Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Jan 12, 2016 – Day 530 – Lucky Stars

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Counting our Lucky Stars. We’ve all heard that. I have some. One is that there has been a change in how vector illness, meaning transmitted by bugs, is viewed by the health care system now. Baby steps, but a lucky star in the plus column none the less. Wild Apple Leaves, that I accidentally discovered with the help of the local wildlife population, is a lucky galaxy. I wish I could have identified the schistosomes and other vector nematodes that drilled out, but didn’t have that technology at the time they got shocked out by the leaves. I tried to catch some on scotch tape, but that is just small scabs from where the exit wound repairs were, as far as I know. In the case of stings, I remembered the insect that must have transmitted them, as in the case of bees or Yellow Jackets. You don’t forget those, even though it was 5 decades ago.

I guess that would be another Lucky Star to count. The trauma at the time gave me a pretty certain timeline of how long the parasite was there. Another lucky star is my location over that 50+ years. I suspect there is a link to spawning salmon. That would make sense in the east too, such as in Lyme, Connecticut. I think the salmon may be the place where bugs pick up the nematode infection/infestations. To me it is obvious. Last May here, it was confirmed, after a large spawning run year on our 4 year cycle, and two insect bites both had the same effect that was immediately fought off by the Apple Leaves. More Lucky Stars.

There comes a point in all this where you wonder what is happening, and why you have a migraine, numbness and/or tingling, and it gets worse. The default is suspicion of a stroke. I found this is something that mimicked that, and is unlike a stroke, being somewhat reversible. I would say that was a double lucky. None of this appeared to be known to medicine. With more internet digging, that is what I didn’t find, and is yet another Lucky discovery about an unlucky thing that may affect many. It isn’t the whole answer, but it is a big piece of the puzzle that baffles doctors everywhere.

It is lucky that I am at a distance from health care while I know they have to find all these things out before any treatment would be effective. It will give them the necessary time to catch up to all the new discoveries being made elsewhere where the epidemic is recognized as being a very serious disease, instead of a mental illness. I know they will go nowhere until they address the hundreds and even thousands of nematode parasites that populate most sufferers, I assume. They will have to independently discover the anthelmintic effect of Apple Leaves themselves to move forward. I think it is the mechanism of disease persistence. They haven’t even discovered that the disease persists. Luckily, Apple Leaves show that rapidly, and unambiguously.

We are lucky enough to have Dr. Ernie Murakami to trailblaze a way around them all, and identify not only all the disease parameters, but the medical shortcomings in dealing with it all. We are lucky to have the Boucher Institute, to incorporate some well known naturopathic treatment options. Dr. Murakami lectures to students at the Boucher Institute.

MSIDSI’m lucky to know we are a blank slate when it comes to Dr. Horowitz’s MSIDS Map. He has worked on over 20,000 cases of Lyme and other vector Disease from his practice in New York. He had success against chronic Lyme Disease where the only success others had was in denying that chronic Lyme Disease even exists. Of course, that is all now dismissed as undeniable evidence of a criminal conspiracy to commit health care insurance fraud. It will be a chapter of shame in medical history, as was their handling of Morgellons, prior to the landmark Paper of E. Sapi, A. B. MacDonald, et al, Feb 12, 2015. We are lucky that we have an internet to link all this work to anyone from anywhere.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that is a Lucky Star in itself. For 530 Days, it wasn’t clear that there was one. It may be a long way off, but it is out there, twinkling in the gloom ahead. We are lucky to be able to tiptoe at a safe distance off their radar while they catch up to find out we were right all along. We are lucky that their mishandling of risk management is world infamous, and they are caught in the white hot Klieg lights of shame while in the act of trying to cover it all up. It is a Lucky Star that their risk management was so badly botched, that books will be written about it, far into the future, as a baseline of medical barbarism guideline of what not to do at all costs. One could have only imagined the worst case scenario had they not actually done it here first, and we barely survived it.

I am thankful for all the negative data that my family provides as they willingly submit to that horrific meat grinder blind medical system, pointing out in no uncertain terms, that this current misdirected medical treatment is to be avoided at all costs. I tried to warn them and none of them took heed, all shortly suffering serious well known related health conditions. I am thankful they got sucked in and not me, so I could learn how unbelievably bad it all was. I am thankful that we are a large enough specific medical cluster to yield more exceptional new clues to Lyme Disease and MSIDS. I am thankful that they are not all idiots, but were misled, confirming exactly as I predicted that all current medical intervention would miss it and nearly kill them while destroying their bodies. Most of all, I count myself lucky that I found an alternative angle out with Wild Apple Leaves, like the ones the deer eat to fight the bugs and their numerous unknown parasitic nematode biofilm infections.

CNBC says Who can survive low oil, out of all the oil industries? Thank your lucky stars for a low place to ride a recovery they think. BP is positioned well, while Freeport FCX is not, saddled in debt. A lot of the Canadian heavy oil investment saddled us in debt. That may yet prove to be a lucky star, freeing a vast tech pool to work on health, and we could use their applicable skills in the Apple Tree Holy Grail of Healthcare research, where there is so much unprecedented to be rediscovered and exploited, we are overwhelmed.

SeshatLuxorfulloptimI thank my lucky stars there is an eminent endocrinologist who should know about these parasitic worms and their wormholes. The question is, how did they brain worm that through time to John Wheeler, physicist who coined “wormhole” to describe  an Einstein-Rosen implied  time-space portal? I take he had the parasite, putting the “bug” in his ear, too. I’m pretty certain I know they have predated Egypt civilization. lol But everybody has a theory about how the Pyramids were built and why. The difference is mine will work, and without sliding unsupported blocks of stone around. I take it the purpose was that it also produced a forgotten plant that produced a liquid that cut stone somewhere in the process. Be thankful we know what the Egyptians were smokin’, so that we may have an idea what they were thinkin’. They made all their ropes out of hemp.



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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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