Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Jan 10, 2016 – Day 528 – “But What can you do?”

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Everybody says the same thing. I can do something. Wild Apple Leaves start getting rid of all sorts of intestinal and dermal parasites from bug stings and bites. They wreak havoc leaching off you for all your life. They eat meat… Yours. They like your brain, nerves, and joints. I picked them off an apple tree to see why the deer liked them. Now I understand completely. When somebody says, “but what can you do?” I always think of this.

They say it when elderly people get sent to a home. Then they spiral downward. They get sicker with more intervention. They have never addressed Job 1. They have to get rid of a lifetime of nematode farmer parasites, and their farms. At least that will stop the damage. They are magnitudes of times more lethal than smoking. That is the first thing I would do, before anything else.

Laundry ListStarting early is a lot better. You will be able to handle the sugars from breaking down the biofilm with pectin enzyme. Parasites set up a protective pectin farm to house their bacterial flock. The flock raids your nutrients, the nematode parasites eat them, and clean them, like ants farm aphids. The only evidence they exist until now are the multiple disabling and ultimately  fatal diseases they cause. This is something you can do to avoid them.

I was a surveyor, and a canary in this coal mine. The canary fell off the perch. I picked myself back up eventually, but it has been a long journey, and I am here to warn you. There is a way out, and it is better to start earlier. I’ve had parasites over 55 years old leave, and a few suspect old ones tried to cling until only last month. If I started then, pre-1960, life would have been a lot easier. There is no question. Get rid of the farmers first, then worry about medical attention. If you do it the other way around, it seems to always end badly, and this explains exactly why. “But what can you do?” Plenty.

Nobody knew that parasites were stacking up every time you were bit by bugs. Then they outlive you, in you. Schistosomiatis may be part of it too. Mine were older than 20 years old when they came out, or were second generation. I suspected a lot of them were from the 60’s. These parasites have evaded the invention of microscopes. They are very steathy until forced to exit with wild Apple Leaves. Then you see where they hid all that time, without a doubt, from the small wounds or through hair follicles where they make their hasty exits. I suspect they are responsible for Morgellons tracks. Wild Apple Leaves must be so pervasive alone that the parasites have no place to avoid them, other than biofilm, and when we targeted that, more nematode parasites came slithering out.

Who is immune to this? I suspect no one. Who has the guts and brains to see this through? I have only seen my case through out of curiosity. How many more of these things are hiding there? The tough ones hide in biofilm and bee stingers I found. I think I could get it as short as 90 days to do an initial sweep, but that isn’t proven. You are only one bug bite away from it starting again. Eating Apple Leaves can nip that in the bug, and even kill the bug I found. They are acaricidal.

Sunday PaperThis whole thing is worthy of a headline, if not a Nobel Prize. New Human Eating Parasites Found. Move over, BatBoy. Can you imagine standing in line at the supermarket reading that? I can, sort of. People would say you can’t believe everything you read. Or “But what can you do?” I’d just answer, “Plenty! He says Wild Apple Leaves get rid of them. I’m gonna find an Apple Tree.” Of course, I could say it turns back the clock, and repairs old injuries without the parasite this time, but nobody will believe that until they feel it happening for themselves.

Then there is the concept of Dark Matter and Energy. 70% of the universe is Dark Energy. Another 25% is Dark Matter. Dr. Deepak Chopra, physical endocrinologist, explains it medically in this oldie from 4 years ago. Here is a more recent summary. Something in Apple Leaves is detestable to Dark Matter nematode parasites we cannot see, but can likewise see the evidence of. If we can’t see it, but it is physically still there, making a small exit wound, it may be a Dark Matter life form unto itself. Unlike us, it has discovered a way to transcend the universal light-dark matter divide, and it does that by leaching off humans. If that doesn’t intrigue you, you deserve to die, so never mind. Guess who’s coming to dinner, and you’re the main course? lol

This still baffles physicists, as do tiny virus like life forms, phage, that live on the DNA of specific bacteria, using it to procreate. The answers largely remain hidden from our sensory abilities in the universe. It is hard to comprehend our own biological processes, let alone why apple leaves get the results they do. Our best and brightest struggle with this in an ongoing nature. We go by clues, and even by implications of the absence of intermediate clues. The whole progressing medical model is designed to exclude that, allowing only the 3-4 dimensional observances in an 11 dimensional space, dictated by the accurate M-Theory as far as we can tell. We only know the existence of it by mathematical implication, yet cannot experimentally measure it. Progress requires out of the box thinking where we have trouble conceiving the sub-dimensional box space. Wild Apple Leaves provide too many answers 4-D bound medicine cannot explain, but that is an incalculable wealth in itself.

The whole experiment with reducing ubiquitous human resident bacterial biofilm derived indirectly from this new, largely unknown, apple leaf anthelmintic experiment. The apple leaf enzymes themselves were slowly permeating what must be biofilm. A further look at the composition got a possible safe food grade way to reduce the film. It seems to be working slowly, but faster than the film builds. It also exposed a time line and suspected mechanism of construction/deposition/maintenance of biofilm. Intervention with food grade pectin enzyme was presumably speeding and helping matters. It led to a breakthrough in eliminating/reducing biofilm for me. Pectin could not be usably digested by humans, but could be by specific enzymes taken orally. Nearly all chronic disease outside the box relies on biofilm. It is a small start, but with far reaching massive potential, affecting all of us to preschool age. It reveals that chronic disease starts shortly after birth, but moreover, you can do something about it.



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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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