Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Jan 13, 2016 – Day 532 – Wild Apple Leaves

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… won’t give you a buzz or get you high. To insect parasite worms though, they are like one of those novelty palm “Joy” buzzers, startling them out as if by electric shock. If they were recreationally psychoactive, they may get more research interest. Cannabis has been researched ad nauseum. That is not surprising. Organic Apple Leaves are in fact psychoactive, but they make you think clearer. Bummer, man. Everybody needs that, but nobody really wants that.

The President delivered the State of The Union address last night to a nation gone to pot. He was preaching to a sizeable choir, and one not likely to succumb to cancer they found. This year, they may rotate the Executive branch out to “Good Cop” in the alternating Good Cop/Bad Cop Executive branch of the US Government. Depending on your side, you think that your own side is Good Cop no matter what. Nobody has much control over anything, but they are sure good at it. They are good at blaming their opponents for everything, depending which day of the week it may be. Nobody will take responsibility for anything. That’s how they get elected.

The psychoactive effect of apple leaves clears up brain fogginess. It is a neurological part of Lyme Disease and other vector illnesses. The jury is still out on whether the brain fog is caused by a pathogen or a parasite. Those are two things I noticed my apple leaves affect mainly, and rapidly, if they work for you like they did for me. Eventually, they helped my digestion too, presumably after addressing intestinal parasites with their anthelmintic properties. You may have that from eating sushi or by other means of ingestion. I took about a Size 0 capsule, or 350 mg. air dried powdered leaves, a day.

The weather is seasonal, around 0 C. It is flu season around here. I hope to remain immune. I did have some peanut butter that didn’t agree with me, but that is unrelated. It was kind of oily overly processed stuff, leaving me short of breath. I am getting past it. I usually never buy peanut butter. It was a leftover from others. It could be low fat. I haven’t had good luck with low fat stuff, like this. Something they do to it just turns me the wrong way. Whoever bought it left it maybe for that reason too.

Markets are down again with the worst start to a trading year ever. S&P down to 1890.28. It is an interest rate rising election year. Kicking the 2008 can down the road just inflated the currencies. Not much we can do about that now. Just another sleepy winter hibernation day here.

There will be a meeting of provincial Health Care Ministers in Vancouver regarding our ageing population. The federal transfer payments are based on a per capita allotment, while areas having an ageing population suffer. They need a new distribution system that reflects age demographics and the resulting cost. BC has an ageing population relative to other provinces with a higher density of retirees. The apple leaf thing would help a lot for sure, but they will dismiss it without trying, spending all their money on expensive medicines and pay for their research instead. That way, parasite friendly medicine will survive, which is the real point to them.

I say let’s deworm this puppy with apple leaves. Cheap. Effective. Then get rid of all the biofilm we can. Get rid of 90% of the problem, then you may not even have to shuffle the cash. They might even get curious enough to identify the myriad species of parasites the Wild Apple Leaves get rid of. They won’t know what they’ve got till they’re gone though. There has been no work done on what obviously becomes the number one health problem in the world once you see what happens. It isn’t going away soon either, and has existed for all human history, which you can confirm by seeing what happens, and deduce by how they must have got there. Then you too will know that health care can’t go anywhere without addressing that first too. You will realize that it affects nearly everybody as well.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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