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Fri, Jan 1, 2016 – Day 519 – Happy New Year

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MSIDSHere we are. Another year relegated to history. Some worms hung around for it, but I think I finally got them, once I clued in to getting rid of the gallons of biofilm that they had been building. That was 206 Days ago. I tried to treat the babesia co infection with wormwood drops. Mostly the anthelmintic action was provided by Wild Apple Leaves though. Dr Horowitz said imagine having 16 nails in your foot. Now I know it is more like hundreds, not including Duck Itch. You will have to get those worm parasites behind all this out as well, and first to really get it. Nobody seemed to know they even existed, short of Dr. Eva Sapi or Eva Haughie of ESLDA, or I would have been the first to link it.

Before 2015, about a year ago, I was still struggling to know what they were. I knew they were some sort of parasite from bug bites and stings. Some had lived in my skin for 50 years. I take it they are filarial nematode spirochaete farmer parasites. That must also be a lot bigger tent than just Lyme Disease I thought. Later, I found up to a third of insects can be infected. Everybody must suffer from these things.

The trouble is they would not know it unless they can smoke them out by eating Wild Apple Leaves. Official medicine never found them, and they weren’t even looking. Willy Burgdorfer found their eggs, but not the adults. The parasite worms are stealthy, but only until apple leaves force these meat eaters to leave. You are their main course, being raw live human, a delicacy.

It bothers me, but not anybody else. I guess I wouldn’t want to interrupt them in the middle of being eaten. Don’t come to me with your brains eaten out. By then I won’t be able to help much. You should have thought of that 50 years ago. Nobody did though. I found less of them, parasite worms, is better anyway. If you want to know how much damage they cause, look at me and where I was a year ago. I am struggling to get back even portions of what they ate, still. If every third mosquito has a worm egg, and all of them haven’t eaten too much of your brain yet, you will figure it out. Procrastinate and suffer the consequences. Your body doesn’t make any more neurons.

Laundry ListI thought that was common knowledge. People just don’t believe it. “Not my problem.” When it is your problem, that is too late anyway.Then you will find all this out by yourself. The parasites are so sneaky, they are eating you this very second, and until it shows up as heart disease or cancer or Lyme Disease or a host of other chronic incurable things, you will never find out. Even then, you will likely get some ineffective medical treatment for it, but it will be for something unrelated to this root cause. It will be like getting a prescription for having been in a car accident.Wild Apple Leaves would be a way to eliminate the other car before it happens. Best as a preventative measure, but it is never too late really. Get rid of as many negatives as possible. I know those two bug bites in May would have completely ruined everybody, because just one of them 8.6 years ago really did a number on me. Apple leaves ruined their try for seconds at my expense.

That time of year in Canada is Victoria Day. Memorial Day comes a week later in the US. I have a supply of straight apple leaf capsules to act as an acaricidal agent. I hope you have the same ready should it happen this year too. There is no plan to deal with these stroke causing ticks in Canada. 2015 was a bad year here, the year after the big salmon run. Many of the worms that exited me were witness to the entire Apollo era. That gives you an idea of how long they were a constant parasitic force in me, and I assume you too if you are that old. Some had been resident for a decade before that even. In my case, they predated unmanned orbital flight. Then you realize everybody is carrying that unwanted stowaway baggage.

I don’t know why I care. Perhaps it is the fact that people will chew me out for not trying to let them know every single sentence, every single minute, until they finally get it. Then they can’t say I didn’t try. A doctor would help lend credibility, but incredibly, they don’t care either, so I make sure I tell them every single second I can, too. They’re all like, “Yeah, yeah, I know…” when they don’t have a fzckin’ cloo. One day they’ll be sorry they wrote this off so flippantly too. I know that with 100% certainty,. and it gives me comfort I planted that time bomb in them, and they will possibly live long enough to find out, even if it is just one in a thousand of them. To their horror, it will all come home to roost in that instant of vindication. Muwahahaha! The longer they manage to ignore the warning, the more deadly damage is being done in an ongoing basis, every tick and tock of the clock, until then. It will even be better if they forget what I told them about how to stop it all, 50 years before that. It will be their Happy New Year 2066 exploding time capsule. By then, I will be 110 years old if I manage to avoid them that long, about 18,212 Days. They’ll be completely packed full of biofilm snot by then, propped open with stents. It’ll take them a year to get rid of it if they can. I’ll just say, “Don’t look at me. I did that 50 years ago, just when I told you, and you dissed it, azzhole. lol”

How would you make it really sting? Hold a real wild New Year’s Party at their old folk’s home, with a Zeppelin tribute band? Hook directly to their hearing aids? “This one goes to the worm riddled, brain eaten, douchebag, who ignored Mike 50 years ago… Oh, oh oh oh, oh no oh oh… You don’t have to go oh, oh oh, awe ahaha…” lulz D’yer Pace M’aker. My own family didn’t believe it. In a year, two have had major life altering incidents, all avoidable by what apple leaves and enzymes directly address. All within the last two months. More to come. They’re all so smart. I suspect the final straw was when they were out here last May, and got bit by salmon bugs. It manifested as heart and long intestine. Those were just currently the most serious of multiple effects to come if they don’t shock those parasites out. Maybe I’ll just go back to pets. They can visit them where they are going in the homes.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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