Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Jan 6, 2016 – Day 524 – Warts

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I bet you had no idea that warts are alive, and have been for 5 or more decades in my case. Wild Apple Leaves wakes them up, and they come off, slowly, but they cling. I don’t know if they are the last things to go, but they are pretty tough. I have two on the heel of my right hand that I am still picking away at. I forgot I even had them as a juvenile, circa 1963. The parasites behind them have clung through the entire space age. They are one thing tougher than bee stings. There is a second smaller one on my palm just below the first knuckle, middle finger, as well. They rose up within the first couple weeks of this whole thing. They still have not completely left. I would have caught them from a handshake I suspect. They are tenacious like miniature tumors. I also have one on the sole of my right foot just in front of the heel.

There were lots more parasites that have gone while they hang on. Both the Swimmer’s Itch and bug bite/sting parasites were completely unknown. Warts are Human Pappiloma Virus, not a helminth though. Apple Leaves show that they are still there though, even if you thought they may have disappeared. At least they let you know, and warts are another viral parasite species that does not like Wild Apple Leaves. The warts seem to migrate up into callous skin layers to escape them.

It will be yet another unexplained scientific riddle beyond the scope of our current medical options. Wild Apple Leaves show over 90% of the problem, and get 0% of the curiosity they beg. Any idiot can see that as soon as all the parasites are skunked out from where they were hiding, and start to leave. Our medical people are not just any idiot though. They ignore this at their own peril. They will get their lottery wish and die from the parasites eating all their vital systems alive, haphazardly lurching from surgery to failing medicines, to a miserable end. Gee, in that light, I’m sort of glad I’m not that “special.” They too would see instantly, but they’ll eventually catch on in a few centuries in their own way at their own speed.

I’m sceptical they’ll ever catch on. Wild Apple Leaves make them look so bad they will spend all their money trying to bury them. I don’t know why, other than it seems to be where following the money leads. I have been trying to follow the science, and that has led me to pectin enzymes like used in Tequila and wine making. I suspect those biofilms are made up of worm slime polysaccharide, and that seems to be pectin. Food grade pectin enzyme could be the solution to getting rid of the bulk of biofilm, and seems to work for me. It got me past a few hurdles while they are still arguing about whether there is a track. Warts are sill a bump in the track, not really a hurdle, but they are one thing that wild apple leaves are having trouble eliminating.

I have heard there are other solutions known to kill warts. Salicylic Acid, or Aspirin, applied directly to the wart, may eliminate them. Apple Leaves will show where they are hiding, like they do with nematode parasites, but they force the nematode out. They only show the wart location as it struggles to get away, though. You will have to take it from there. I’m not sure if warts are related to other health problems either. It is unknown if they join a biofilm to protect themselves, but definitely attempt evasive measures. They are another piece of baggage to consider, but who knew?

Back to nibbling out the biofilm. Skipped the bromelain lately. Feel it on the spleen a bit. Had a serrapeptase insread. Cleared the pipes slightly. Not sure about the uniformity of these doses, but what can you do? Haven’t taken any apple leaf since the weekend. Eat or be eaten. There is a mosquito sponging off the heat here. I am thinking set a trap for her. Blood is mosquito bait, but certainly there is less drastic, like catching flies with honey. Anyway, she is my free carbon dioxide detector, since they don’t like that much. They don’t like me because of even that little bit of apple leaves. I’m acaricidal killer bait literally. Took one for the team. The electric heaters are too bug friendly, but I got ’em back. Muwahahaha! I’ll take a midweek maintenance 80 mg. applase to keep under 400 mg. a week to see if that’s enough.

Between aikido bug baiting and Korean H Bombs, not much going on. They should have Acaricidal monitors up north for the stragglers in the heating systems. You could have a pet run interference and bring ’em to daddy long legs here. Electric bug zappers might be good for high volume, but these are stragglers vectoring Rickettsial illnesses from open black water sumps. A little too close for safety. All you can do is take apple leaves and sapindus berries to fight it after the fact or in the act.

It’s an Apollo 13 solution. Clowe-Snuff™. My evidence for this theory is anecdotal and needs confirmation. Future bug baiter-killers apply within or with-out, as the case may be.  Not much else you can do. Everyone will have to go through it or die from it. It’s not really lol but it’s lol. In fact, it is actually amusingly very serious when each series of bugs has the potential to carry and transmit cumulative life destroying parasites and pathogens. The parasites provide an evidence trail of their lifetime of cumulative damage.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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