Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Jan 3, 2016 – Day 521 – Stroke Recovery

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Why would apple leaves make you recover from a TIA or stroke? AFAIK, it is the same mechanism as a heart attack, but inside a blood vessel in the brain. It must have somehow dissolved the clot, and years after the fact. Then there is the recovery of brain function, which is allegedly permanent. I had noticed that your body seems to rewire itself a bit to circumvent the damaged brain tissue, somehow. This seems better in the morning in effect, but gradually deteriorates throughout the day. It generally resets after a rest or sleep.

Of course they say this is insane. Nobody recovers. It is permanent. Well, guess again. I keep trying to tell people that these Wild Apple Leaves are the real thing. Somehow, they can reverse some of the effects of stroke. I don’t know if that $8,000 Clot Buster works, within an hour of the stroke, and with all sorts of side effects that make it so they default to not applying it at all. This costs nothing, other than the capsules, capsule joiner (optional), dollar store strainers, pectin enzyme and others, and that isn’t the only benefit. Biofilm seems to underlie all sorts of chronic disease. Getting rid of it is the only way to start addressing the bacteria sheltered in it. Nobody is exempt it seems. The proteolytic enzymes seem to start the process. It makes you feel younger as all the conditions reverse or are just eliminated.

Laundry ListBy navigating the MSIDS Map, there is some additional benefit, but it is a long road back. I wish it were easier, but it is a slow and steady process. You can’t just take a pill and get better. You can’t snap your fingers and expel a lifetime of biofilm deposits from all these insect vectored parasites. It starts with the Apple Leaves. That is good if you can find a tree. I have a few test subjects. Somehow, the key to longevity starts there. I am quite far along, dropping myriad health conditions along the way. The first was a definite mental drag I attributed to ageing. More reading showed it was a common condition of Lyme Disease. As I ripped back more layers, more conditions started to disappear. They should add strokes to that list. The worst of rheumatoid arthritis disappeared in a couple months. A couple more months, psoriasis/dermatitis/skin cancer disappeared as well. It took more months to get past the worst of “dropsy” pitting edema around my ankles. I can still feel it working on that, or in those locations.

I am 60 years old now. I was a wreck. Not any more, feeling wise. I hope there will eventually be a physical recovery to go with that. Some damage may have been permanent, but I still hold out hope that this will continue, because some things I thought were permanent have reversed. I have lost over a hundred pounds, but I am on the rebound. I guess the parasites ate the nerve that makes me hungry. I suspect converting all the biofilm to sugar also played a big part in that. 59 years of biofilm is a lot of pectin to cough out and/or consume. You can smell the elevated sugars in your urine. In my case it worse because I was a bug chewed surveyor and engineer, working in the insect riddled forests, plains, and swamps  of Canada. I was being eaten alive inside and out. I was the proverbial acid test case. I must have had every bug borne disease known.

Getting even is the best part about wild apple leaves, from the apparent acaricidal action. They seem to be a good sustainable defence against biting insects, and that is why deer eat them so much, if they can find them. The trouble is, they are a bug repair, where people aren’t aware that bugs were at the root of so much damage to health. Some of the bugs are so small you couldn’t even see them. Make no mistake though. They are injurious to health. Anybody not realizing that is now officially nutz in my assessment. You have to see for yourself what happens. Then you too might clue in to it. I can’t see where there would be any exceptions. It won’t only shock the shzt outta your parasites, but it will likely shock the shzt outta you too. Pets clue in fast to what is happening, and they can even smell it I think. Wild animals already know. The ones that don’t are dead in the deep end of the gene pool.

Sunday Housecall says that sugar fuels cancer cells. Fruit has sugar and fibre, which fights cancer, so the contra component is fibre weighted. Inflammation is the real cancer growth driver, so cytokines. Apple Leaves are about the best fibre I ever found. YMMV. To me, they are a Super Fibre. They would fight the sugar from converting biofilm polysaccharides to sugar. That confirms what I found out with “AppLyme,” my pet compilation. I just took a 2:1 2015 for a herx test. It took me a year and 5 months to get here though, and slowly use up all that biofilm sugar. I bumped it over the last 7 months. I backed down after a couple months when it got sickeningly sweet. I just do various Apple-Lyme tests on weekends now though. This weekend is two 2:1 doses, and so far, the feeling is unusually positive. I still only use a small teaspoon invertase honey to two liters of black coffee too. Biofilm burning really saves on the coffee sweetener. I don’t use “worm food” whitener much any more. Sipping agave tequila has some excess pectic enzyme for that salty lime taste. I use that sparingly and the effect lasts days. It could be the two bromelains I took this weekend too.

Bees are tireless. They circumnavigate the globe three times in flight time gathering a pound of honey. There’s pounds more been pollen that makes that trip too. The honey is just the kicker. They are our allies against bugs, as is serrapeptase from silk worms. All this stuff is GRAS FDA. Except Apple Leaves. To me I’m careful. No Pesticides or commonly fungicides. Well, except for my Apple Leaf urine.  That turned out to be the best Apple Scab fungicide my tree ever saw. The multiple grapefruit sized apples are still frozen there, and have finally shrunk and dried out a bit. lol It must have killed those worms eating it too. That is just one sample tree branch test though. I am sticking to that limited supply you can bet. It wasn’t as osmotic as Gramp’s Tree Leaves, but that could be harvest timing. When blended, the dust made up for the osmosis of harvest.

100% Agave Tequila. Who would have thought that? Excess Pectin Enzyme I suspect. The lime-salt taste is quite pleasing as the biofilm dissolves out. I broke down and had another sip of blackberry T. Bromelain too, and a serrapeptase. The sacrifices I make for science. lol I’ll stop short of a complete lab meltdown. Famous last words. Meanwhile, it seems they are still raising money for arthritis. That was easy to cure. There’s way tougher than that to go, I am sad to inform others. It’s no picnic like arthritis was. Getting rid of the bulk of parasites eating your joints stopped it dead. There is still a linger from the cytokines to remind you it is gone though. I guess I will have to dig out that old chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate someday. That explains why MSM is all the rage these days, but not really a solution. The worms and their farms keep chewing away at it. Worms go fast. Their farms linger, but they eventually fall too, tasting like lime-salt- and pineapple with the right additives.

I’m thinkin’ maybe I should start making my own Pine-Apple-Tequila De-Worming medicine. Might as well have fun. Caution! This hooch is decidedly parasite hostile! You heard about The Worm. We can show you Your Own!™ It is a logistical headache though. You have to have a Jalisco-Western Canada connection to get consumable supplies. Apple Wine would be simpler, but I found gold tequila was more effective. It is worth a degree in bio-mineral engineering even at this late state. Golden Tequila Anthelmintic Medicine. Worthy of the NTFTD™ = New Thing For The Day. Can make better targeted medicine than that though.

I msg’d that a Real Engineer would convert disease to a good drink. I think I’m getting closer. “Canadian Gold Apple Leaf”Agave Tequila be da shzt, so far.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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