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Mon, Jan 11, 2016 – Day 529 – Karma

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Many say there is a karmic flow that brings balance to the universe. It is not only “What goes around comes around.” I was having trouble with that definition. In the early 1970’s while I lived in Alberta, OPEC started the energy cartel. Then they curtailed supply, and energy prices rose. The hot academic topic was energy, and to this day, we had invested much in solving that problem. Due to politics at the time, Alberta did not receive any benefit, as the oil price stayed artificially low. Over 40 years later, the cartel has finally become weak, after a lifetime of holding all of us hostage to energy prices. Eventually, Alberta benefited to the point where it became the sole driver in the Canadian export based economy. Now we are all suffering from a lowering currency value, and I am struggling to find the karma in that. I assume lots of people are. There is no victory at the pumps when we have to pay in Canadian pesos.

Lately, the game shifted to health care, and the health care crisis right around the corner. The same thing is happening, and everything is being invested in health care, but there is no solution, using their methods, and minimally effective bogged down innovation model. The energy crisis has morphed to the health crisis at a time when an ageing population is poised to overwhelm the system. Enter what I found out about Wild Apple Leaves, completely independent from the medical status quo. I count my lucky stars, and that is definitely one of them. It is the only salvation from a system being built more to resemble a slaughterhouse than a source of solutions. They do not want to know about solutions they can’t control and extort “clients” with. Be forewarned that they are building the equivalent of a karmic black hole to be avoided at all costs. It has an added magnetic component by virtue of us all being misled as to the real nature of the system.

While I benefit from Wild Apple Leaf Karma, I am so inconsequential in the big picture that nobody else will know, and because they chose not to know themselves. How can you summarize that in a tag line? “Do it, or Die!” is one I have bandied about. It seems overly harsh, but unfortunately, the more I find out, the more I find out that it is true. It is not a total solution, but a seed from which all future alternate solutions must grow. It turns out to be the prime portal to longevity by eliminating completely unknown vector parasites that everyone suffers from. It is a discovery so radical, so profound, so all sweeping, yet so simple, it completely flies under the radar of everything we have falsely been led to believe about health. Moreover, you are not alone. I am the only one alone that I know of, because I got rid of hundreds of nematode spirochaete farmer parasites. They continued to build up over a lifetime.

I am not sure that others would stick it out to the point I have. I wanted to find out if it would ever get the parasites out? At the end of the month, it will have been a year and a half for me, culminating 60 years of parasites piling on at my expense, from bugs, and aquatic biofilm. I tried to employ karma by giving my discovery back, but ironically, everyone assumes it is worthless. That huge miscalculation will cost them their life. That is really Karma, I see now. The harshest Karma ever. Parasite Biofilm death is the worst way to go. I can attest because I was going that way. I have looked for others who may be exempt, but save accidental death, it has turned out that all will likely go that way.

I do not know why I found this out. I tried to tell all my relatives, and none of them listened. I tried to tell everyone else here, giving back. They will remember I hope. I hope it is not too late. In a weird karmic backlash, I will live on, and they will find out when it is far too late. It seems that it is meant to be that way. Perhaps I was chosen specifically because of that. The power, or powers that be,  specifically chose me because of my lack of health care related credibility. They knew full well that it would be futile, but I am grateful I was the one, so I continue in blissful futility here. I have thought about how it could have all been different if there was no energy crisis, and I had become a doctor as some of my classmates expected. I know now that it would not have been. Our medical system automatically will shut all of this out, and attack their own like hamsters. Ironically, that is if their parasites do not eat them first.

Back closer to home, there is an ongoing change in the weather. There is warm weather coming. There was a flu outbreak going on. Apple Leaves have excluded me by what seems to be a vaccination effect. I know from past experience that it wreaked havoc with my former arthritis. There are also a lot of colds and increasing flu. It no longer seems to affect me. The question is, do colds and flu get a foothold as a partner with the parasites everybody has? That can be one explanation why sustained Apple Leaves would have a seeming vaccination effect, as well as an initial strong curative effect. Medicine, as you know, has had minimal success treating the common cold, while it is a slam dunk cure by noted by raw dried organic apple leaves. Again, it begs serious medical research, but the Karma surrounding this precludes that.

Also closer are the markets in the current time frame. It is finally something apple leaves can’t directly affect, as far as I can tell now. Perhaps the Karma angle is that they do not scale up in a marketing sense. Everybody says health is more important than money, and when that finally comes along, they can’t believe it. Rene Descartes said “There is nothing so hidden,” that it cannot be discovered, to paraphrase, but this may have been one thing had I not discovered it. Nobody can believe it has been discovered though, and that is the ultimate Karma.

You will die because you believe it has to be that way. Karma. I think I may have stumbled on a solution. All the evidence I have collected points that way. You refuse to believe there is a solution? Like the Powerball, you have to buy a ticket to have even a near infinitesimally small chance to win. These odds are magnitudes of times more likely. Yet it is a struggle to do, and an even greater struggle to get the message across. It is meant to be. That’s Karma.

Just talking with friends, everyone had or has plans that are dependent on growth from oil and the related industries. That is the corner we are painted into. It’s not really clear how to work around that.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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