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Fri, Jan 8, 2016 – Day 526 – Cheering Up

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It is hard to cheer up when the news is so negative. I get it that the negativity sells. They figure the Alberta economy is in rough shape as oil prints new lows, and in dollar terms uncorrected for inflation. They don’t need us piling on that there is an ignored epidemic. People can only focus on one negative at a time.

What is worse, worms or smoking? I would say hands down the bug worms, having done both.

People focus on health when the economy gets bad. “At least we have our health.” Guess again. Try some wild apple leaves to see why. You don’t need that though. Those parasites have been eating your neurons and joints for 40-50 years, and you are perfectly OK with it. I take it the parasites know how to eat the right stuff to max out their free ride. Nothing to see here. Move along now.

In cheerier news, Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He may be the first Canadian born President of the US. That is interesting cheery news, and gives us some skin in the game to take our minds off the rotten news. China is not exactly in a position to come to the rescue of Alberta scraping the bottom of the barrel. They are not going to want to know that oil patch bugs carry all manners of disease that are persistent and disabling. I know first hand now that my arthritis came from those bugs. A large part of it went with the spirochaete farmer parasite nematodes. The spirochaetes live on in the gallons of biofilm the parasites likely set up for them. The news remains fixated on the economy today though. The first week of 2016 has been bad for all Canadians.

It is hard to find cheer in that anywhere. I used to find a lot of cheer in reading and discovery. I still do. I like those Apollo documentaries on YouTube. Relics of a cheerier age when we thought we could do anything. If you had seen what I saw from eating Wild Apple Leaf powder, you would realize that in the right hands, there are some amazing breakthroughs there that were previously unknown. Those days of the moonshots are gone, and so is the thrill and draw of discovery with them it seems. The science is all decided now they think. I’ve even decided they know nothing, and I have the proof of it, using their own worms, should they decide to challenge it. Welcome to the Inner Space Race, to get the first hundred bug parasites out of 7.4 billion people. Imagine how cheery that would be, eliminating all those largely unknown negatives? Everybody would have to prove it to themselves. Science, being a stick in the mud, has decided there are no parasites, yet cannot pass a simple test challenge to prove their presumed negative. Find an apple tree like deer eat, eat a few leaves a day, and watch what happens. You’ll be giddy. Been there, done that.

I had to be Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo all rolled into one here. They had 400,000 engineers on Apollo at the apex. I had one, starting out of his speciality, me, which luckily was a cheery plus when we ran up against a mineral biological process or a hundred. This blog can help you. It is long winded but has morphed into physiotherapy for my newly recovered post stroke functions, and ones that don’t, so far. Might as well continue, with my Poor Michael’s Almanac/Space Oddity Chronicles, mapping out the journey as I go. The parasites are largely gone and I keep trying to find bottom of the biofilm as it rebuilds a bit and I clean as we go. My grandfather kept daily journals here, about here, largely as well. It is a good place to write about, or so it continues to be in a scientific light. I watched the Moon Landing here with him and my father, and after the ETA closed, we continued to stare at the midsummer full moon and chat as we absorbed all that had transpired, from the perspective of 3 engineers.

Now here is another interesting chapter in space, albeit very close to home, as we plan a way to shock out a world full of stowaway parasites that even went to the moon inside astronauts. They grew up on farms, so I suspect biting insects. Some people may have never been bit by bugs, but we Canadians find that hard to believe. You would have a mental disorder trying to claim that here. Maybe it is just me, but I doubt that. It all starts by eating apple leaves. You would see for yourself. That is what keeps me honest, because I know all of you will check up on me, someday. The clock is running, and that’s up to you though.

SAD Seasonal Affected Disorder is all in your head. That is if you count your eyes. Light was found to alleviate it. Lightening up also fights it. I try to be all cheery but I am lying. You get bad news from TV that spoils the fake bliss to boot. If I stick my fingers in my ears and go “Lalalalala..” that doesn’t work. Earth sciences may be under a cloud these days, but looking inward helps to start over, and without preconceived notions, because it is all a new wondrous world that way. Your deductions will be closer than the doctors because this is all a secret from them. I don’t worry that they will read it here. If they don’t have any skin in the game, they simply won’t know, and if they do, they will know in no uncertain terms, perhaps even running for the microscopes to see what the hell those things are. All I can do is wish them best of luck dealing with their own peers. I have seen what they do to their own when faced with revolutionary reality.

For today’s new thing, how about a saliva test for polysaccharides and sugar to monitor biofilm reduction progress? Iodine is a simple test for starch, but the idea is to break down the in situ starch to sugars. A meter like diabetics use would be able to provide a lot of information sugar wise, even if you are not diabetic. They aren’t available in Canada? Elsewhere, but not WalMart, for 5 bucks to 50+ for measuring glucose. I haven’t tried that. If I see a 5 buck one, I may try, now that I know this is all sugar related. It will develop an empathy for diabetics, but will also get confirmations for my initial biofilm reduction observations when sugar seemed sustained and relatively high, suppressing appetite. I felt hyperglycemia a couple times, I think.

That’s all here too in the Journal. Coincidentally, the big paper in neighbouring Edmonton was named the Journal in early high school. Chemistry was all the rage in high school there because of the oil industry. These are all transferable medical skills, I think. Alberta’s in my past and future now again. I’m newly recovering from yesterday’s funny hyperglycemic funk. I had some unfamiliar starch in prepared salty gravy, and it shocked my system in a harsh way. You move on, wiser for wear, and you cheer up.

More terror busts in Europe. It’s relatively cheery, but not exactly happy days. ISIS has declared war on America. They have declared war on everyone for that matter. I wonder how they would feel about their own worse-than-smoking parasites? If they don’t like us, just imagine that. The random nature of infestation with vectored parasites points to them affecting a majority of the population. There are all kinds of poorly explained health issues they could be behind.Spirochaetes get all the attention, but their farmers get none. The news sensationalism seems to misdirect the attention as if intentional.

Can these farmers affect human thinking? If they are pandemic, how would you know? They obviously have doctors of many Pyrus Malusstripes brainwashed on their side. It is an explanation for the bizarre behaviour of doctors in the face of the observed facts. Considering that, cheer up that at least there is a plausible explanation. It all starts back at Wild Apple Leaf consumption, and eventually there will have to be a technological breakout and a parasite sweep. Cheer up that if you have started, and are able to smoke out the nematode parasites like deer do, you are in the rare Vanguard here. Just remember it is a case of mind over parasite matter on all sides of the equation. Count your lucky stars that all this is news to medicine, and they blissfully dismiss it at their own peril, in effect signing their own death warrant. It’s out of our hands.

They caught El Chapo escaping again. Cheery news. He was in his home turf Sinaloa, north of Mazatlan Tequila country. He runs a smuggler’s tunneling operation like a parasite worm. Similarly, he is just as elusive, in the area where the pesos speak louder than words. The pesofilm kept him under the radar.

Meanwhile, I suspect the apple tree (bark) fibre sweeps myriad intestinal parasites too. I had forgotten that cheer. Black Walnut and Apple Fibre do the same things. Wormwood also fights intestinal parasites, but initially they have side effects with apple leaves, electrifying the parasites. Wormwood is not recommended for continuous use, being hard on the intestines and liver. If apple leaves can replace them, that is a plus.

S+P Futures printed a low of 1910 at the close. They are normalizing to the return of interest rates in the worst opening week for the market in history. Not cheery, but there has to be a bottom for an improvement. Cash is a relative short position to take advantage for now if you can catch the falling knife when it bounces off oversold. That’s a hard call though after an unprecedented opening week down, smattered with sucker rallies, including commodities. There is not much bouncing anywhere save gold riding geopolitics.

Cheer up that you have found wild apple leaves if your health is what really matters. Better late than never.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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