Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Jan 9, 2016 – Day 527 – Endocrinology

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What is endocrinology? It is the study of the endocrine system in humans. Deepak Chopra among other things is a trained endocrinologist. Wild Apple Leaves seem to help glands and hormone production by the entire endocrine system. Insulin for example is produced by the pancreas to regulate blood sugar. Diabetes is an endocrine disorder.

Deepak is also a proponent of Mind over Matter thinking, which is also medically very helpful. A journey to wellness benefits from thinking positively towards the outcomes. Perhaps by sub-consciously tweaking the endocrine system, it optimizes chances for better outcomes. It helps QuantumNematodewith things like a Parkinson’s like symptom of a shaky hand when nothing else can. Somehow, it breaks the muscular feedback loop indirectly with me, sometimes. I am not directly conscious of the exact process, though. The link also touches on the link to thought and Dark Matter. I’ve been there before though, in looking for the mechanics of stealth shown by the apparent vacating parasites. It is not known by science, but can be inferred from the evidence we witness observing spirochaete round-body and chain morphologies. The confusion about the diseases they cause alone is also evidence itself.

Science cannot explain the actual mechanics of science itself so far. There is the chemically dependent endocrine system of a body that can host a scientist. I would be interested in the endochrinology that shows up from taking wild apple leaves, but I know it is an improvement. That would be where to start to say how much improvement and where there is improvement from chemical evidence. That is the function of laboratories in hospitals I thought. That is out of our reach. Someday, an endocrinologist will have to think the same thing. We can only offer that a general improvement in my endocrine system was witnessed, particularly neurologically initially, with the thyroid and several other glands to follow. The parasites were robbing the endocrine systems involved chemically and/or directly I presumed. I suspect many more precise studies can come forth from this.

The autoimmune system can dysfunction by getting over active, causing arthritis. I would be interested in what changed there to cause my recovery from arthritis. It was an early direct effect of eating wild apple leaves. The answer is exposed, but the endocrinology hasn’t been done to take advantage of what it showed. This will all take time. The effect of pectin enzyme also could be looked at quantitatively. There are a lot of glucose meters available to monitor blood sugar, so that is something you can do.

More back to the direct thing, I notice hair is growing on the outside of my ears now with the parasites gone from the follicles. Welcome back. Join the others. The follicles were still working, but were co opted by the nematodes to make biofilm disease shelter maybe. I wonder what the safe age to start is? Life would have been a lot easier here without parasite drag. I should return to being mindful of amateur endocrinology though. It can provide clear clinically recognized explanations.

It is kind of late to start endocrinology for me. Still I am curious as to what it will find happening with wild apple leaves. The internet can fast track some of it. I presume that it will normalize the endocrinology of basic blood work. I already have had some evidence of that on  my last tests. They generally just sample particular things to bolster their suspicions though. The full before and after story  would be more helpful. Then one might know what happened with Rheumatoid Arthritis and psoriasis. Earlier, endochrinology pointed to a suspected thyroid condition they couldn’t find later with  test, and it just remained at that. I take it that it was typical Lyme Disease imitating other conditions.

They say studies have shown that professors give more attractive women better grades. Perhaps an attractive endocrinologist could really dig into this whole apple leaf effect, over and above the main anthelmintic thing. I personally would not care if she were as ugly as a mud fence if she could dig down on what is happening. That would be politically and regularly correct. In endocrinology terms, the correct answer would be sufficiently attractive to all concerned. Yet, one does not want to discourage the subset of bombshell endocrinologists. There is also male and female endocrine effect to be considered separately, along with commonalities. It would be a major undertaking to map the whole thing. There will be several clues lurking there in multiple disease specific endocrine analyses.

Apple Bark/Leaves and pectin enzyme would be helpful for the elderly, but they aren’t allowed in a  home. Better start Wild Apple Leaves before you, or they, ever get near one, because all those bug parasites add up. Recently, the febrifuge nature was proved again with a local flu strain. They put the flu in fast forward, and cure most of it overnight, while the runny nose tapers off in another day or so depending on the nature of the infection strain. Phloridzin is cited as the active ingredient, but in concert, many components contribute. The behaviour when encountering flu points to the presence of a phage. The noticed anthelmintic action, the major profound effect, is not mentioned. Hawthorn is related and cited as useful for heart conditions at the bottom of the link.

I feel helpless trying to get the word out as people continue to get sick and die from things I know that Wild Apple Leaves can intervene with. People offer their own remedies, some of which I have tried without success. Sometimes I know of other dead people on the same medicines they tout. You just know the apple leaves or bark work. 20 pounds of vector parasite worms and their bacterial biofilm can’t be good for anybody. You’ll do better by bailing them out for sure. Given the current track record, you would think any success, new or old, and especially one so effective and with such potential to be common, would be welcomed. You would be wrong. Perhaps Dr. Chopra would be more receptive. There is a distinct metaphysical component to the working of Wild Apple Leaves that will really open your third eye as to what is really happening with all your endocrine systems, struggling under constant increasing parasitic attack pressure. The more you procrastinate, the worse it will get.

The Dark Matter component of this is understandably hard to understand. Dark Matter and Energy make up 95% of the  universe from our reference abilities. They are presumed to be mathematically complex, but the gravitational effect is felt on our observable side of the universe, explaining the motion of galaxies. It also explains this bizarre  official medical behaviour when confronted with irrefutable fact. They are overwhelmed by the forces of the Dark Side, intentionally ignoring them, leading to complete and utter failure. On top of all the difficulties I am having getting the word out, it really buries it. The entire educational regimen of medicine ignores it completely by design, bound to an insufficient disease model that ignores what resides outside of the 5% of the universe everything they do is based by. I take it Dr. Chopra understands that. You must describe it in endocrinology terms to ever get through to them, but the physics is not even there yet. The parasites continue to create permanent damage, and we aren’t even allowed to stop them. I ignored them and stopped mine alive in their tracks, revealing many secrets medicine will never get at this rate.

It’s simple. You must get rid of the spirochaete farmer nematode parasites with Apple Leaves, the only thing I found that does it, and you know where they were because they drill out alive. They have been too stealthy to detect otherwise for the entire history of medicine, and there are more if you are older. Apple Leaves with pectolase forces their hand, and it takes a few months or more, for them to all get out. Everybody says they feel great, right before the cliff only I can see from my new perspective, dead ahead. I’ve seen it now for about 527 Days, and have clung to that last shrub on the edge to get back up.



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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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