Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Jan 14, 2016 – Day 533 – Root Cause

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Wild Apple Leaves address the Root Cause of all health trouble from chronic disease. The current medical model addresses maintenance of the chronic condition, while apple leaves simply eliminate it. All medicine has no idea what the root cause is, or what apple leaves do to eliminate it. I suspect they will never want to know, because chronic disease is by far the most lucrative business model ever.

All it was was a ubiquitous vector transmitted nematode parasite infestation. What kind of parasite? There are so many kinds they will never know, just like it has been for all human history. I couldn’t believe that it has never been addressed, all the time while apple leaves actually addressed it. I believe it now. Medicine is stuck in history forever unless they can pass the simple Wild Apple Leaf test. Moreover, billions of people will die unless they can pass the simple apple leaf test. The answer is simple. Just go ahead and make it past the apple leaf test, and eventually all medicine will die while they kill everybody else, including themselves. Unfortunately that is slow. The only solace you can take is that it will be certainly be just like it is now.

I really wonder why I should care, other than this being typing physiotherapy to recover from damage done by the nematodes? I only found this out 533 Days ago. Nothing I seem to do can drive this simple fact home yet. Meanwhile, today all medicine will do billions of tests and miss the root cause again, like they always have. The cause is Animal, not Mineral. Wild Apple Leaves are the unknown vegetable “X.” You tell me how it fights it. Screw the Tricorder, because the leaves themselves do all the work. By the time hundreds of these parasites are skunked out by them, you will finally get it. If you don’t have any, then you will die just like your doctors, miserably. I know these aren’t the only apple trees in the world. They are some of the rare wild ones maybe, but they should be everywhere.

I found I could tweak my trees. The test tree had a bumper crop last year, of apples though, not leaves. I cured its Apple Scab by accident organically. It was more evidence for a phage process at work. Phage is way beyond the scope of medicine. It lives on in industry. I suspect my tweak was a one shot deal, because I no longer have pathogens to generate that phage. I had International Lyme Disease, so I had a pretty diverse source of pathogens I could introduce to the tree, and I had been eating the leaves for 6 months before that. It is unclear whether my antibodies or pathogens were responsible. It could also be both. The Apple Tree got top billing in the bible for a good reason, but everybody focussed on exactly the wrong thing, the fruit. The fruit factory is the real takeaway biotech here. I could see the fruit being lethal from parasites. Far from keeping the doctor away, it would keep him in business.

I think it is the pure “mother” that makes apple cider vinegar work. The phage is simply  immiscible in 5% acetic acid. It explains the difference between that and denatured apple cider vinegar. You can cut to the chase and skip the sour vinegar part. Wild Apple Leaves = Pure Mother of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar minus Acetic Acid. I saw a bark nibbling squirrel here. She gets the pure mother too, I take it. The deer have been tracking through again, probably for frozen apples. That cat is dog gone. Ironically, the root of the tree does not concentrate all the contained compounds, but understandably. The minerals the roots suck up go to the tree factory, and that’s the leaves.

Gary went to work where I was. I know now there are bad bugs there. From acaricidal properties alone, apple leaves could help immensely. The anthelmintic is just the bonus giving the root the boot. The clove powder kills their eggs in small amounts. You need an anthelmintic program to survive the bush here, or even the camps. Bugs live 24 7 in the camp heat there.

Sort of a funny end to the day. Had a nap after supper, and woke up with a sore throat. Oh oh. Took a 2015 Phage/Enzyme. 20 minutes later, it was a runny nose. In another 20 minutes, it was a mild right ear ache. In an hour, more runny nose, but all gone after another half hour. I guess I contacted a flu bug or cold, and walloped it in fast forward.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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