Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Jan 16, 2016 – Day 535 – Walking Pneumonia

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When a cold or flu is tough to shake, it morphs to a pneumonia like condition. It too goes in fast forward, producing thick mucus as you hack it all out. The  mucus tastes slightly soapy. Vitamin C seems to help thin it, along with pectin enzyme. It produces that stuffed head feeling in the early stage, but it all dissolves over time. A lot of liquids helps move it out, and it dehydrates you. They say the latest Influenza A can do that. People get hospitalized with breathing troubles because of it. I haven’t exactly had a picnic with it either, but I hope the worst has passed.

Here is a link to parasites and Lyme Disease. No mention of the dermal resident nematodes I saw from bug bites, but then Apple Leaves may be the only thing that skunks them out. The antimicrobial/antiviral property may be from the phloridzin content. It, apple bark, was identified for that a century and a half ago. Recent studies have done more extensive analysis. This has been the strangest type flu I have ever gone through though. Minus sore throat, sneezing, earaches that the apple leaves got in an hour, but with a lingering respiratory mucus production and an inadequately productive painless cough. The apple leaves did not address that part, while the other stuff was wiped. We noticed multiple components of a flu last year too, but not like this one. Colds are known to have as many as ten simultaneous co-infections. This seems most like it; Walking Pneumonia.

HornetPizzOther than that, not much to post today. 40% whiskey, lemon gin, or tequila, in very small amounts, loosened it up.  We are talking one teaspoon amounts. Ethanol is a temporary instant relief, so I assume that is why so many cough medicines use it. The strange angle is that it is a new kind of painless lingering pneumonia. It can starve you for air it seems, though. Add strong alcohol to Vitamin C and potassium in ash for a quick antidote. You can see how bug diseases slime everything up from the biofilming goo. It all boils down to bug bites as far as I can see. Lung infections are an integral part of it. A key clue is walking pneumonia is a mycoplasma infection. It is antibiotic resistant maybe, but I have only taken apple leaves. Perhaps that is a clue as to the limit of apple leaves. They do not get the mycoplasma co-infections. Antibiotics may address it now with the persisting biofilm reduced.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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