Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Jan 2, 2016 – Day 520 – How much is Acaricidal?

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I was watching Life after People on History. They noticed the same thing; Bugs keep alive over winter using our heated shelter. The entire migration of cockroaches northward from the tropics has been enabled by central heating. A good freeze out will back them up. There are other bug species that obviously make it in Canada though. 350 mg. a day, a Size 0 Capsule, of apple leaf powder, was plenty enough to kill them should they try to bite you. Thus, it was acaricidal on top of being anthelmintic. It did not kill the worms that I knew of, because they scoot live apparently. They leave a pinhole like wound where they exit.

This time, I will see if only 85 – 100 mg. is enough, with about 400 mg. pectolase in each capsule. Anything is better than nothing I would guess. That is about a 4:1 ratio of enzymes to leaf powder. Biofilm is where about half of the parasite nematodes I saw were found to be hiding after adding the pectin enzyme. Some more Duck Itch worms came out, too. More were coming out even last month from the skin on my left arm. That’s pretty tenacious, when you count the days. I would say early prevention is the key, but who knew? I’m 60 years old now. The deer I saw would be only a few years old, except for the fawns. They had lost their white spots, but not much older than white spot age.

It is hard to tell being totally in the dark here, and with incurious public health officials. It is obviously ten + times the public health crisis that anything else is, on top of being an alleged STD. The level of parasitology here is non existent, but obviously not up to the known level of vector and aquatic parasite infestation. I can see it being the smoking gun of a lot of age related illness. I’m not a doctor, but it doesn’t take a degree in rocket surgery to figure out that this is bad, and has the potential to be epidemic. Screw potential. It IS epidemic.

Dirty bugs transmitting all kinds of infectious disease and parasites. Who would have thunk it? The parasite nematodes and schistosomas are just gravy on this potpourri of fatal afflictions. Without apple leaves, and possibly other anthelmintics, there is currently no stopping it either. They transmit it by stings, bites, and general blood sucking. All you have to do is contact infected aquatic biofilms too, fortified with algae and other slime. It is every where, not just here, but this turn out to be a good place to get data on it. You don’t forget the hornet and bee vectored stuff.

Spiders can carry it too. You only suspect spiders because they are stealthy, and use some sort of anesthetic when they bite/sting. They get you when you are sleeping. They get pathogens from a steady diet of flying insects caught in their webs. You see a row of bites swelling where and when they strike. They do the damage, and you can’t even feel it when it is happening until after the fact. Apple leaves eventually force any nematode parasites they deposit out though. It provides a rare insight into human normalcy bias. There is nothing normal about this, but the human bias is like a deadly mental illness. People somehow think it must be normal. Nothing could be more wrong. It is lethal without exception and nobody will get out alive.

They still do not know where biofilm comes from, yet I think this is a strong candidate for the source, or the root cause. It affects humans and their pets. By getting rid of these parasite worms, it seems to solve many chronic conditions, when you get rid of the biofilm farms they operate too. This journal records my one of a kind experience as far as I know. If corroborated ever by others, it will be a whole new paradigm of medical science and the study of aging; Gerontology. It connects gerontology to subsequent damage from birth in a totally new way. I guess that is a new realization for my daily new thing I discover about Wild Apple leaves every day. It’s not just one thing, it is everything, but that is an old realization for me. I have a new test to see how little anthelmintic you need. When you have no serious clinical trial even, there is an awful long way to go. Pets are better for blind study at this stage. People add too many variables, and are more unreliable as a source. I hope for as dramatic game changing evidence with stray pets.

Animal Shelters would be a good source if they didn’t euthanize pets. You would have to hold fund raisers to donate food for a longevity trial; “Donate now, or this dog gets it! <picture of puppy with a gun to its head>” Buttonhole musicians to play them for free. Get a liquor license. Candy may be dandy, but liquor is quicker. Sick pets would be even better, to test the panacea nature I noticed with the “∝” formula. Pets get a lot of starch in their human sourced diets, so the enzyme is maybe a given biofilm stripper too if they can handle it. After seeing what they select out of garbage, I’m sure they can. You could set up two dish studies for them to sniff it out, or to even show a lack of preference. It would also have to fund apple leaf collection. Money doesn’t grow on trees, medicine does, four legged and two legged.

The proteolytic enzymes in Wild Apple Leaves will start to dissolve all that plaque where the parasites irritated the blood vessels causing biofilm and fibrin scarring. That would be a definite game changer. This weekend’s apple leaf pulse woke me up to that. The reduction in Plaque risk alone would be well worth the risk. Makes sense. Early prevention is paramount though. People are too smart, allegedly. They’d rather play the lottery with brain, breast, or prostate cancer. One thing for sure is the parasites love the higher volume arterial fresh blood flow, unless it has apple leaf powder in it. That plaque has scar tissue mixed in too I bet. That’s how worms operate, and fortify their biofilm constructions. You feel the natural apple leaf proteolytic enzyme action in  the capillaries when you take it infrequently as maintenance, and get a circulatory boost. I also take invertase in unpasteurized liquid honey, serrapeptase, Renew Life Digest More, bee pollen (more invertase,) and of course, pectic enzyme to break down the bulk of the biofilm. Everything you can get to target a lifetime of biofilm buildup helps.



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