Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Jan 7, 2016 – Day 525 – Winter Bound

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A large snowfall had accumulated on the roof, froze, then melted a bit and slid off. It crunched a protective porch overhang. I worry about how much more of those there are remaining this winter if it builds up again. For now, I’m kind of snowbound. It is quite dangerous under the eves if icicles form. It could cause serious injury or death. Say I’m a wuss here, but I am still alive, avoiding several similar winter situations by design. The link says 100 people a year die by icicles in Russia alone. Worldwide, about 1,000 die annually. That is a small risk compared to winter travel on the roads. All I can say is be careful out there. Winter hazards abound.

Let’s look forward to getting out of this frozen situation. El Nino left us under a dump or two of snow here. Growing up in a Canadian Gulag softens the edges somewhat, but not enough. I can see I’m not alone as natural gas inventories have fallen by 117 billion cubic feet. I do not know if that is relatively bad or good. I was under the impression that there was a glut of gas on the market, but this winter has used up a fair chunk of it, even with the warm winter out east. We made up for it out west somewhat.

Even the blog here is freezing up. Tropical-Beach-Wallpaper-HDThe author is suffering from brain-cicles, longing for the old Windows tropical wall paper. Actually, I see that makes it seem worse in relative effect. Someday, when virtual reality advances enough, a true realistic beach simulation may become available. I could see it being a popular one in these parts. On the downside, nothing would get done as people run the program for January and February.

These past few years, it has taken a toll on the markets. Jan-Feb hasn’t really had a good record. They are saying stocks are on track for worst January opening week ever. S+P Futures dipped to 1930 overnight with Chinese market chaos. They have given up 3 months of value. I can see they are winter bound all around too. European stocks are closing down in a similar light. It is an over 5% correction move. Volatile overbought and oversold ball-bat price behaviour abounds.

My ability to form coherent sentences is freezing up occasionally, but it is thawing a bit. It is a worldwide pandemic thing we all try to get past, waning the Winter Solstice. Music is a simple way out of the cold funk. Misdirect your thoughts. I realize I wasn’t a big Beatles fan. That was regarded as sacrilege by the time I was 13.  Yardbird-Led Zeppelin blues was more my thing, with some real earworms there.

That’s such an odd term, earworm. MS SpirochaeteOf course that leads back to apple leaves and pectin enzyme. Lots of parasites that nobody knows exists… yet. The normalcy bias prevents them from a total panic, but that doesn’t change the big picture infestation a bit. The Deer seem to manage it well. Humans too, now I guess, if they can get with it. Still, the parasites are obviously damaging.

People are limping in larger numbers younger than me. Stands to reason if a third of those bugs carry a farmer parasite worm. The depression is that nobody knows or cares. They can’t seem to realize they are deadly until that fateful discovery when it is too late. I see stuff like this falls through the cracks for 57.5 years all the time. If someone discovered a whole new paradigm game changer like this, the simplicity of it would get lost in the abundant manufactured complexity at the time of discovery. It could be a century for this, in Tragically Hip terms, and in a medical pharmacentric system. Phage are notable in that regard, but not exclusively. The vectored parasite paradigm necessitates rewriting the whole book in its light. The difference is the doctors need to catch up to the patients here.

60 years out of date. d’Herelle’s work languished behind geopolitical boundaries for nearly a century. Apple Leaves have been lost for more than a century. Bacterial biofilm is a largely ignored root cause, but everyone can’t ignore it as the Number 1 health negative worldwide, and apple leaves are just the introductory process to reduce it. I have had some success unwinding it but no spectacular success. People are looking for instant gratification, but even counting Tequila, it looks grim. To me, it was pretty spectacular, but everybody will be different, except that they all won’t likely understand it. At some point, they all will when it is far too late.

That is the whole story. The medical response is frozen in and not moving, but not for lack of trying. The scary thing is how can something so big be going off so wrong? Too many hurdles to micromanage I guess, and everybody is running on the wrong track. I’m just trying the deers’ track for a positive change. It would be nice if medicine could take it to be as serious as the answers it discovers and reveals. It is a total game changer, and they’re at the spot now where they need one.

This is a previously unknown chapter on vector disease, and the farmer parasites transmitted with it. Wild Apple Leaves force them out, and explain a new model of biofilm formation and disease persistence. The symptoms mimic MS, but that has been a problem known since Ichelson 1957. More studies date the association to 1911. They, Chronic Lyme Disease and MS, are the same thing by a different name, and pigeon holed by detection metrics. The trouble may be that spirochaetes are ubiquitous, and thought not to be necessarily related. Add to that these spirochaete farmer worms, and it serves to make the misunderstanding deeper.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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