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Tues, Jan 5, 2016 – Day 523 – Happy Day

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Yesterday wasn’t so happy. The days are noticeably longer though. Oh, Happy Day. It’s all a result of the earth’s declination. Now we’re on the rebound. If you have Seasonal Affected Disorder, help is on the way. I don’t know if there is an official Happy Day. We should lobby to put it in February as a spare. On the 29. Can’t get too happy, you know.

800px-Agave_fields_hillWithout looking, I think Blue Agave could grow here, but perhaps their low altitude stuff might make better medicine. It is hard to know without lots of diverse samples. The plant itself is quite starchy. So is common bacterial biofilm. Tequila Manufacturing emulates the biological process people must accomplish, or perish from all that. Convert all that biofilm to sugars and dissolve it all by consuming it like the Agave Enzyme prep does it for Tequila making. Works for me.

Dr. Bill Costerton liked to get into his biofilm work in the Selkirks out here. This would be doing the same. Bill liked mountain climbing. I like discerning the subtle differences of high end tequilas. It is the official elixer of my Happy Day dry run here. I’m all out of worms that Wild Apple Leaf got, but I have a new anthelmintic tequila cooler for bug bite/swimmer’s itch worms. The strange thing is it is an upside down pyramid. “You provide the worm… we’ll provide the way for it to get out!â„¢”

What would Donald Trump say? He likes Canadian healthcare. We’re sticking with Mexican healthcare. Let’s make ’em jealous. I’m not out of the woods, but I think I’ve got many of the worms of the woods out of me. Our doctors say there are no woods in Canada. They just live in hospitals packed full of wood diseases they can bill for. Donald wouldn’t like that I think. They aren’t very proactive in that light. However, Mexico may be willing to build a wall to keep them out. There are a lot of upsides.

MaryleinsteinBack to Happy Day dreams of wild apple/blue agave. You could genetically modify the two together, but then you might not get the desired results. Then what would you do? It’s alright now. The two mix together just fine, and the apple skunks out the worms. Ole! It will be a myth un-buster as it shows the worms aren’t as much of a myth as previously thought. In a left handed way, it is like Einstein’s answer, dumb and ugly, but in a nice way. It’s a great thing to be rid of, a lifetime of parasite worms and their filmy deposits. Serious medicine, and serious parasites.

Back at the ranch, a pebble, or more like a grain of sand, came out of my skin. It had been lodged there for an undetermined time. Not any more. There is still a bit of old bee stinger, right inner forearm, but sand & gravel? Who knew? Market tripped out of the gate, and did a dead cat bounce in the 1990’s, but recovered slightly. Texas hurtin’ from oil prices, but they point out the cure for low oil prices is low oil prices. Also a huge tax ripoff/draw here. Notice how low oil prices out the real perps hiding behind the big bad oil companies. 2/3 of our gasoline bill goes to tax now.

I do not know how they get away with such obvious theft. I’m sure they have lots of feeble excuses such as the cost of ineffective government health care bloat.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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