with.

Insects at largeVector Parasitic Helminth disease will overwhelm mankind if we don’t get up to speed here. It won’t be just one either. Looks to me like they create gallons of biofilm in your entire circulatory system over the years. That’s how they roll. Better get your weight up so you will be good eating for them, or just eat wild apple leaves and read them the riot act. That’s hopefully not all I can do to warn you nice people. How about a sign? Remember that old chestnut?


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Thurs, Jan 28, 2016 – Day 547 – Worrisome Future

The CTV News Channel, like many others, paints a rocky road ahead for us all. That is accounting for the fact that if it bleeds, it leads with news networks. Up front, Zika Virus is poised to quickly become the next malaria. I take it you have all heard variants of the story, but the level of the current epidemic spread estimates are alarming. There is no cure in sight. It has already spread northward from tropics via travellers. It poises an existential threat to mankind by causing fatal birth defects.

Closer to home, the existential threat here is economic collapse. After 4 decades of remaking ourselves into an oil economy with heavy oil, oil has been taken out of the picture. Thinking about it is causing me to lose sleep. It is another one of those impending train wreck things. Even though there is nothing I can do about it, you cannot help but play out the possible endings. That doesn’t help to change the topic. It affects everyone here, and they may not be able to take it as well. The weight of our government services built for the boom years will take us to a Grecian economy sooner than later. Imagine 30% sales tax. Not nice.

All the pipelines are being plugged out of Alberta. It used to be the lifeblood of the country, but has a regulatory bureaucratic tourniquet on it now. There is no relief in sight, with the can being kicked down the road to where it will be too late to help if the patient dies when the clamp is released. Mental health is poised to expand. If they continue to lump on people having been bit by insects, plus all the stressed out indebted oil patch gang, that will collapse into a medieval state as well. Soon, over 49.9% of people will be declared nuts. What is going on there?

Rhetorical questioning aside, it paints a worrisome forecast. The whole thing is a mess, and those were just the big points or headlines. We went all in on the wrong side of the economy, and instead of declaring force majeur, we have no alternative to counter it. The quick fix is to eliminate everything that was. The paradox of sustainability has taken out any sort of sustainability.

Bacteriophages1Who will win? People with guns? The government? Life after people says the environment we built to kill us all will win. When there aren’t enough people to run it, or shut it off and roll it all back, it will all end badly. I know with Wild Apple Leaves, vectored nematode parasites already won over people. I went through that shutdown already, and it was long and tedious. At the end, there is still damage that must be repaired. Nobody knows that. If there is strength in numbers, phage will ultimately win, at 10³¹. They already kill half the bacteria in the world every two days. It’s a tough world at that level, if you think we are in trouble.

It was reported that existential threat to mankind will be inevitable. Dr. Stephen Hawking has noted it could happen in the next thousand years, and surely in ten thousand. We have AI, aliens, and ourselves to fear. Google announced that its AI could win at Go! It’s already getting bigger than our boots on any ground. The computer achieves that by working like a human, which is a double negative that isn’t positive. They claim it will be useful for medicine. For a while, yeah, but you can see the wheels falling off that already. Add aliens and it will be an interesting race to the gutter. It is like a Black Hole where we can only wonder what goes on in there.

We are the first animal to master fire. Now we have mastered enough firepower to burn ourselves to a crisp, and it is too big to master, it may end bad. I try not to think of it. The survivors will envy the dead, it has been said. There is a least no shortage of work we have to do to prevent all this. My Dad used to say, “The problem is not  shortage of work, but the kind work that you get paid for.” Ironically, I am disabled with both of those kinds of work at the present. The full time job still has to be done.

Working, paid or not, exercises our minds. Wild Apple Leaf has been hard work that way. It led to a study of chronic disease, and applicability to preventing it. Who knew that an understanding of the mechanics of Lyme borreliosis could help solve it? The pressure on humans from stealthy Trypanosomes, schistosomes, flukes, and various other parasite nematodes  are a huge negative to health, I found. That paper on filarial nematodes was published this month. I have the apple leaf bullet for that disease mechanism. It is all largely unknown in humans, and that, in itself, I find very disconcerting. At least I know. It solves a lot of age old questions. The only way forward now is a research grant or contract. The chances seem slim. Let’s see if there is a movie. Even lightening up gets pretty heavy. Humans have an out. “It’s beyond our control.” We handle what we can, however meager it is. TED Talks takes us way past that limit.

Now there are mixed signals in the oil market. Saudi Arabia and Russia are cutting production, or are they not? They are playing the old OPEC oil news game like 30 years ago. Iran is poised to pump, while Venezuela and others are forced into pumping oil by debt. Volatility in prices, all from the news. They will play that trick out again for what it is worth, and that is a lot. However, Apple Leaves with their anthelmintic property to fight helminthiases has an overarching effect to disease threatening/affecting everybody, and not just MS/Lyme. Having a glimmer of hope helps. Helminth parasites play a game way older than that until now, and this is a doable checkmate. Just look back here to see how I tried for 547 Days. It has that biofilm reduction catalyst bonus too. It is literally against all odds.  Maybe even the hidden dark matter odds.



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Weds, Jan 27, 2016 – Day 546 – Rare Trees?

I have some Wild Apple Trees that came from deer droppings, but some went back wild from an old orchard. The key there is that no pesticides or fungicides are used on them like in commercial orchards. There is really nothing special about them. I am assuming any trees that deer like would be safe to eat. Through natural processes, they may also be exposed to deer pathogens like droppings and urine.

I’m not sure the stuff on Ebay will work as well. They had pyrus malus bark but it is sold out now, I see. That means you will have to find a natural apple tree. The leaves are ready in Tasmania, from original strains planted by Captain Bligh, but that doesn’t help us much here. Mine are from Antonovka rootstock from Kursk it is rumoured. It was selected to be winter hardy. They have been here for over a century since the CPR Trans Canada rail road came through. There were old orchards, but because of low scab resistance, they only produced mainly cider and pie apples, and not a pretty supermarket fruit. It turns out that the Venturia Inaequalis Apple Scab fungus makes the leaves produce more phenolic medical compounds, so it is good that way.

You can tell if the leaves work a few ways. There is a warming or tingling sensation where they work on damaged tissues. Then there is the tendency for them to force nematode parasites to drill out of the old bug bite where they were transferred in. Initially, there can be herx reactions, but they are quite mild compared to the harsh antibiotic potentially Pyrus Malusfatal type. They may initially clean you out as they force all the nematode parasites out of your intestines, but are probiotic after that. Older literature cited that they may detox heavy metals as well. That may just be a side effect of relieving soft tissues of malacia from filarial nematodes being forced out. I noticed they had an acaricidal effect too when eaten. Bugs would bite me and die. That could be because their exiting nematodes would leave a hole the size of a howitzer in the bug  comparatively.

Can apple leaves hurt you? If you take too much, you may feel uncomfortable for a while, or have a headache, but a single 100 mg. ibuprofen seems to solve that easily. Start slow like 2 or 3 leaves a day, and ramp up. Nematodes should start drilling out of you at old bug bites. I bought a capsule loader for Size 0 Capsules to get a handle on a dose, and it was 350 mg. of dry leaf powder, or a single filled Size 0. I tested 4 a day to find an upper limit where it seemed to plateau in effect, but one a day was enough. As I use pectin enzyme to slowly eliminate the bacterial biofilm, I am much more sensitive now, so I just do a 100 mg. maintenance dose a week with 400 mg. pectin enzyme approximately.

The problem is finding a suitable supply. Apples are reported to be the most contaminated food we eat, sprayed with pesticides and fungicides. You must be careful to avoid those leaves. The leaves have the same active phenolic ingredients as the bark, mainly Phloridzin. Isoquercitrin, rutin, avicularin, and other phenolics are present as well. Crabapple trees also can work, but the trees can be as different as the people it seems. Natural enzymes peak during the fall it seems, but the leaves work well during the summer too.

MSIDSWild Apple Leaves are not a total cure for Lyme – MSIDS, but are the only thing I know to address the apparent root cause helminths/nematodes they shock out of you. The medical reporting on this was non existent. The vector parasite component of Lyme Disease is vastly under researched and under reported because there was no prior way to even know it existed, short of autopsy. Recently, I found the paper by Dr. A. B. MacDonald about nematodes in Cerebral-Spinal Fluid of a Multiple Sclerosis sufferer at autopsy. MS is just a symptom of Lyme Disease some say. Wild Apple Leaves make the actual vectored parasitic nematodes drill out of you, and near the spot they came in at an insect bite/sting or through contact with an aquatic biofilm. Lyme Disease, borrelia, and/or co infections appear to linger in the biofilm they leave behind. Dr. Horowitz developed the MSIDS model pictured here to deal with it.

I always worried that the nematodes could cause damage drilling out of me. They didn’t seem to, and in fact, I felt better as they left near the initial site of infection. That is just what you witness exiting externally though. I suspect they also exit internally from your intestine walls. They left a small pinhole sized wound generally. Before I started, I was in a lot worse shape. There were still co infections like babesia and bartonella lingering to deal with, though. There is no medical treatment plan for this in Canada even though we have a high incidence of MS/Lyme, perhaps the highest in the world. It all appears to start with an infected bug bite or sting, gets augmented with Swimmer’s Itch, and not from just ticks. It can be everything from mosquitoes to spiders to  hornets and bees. You will know that after the Wild Apple Leaves start to force the nematodes behind it all out of your muscles, joints, and skin. It is unknown, so I didn’t know what to call it. Parasitic Helminth Complex/PHC?  What about the biofilm left by the PHC? Maybe someday they will update the FAQ for a new root cause other than the borrelia spirochaetes they farm.

FloatersWithout trying to sugar coat it, what about when they exit out of your eyes? I used to have “floaters” or something in my eye. When you close your eyes in a bright light, or look at the sky as shown in this simulated myodesopsia picture, you can see something moving. They have all gone as far as I can tell. Where? Presumably anywhere but there in your internal field of vision, mimicking the exit of the dermal helminths. I had some that drilled out of my head and neck in other locations bit by bugs too. I suspect they made it to my brain, which some may say explained a lot. lol. But then who hasn’t been bit on the head by a bug? I hope they are mostly all out too. Initially, apple leaves really alleviated the brain fog of neuroborreliosis in a few days. For me, it was one of the more notable things, along with relief of rheumatoid arthritis. My left eye has been variably fuzzy (comes and goes) for more than a year, pointing to babesia and MS in symptomatology. If those are the risks, it seems better than doing nothing to stop what they are causing, and that is a lot of things.

Forward research? Identify all the various parasite helminths, trypanosomes, schistosomes, etc. Identify safe targeting anthelmintics. Confirm with an Apple Leaf and biofilm reduction sweep to see if any more helminths were missed. If they cannot be terminated in situ, the probiotic apple leaves will eventually get most of them. The trouble is that this is such a massive sized ignored big tent of chronic disease, it has to be the starting point to progress with each type of chronic illness. PHC (Like a Ph. C? That’s better than a Ph. D. 😉 Parasitic Helminth Complex is too big, wide sweeping, and probably the reason why everything else will fail in the trenches. When you look at all the various Lyme research, apple leaves explain why they are having so much trouble, and that is the ignored parasitic helminths that Wild Apple Leaves forced out. Too bad we are ahead by a century.

Trypanosomatids are a candidate. They are behind what I suspect made the deer sick in the first place. Evans discovered SURRA in India in horses, other livestock, and wildlife. Trypanosomes are notably difficult to see in blood. That would be the way to confirm if it was a human form of SURRA. Wild apple leaves are an alternate approach to aggressive antibiotic chemoprophylaxis like they use in Lyme Disease, to attempt control. I found the biofilm protects them if it isn’t addressed also. Eliminating the cause still doesn’t get the lingering biofilm effects, and that has to be done by eliminating the biofilm to make the pathogens planktonic, where your immunity or other medicine can ultimately deal with them.


Tues, Jan 26, 2016 – Day 545 – Filarial Nematode Parasites

I’m not sure there is much more I could say or do about all of this. Eating Apple Leaves causes the bug bite parasite nematodes to exit. I tried to journal all my observations here even though people didn’t want to know. I read reams of peer reviewed and published info. The biofilm channel on YouTube was a great baseline to start from, and explained a lot about the mechanics of these things, with respect to chronic illness. It’s a lot wider spread than I ever could have imagined. The days get longer, and the nights get shorter, time marches on, as I thank my lucky stars that I made it this far.

There is slowly more cropping up on these filarial nematodes and their link to Lyme and MSIDS. Multiple Sclerosis was ruled out in my case, but the symptoms are similar. Like Dr. Alan MacDonald says, it is another keyhole view to a lot of chronic disease. I look at it that parasite filarial nematode farmers, such as those apple leaves presumably force out, are the key plugging the peephole. I don’t look at it like my effort was too, little too late. If you find an edible source of apple leaves, you would find out the same things. The biofilm reduction spin off is another thing I tried to make through, as the apple leaves started to penetrate it, and I helped them with pectin enzyme. I may be a voice in the wilderness now, but someday people will follow my path, laid out like a surveyor putting the boundaries on a new road. It is hard to pilot when you don’t know where it will all wind up.

The difficulties with Lyme Disease are well known, but that keyhole on chronic illness Dr. MacDonald discovered is a real eye opener. Who knew that the same thing underlaid all sorts of disease? Dr. MacDonald has known since 1986, and still struggles to get the word out. The biofilm discovery is also another piece of the puzzle. It all has a plausible explanation when you eat wild apple leaves to address nematode parasites. Unfortunately I am not a doctor, and it is kind of a closed shop. I don’t like even going there because centralizing contagious sick people doesn’t seem to end well in a lot of cases. New medicines are a double edged sword when all the side effects are taken into account. The implications of what I found out have me in a reverse quarantine here, when the infectious vector is everywhere but here. That alone is a heavy chunk of knowledge to live out.

I used to be a lot more musical. The whole town was, but there has been a change. The artistic scene has disappeared largely. The economy is depressed and idling. I can see a large health care crisis looming if it hasn’t already manifested. Instead of feeling helpless, this humble blog is my journey on how I found a way to help. Nobody wants to know, or takes it seriously, here. The day after Katrina is a little too late, but you can see it coming. Of course, by then it is too late. Apple Leaves work much better as a preventative measure, but the problem is awareness of the dangers I found. It all seemed, and still seems, unknown. The problem is simply vector parasites.

I can tell you it is a miracle I am even here now. All this was totally unknown. You couldn’t pick a tougher test subject, since I had been bit by bugs more than most, being a surveyor in the woods. I used to sit on logs occasionally, making it all worse I presume. I also know that long term camps with open sumps pose even more problems than ever suspected. I hope writing this in silicon stone will help, but it is a low probability stop gap solution that needs extensive investigation. It looks like that will not happen soon if ever. The eyes of an endocrinologist may see that differently, and that is my hope. I hoped fopr a change, and this was what I was dealt in response. I thought it was nothing short of miraculous, but realized from such an unlikely source, it would be an uphill battle for any sort of recognition. I did it for purely selfish motives. It worked for me somewhat, and got me to where I needed to go. There is no support here where I live because they are still arguing about it. Where there is support, I do not know if they even know about this. I tried to get the word out.

I was a foot soldier in a battle with OPEC. Now I am a wounded warrior. It is kind of hard for people to ignore us after we did their bidding, but they do anyway. Perhaps it is all meant to be. I just followed the money and the orders. I tried to come up with solutions where there were problems for us. Engineer solving problems. Nothing to see here. Move along folks. This one was a lot tougher than most, and it was a tougher path that doesn’t have an ending until that fateful day. I kept positive. I still keep positive. There is always the dream that someone will underwrite the research to drive this into a new ground floor from which all medicine must launch, as I know it is without a doubt now. I know enough to know that all medicine does not know this, when it is of the utmost importance. You would deduce the same thing if you ever ate Wild Apple Leaves. No pain, no gain.

I can’t say enough about starting early. The obvious reality is that people know nothing about filarial nematode spirochaete farmers, and they don’t want to know. They are hidden until you force them out with the Apple Leaf treatment. All the time they are hidden parasites they are doing damage, and I suspect they are building bacterial biofilm for their food. I got rid of all the worms I think I can, and hopefully much of the biofilm they left. It has been a long learning journey that all chronic disease sufferers will have to go through. There is no real alternative to stop it if you don’t now, until nematocides are invented to target the unknown helminths that Wild Apple Leaves force out.

Is 60 years too late though? I would like to hope that it isn’t. It is a tough sell when people think they are fine and bulletproof. Then they get arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, age related neurological issues, asthma, urinary tract, digestive issues, and more. They treat the irritation, and not the cause we think is forefront with the filarial nematodes. They get stints to make more room for bacterial biofilm to expand in coronary arteries. It is a creeping cumulative negative force to deal with, and it affects everybody over time. The stealth that the filarial nematodes exhibit serves them to the point that most people think nothing is wrong. After you have gone through what I did, it becomes apparent that you were eating for 200 little worms or so, and everybody will be different as the insects that bit them. Is it hopeless? Yes and no. Yes that people don’t believe it. Maybe no if they find this whole blog, and try to fight it. It always looks better in hindsight, and when you feel a bit better as each nematode comes out. It could be an additional psychosomatic component that makes you feel better too. You can feel and see the progress, and it cheers you up a bit.

The doctor on this biofilm video points out that anything you buy to eat that you couldn’t get 100 years ago is suspect in fueling chronic illness. That is on top of filarial nematodes, but I think the wild apple leaf class of nematode parasites are a huge ignored factor. They aren’t only lymphatic filariasis. They do not migrate much from the point of the initial Miamotoivector bite, and exit where they were acquired. In 1939, Japanese researchers reported a link of vector parasite nematodes and malacia (softening of organ tissues) as reported in the filarial link with lots of worm pictures. That’s news to me, not having prior access to referenced Japanese translations, but I can see it being lost in the haystack. That’s a pretty good doctor, Alan MacDonald, writing there. I have mountains of evidence here to meet the nematodes they describe, I believe, using wild apple leaf as an anthelmintic.

The filarial nematode link states, “The possibility of more than one species of worm simultaneously infecting the Cerebrospinal fluid could not be excluded,” and I could see that too. Finally, something else that matches what I saw, and came from multiple species of insects, not just ticks. I noted the veterinary similarities too. Tom Grier has lots more too.
Physio earlier on guitar was learning “Wild Apple Leaf,” but made it sound like “Wildwood Flower.” That goes with “The West Denial Virus Song.” lol


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Mon, Jan 25, 2016 – Day 544 – Oil Effect

The price of oil weighs heavily on lots of things. Food, textiles, hard and soft commodities, discretionary spending. How would it affect health care? There is a deflationary effect to all kinds of sectors. A lot of new high priced production of oil, saddled in debt, is not economical in a sudden glut, with Iran poised to come back on stream. Saudi Aramco is not about to stop or curtail production, and the OPEC cartel is in a shambles. Much of the free world economy, the S+P 500, is hedged, if not based, on oil too. Everybody was caught betting on higher energy prices when the price came down.

There is a parallel in medicine. Everybody was caught betting on continued chronic disease tonics. That existing model is heavily weighted on the long disease side. Wild Apple Leaves shatter the existing model. Nobody banked on a ubiquitous vectored nematode farmer parasite epidemic, underlying it all, or that it could be cured. The oil trade shows us that might not be a good thing when the current medical pharmaceutical cartel collapses. Apple Leaves have the potential to do that, and medicine is caught weighted all in on increasing chronic disease. Far from being a pipe dream, it gets closer to reality with every passing day. Eventually, the cat will get out of the bag, and everybody will find this out themselves, or die off.

Burning up all of a lifetime of stored starch will affect your food consumption. All that junk food has a built in second wind people never suspected. Converting all that starch to sugar in situ really lowers your appetite. Most of the world eats rice, and that is basically pure starch. You become more protein conscious with your diet. The parasites lived on starch sequestered in your body, but without them, now you need enzymes to get rid of the whole literally sickening mess of polysaccharide biofilm. The older you are, the more of it you will have to be conscious about. I should know. I’m 60 now, and I’m still hacking out blobs of bug jam. Everybody will go through the same thing or plug up with it like everyone else does now.

Now on a new thing for the day. Do plants have parasite eggs? I am talking like nettles, poison sumac, poison ivy, and other irritant plants. I don’t know. Trees may also be suspect, like you notice sometimes with what we call fir whiskers. They are tiny slivers. I had some some slivers come out eating Wild Apple Leaves as they mopped up. This was over and above the apparent nematodes. The apple tree fibre seems to force out what doesn’t belong in your skin. There is no real wound with some of these slivers, and they come out white, generally. I know a pine cone wound to the face initiated an irritated patch that I worried was growing like a cancer. It since cleared up though over a year ago.

train-wreckLawrence Summers, former US Secretary of Commerce, will be talking about the oil weighted market losing steam on CNBC. It is all up to the Saudis versus Iran. The Saudis are flooding the market to put pressure on Iran. Again, he re-iterates the oil consumption – producer underlying growth engine of the world. It is a high pressure $ weight base on all outlying sectors. Finance is a lot more interesting than all the regular weighted news negatives. It is a heads you lose – tails you lose setup. It’s like the news-tainment that way. They’re setting up a Bloomberg Trump saw-off for shzzles and gizzles. The bureaucracy winds up winning, and we all lose again.

Meanwhile in Canada, former first world “have” country from our oil, we were pitted in a battle against the bottom line for our energy. That has been since 1973. Far from being viewed as gallant oil warriors, we were everybody’s whipping mules. Now it looks like we finally “won.” That’s a paradigm shift we could do without upstream as they call it. I’ve been distant, working here on a year and a half critical apple leaf testing from scratch. I’ve been down to a maintenance dose though for a few months, just doing an applyme a week on weekends to see if it catches anything. I bump it if I get a cold or flu or bug bites to fight off again. It’s still very pro – biotic. You just don’t need as much like Pavlov’s apple leaf muncher.

I feel for other surveyors and engineers who had to work outside. They do not know that these bug parasites are living on their dime like unwanted souvenirs that like to munch your joints. I’ve been through a heck of a battle finding what I hope is bottom with them. Nobody even knows there is a top, and everybody is topped up, yet. I went careful breaking trail and stretching it out over a year, but about 3 months could do the bulk of it now with what I’ve found, and depending on age, continuous biofilm reduction after that. Chewing raw dried apple leaves reduces biofilm plaque on your teeth, so that was a clue. Apple cider vinegar is a better brush agent than toothpaste too it seems, but more than just a bit sour. It gets your juices flowing for sure. I’m still on just weekly or as needed apple leaf maintenance though. I am still typing physio wise with all the ups and downs as they may come. It helps me keep a monitor on it. My mouse hand is still shaky at times, then I revert to zen again, and it goes. Good practice anyway.

The oil effect is wider than most suspected. It has been a general contraction spreading across economies as OPEC crumbles under excess competing supply pressure with a potential boycotted old supply poised to fill the gaps as Iran reboots from the tumultuous 1970’s. It is scary where it will all shake out, and there is a large geopolitical risk component. Not much we can do about that. Energy falling, and food rising. None predicted that. Make no mistake it is an anomaly, and will take some time to sort out. You can always remember the days of the Apollo Program before this all happened. It will take an effort like that to address oil pressures, but Job 1 after food is still health care. They have spent more than Apollo, and still have not solved much at the root cause level. From my perspective, I just hope you have never been bit or stung by a bug. It was Wild Apple Leaves that opened up that whole other possibility to a new stability that has been unknown until 543 Days ago. I hope it helps, and know it has potential for others, even though inner space does not have the caché of outer space.

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Sun, Jan 24, 2016 – Day 543 – Turned Around

I went to sleep early. I fell asleep watching SNL at 8:30 PM in our time zone Pacific Time, then I wake up and can’r get back to sleep. I sit up here and look into things, like GIS applications for Linux. It keeps me going. I feel driven, sidelined by Lyme presumably, yet also feel guilty. I always worked hard, long hours. It was expected because we had a limited window when we could access target areas when they were frozen. Now there is a general downturn in oil exploration as we see the lowest prices in over a decade. Our whole economy gravitated to an oil based economy when oil was at a premium, but now the bottom has fallen out. It has really hit the Canadian dollar since we are an oil producer.

I have been trying to explore a new herbal crop here with Wild Apple Leaves. The fruit crop is known, but the multiple medicinal properties of the powdered leaves is unknown. Olive Leaves are better known. The main thing is they get rid of all th0se tenacious worm parasites at the location of bug bites and stings. People do not know they exist yet, and they live off human brain, nerves, and meat for decades. Apple Leaf Powder straightens that out quite quickly when it forces the worms to drill out from where they were hiding. It is the only known defence to this largely unknown vector bioweapon affecting all persons’ health.

I stay up at night fretting a lot for people. Hardly any of them even have a clue yet. This way you can meet your own parasites, should you have any doubts. If you don’t they will kill you as they always have. It seems it has been that way since at least Genesis 3 where it was documented. The Apple fruit itself is just one source of nematode parasites though. The leaves hold the key to skunking out the parasites. From my work outdoors in the woods and prairies, I had a lot of bug bites where eventually many of these things came out. I had no idea they were freeloading there for most of my life. They explain why my health took a sudden turn for the worse 9 years ago where medicine had no idea. I even matched the incident to a repeatable set of insects and bites. It correlated to the spawning salmon run cycle here.

train-wrecks-accidents-23You could link this to heart disease of many types, and all sorts of illness and strokes. Blaming it all on smoking is an obvious non sequitur when compared to the damage that the insect parasites wreak. All medicine is full speed ahead on the wrong track, but of course they will not listen to me. I have a front row seat to the impending massive train wreck, and there is nothing I can do. It keeps me awake at night waiting for the impending discovery  that people will have when the wild apple leaves make it all so blitheringly obvious. Now there is Zika Virus, and that is just another identified problem that nematodes can cause I bet. It will be decades before they can figure it out, while I have known for 543 Days what the main trouble is. You can tell they will never discover it without my Apple Leaf discovery. It opens a whole new field of health science that is a new foundation for all medicine, and they are ignoring it.

There is a reawakening of yet another new model of medicine, and that is the link of many fatal and/or disabling chronic diseases to the Borrelia spirochaete. I believe that is secondary to the presumable nematode farmers I found. These “farmers” are too stealthy to detect, not culture-able, and too slippery to catch in the act. Of course, you can see them for yourself, whether you are a doctor or a gardener, if you just eat Wild Apple Leaf powder, and they will start drilling out of you. Then you tell me what is happening. I tried to stick to the plot and formulate my own theories about them. It explains most of the unknowns of medicine should you care. Fortunately. we live in a world now where the highest quality education is free, and only requires your time, curiosity, and commitment. You can link above existing science even. I do that looking for answers how the parasite evades detection so easily, yet is undeniably there for a long time, like decades. It has totally warped my world view from where it was before this.

Met someone today who asked why I was limping. Said “Lyme Disease.” He said that’s incurable. I replied, “You should have seen it before this.” I have really come very far from where I was. It explains a lot though, like why they do not diagnose it. Why diagnose something incurable when you can just ignore ineffective and/or dangerous treatment and possibly give people futile hope instead? I have made progress, but not a total cure. Skin cancer/psoriasis, arthritis, and intestinal difficulties were easier to cure for me, and the Apple Leaves did that. It was a quick fix for what I guess was neuroborreliosis, but it is hard to tell except from other than a perspective of a patient/victim like I was. I didn’t even know it was getting bad until the apple leaves ripped it away. The weird thing about the bug parasites drilling out must have a lot to do with those conditions. An endocrinologist would have a field day with this, but you don’t need a degree in rocket surgery to figure out that the nematode parasites are behind the whole tangled biofilming mess.

Sunday Housecall had a bit about the tendency of alcohol to vasodilate blood vessels. It is not good for cold weather, but I can see it increasing circulation. I see now that is why it was about the only thing that really provided arthritis relief back before apple leaves walloped the rheumatism. I assume biofilm caused a lot of microcirculatory issues as well. Alcohol is a vasoldilator that works for me even in small amounts now. It also helps clear out mucus and phlegm if they are an issue. Think cough syrup. I have a drink I envision to call “Grandma’s Apple Rock Remedy.” It would be a whiskey strength apple leaf extract, but would be very hard on people with lots of insect bites and resultant parasites. Phloridzin, rutin, and avicularin would be prime constituents, leached from the apple leaves. There is strong evidence for anthelmintic phage content.

The bottom line is that this is still extremely promising, but if I do not break the national weightlifting record, nobody will care. I am not even going to try to do that. I am just happy I was lucky enough to witness the thing with the deer after they ate the apple leaves. It cured the lame one rather quickly, and she looked to suffer from the same thing I was suffering from at the time. At least I found out and confirmed it was not unrelated. And I press on in my quest… Well, at least it is thousands of times more powerful than pot! lol There has to be something on that.

It led to me finding that starch was hundreds of times deadlier than smoking.

E-medicine commercials. That is the true future of medicine. I might be able to slip in, but I am a mineral engineer stuck in a bug bit surveyor’s body. I meditate to get in touch with their problems on the Dark Side. They think we are 95% of their universe. lol We’re barely breakin’ the 4%’s from here. Oh well, any port in a storm. Insurance is running for the exits. There had better be an app for that.