Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Jan 18, 2016 – Day 537 – An Incredible Wealth of Hidden Information

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It is hidden in nearly all of us. This very second. It would make for amazing science fiction if it were not real. What would the title be? “Inside Out: The story of Wild Apple Leaves.” Why not art imitating life? If a few hundred of your own parasite worms don’t get your attention, not much will. That gets you where incurious medical people are. Spoiler: You end up dying from bug parasites.

Too dramatic, but true. Random as bug bites. I think 29.6% of them pack spirochaetes. Several pack farmers in nematode eggs. Ask Dr. Sapi. I was just a surveyor until bugs got the better of me. The spirochaetes did too. Mycoplasma, piroplasms, and others. All biofilming. Like a movie, but you can try to dissolve this. Good luck. Another title: “You’ll Never Believe It, Until…” See for yourself. Then this blog is what I found. They play dirty pool. Write an apple app, hire Arnolds app, and “Strike! At de Ahhhp Sto!” “Build bullets punier than their cells!” Nature’s bioweapon? I think so.

Nature can do it. You’ll get the gist when you start with apple leaves. Do a few months of Applymes for max effect. In a week or less, you’ll catch on. It will be an incredible experience of discovery for you. And like everything, if it herx’s, what d’heck’s it doin? A mild herx, but a herx none the less. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t get what I experienced, I’d be worried. I guess I’m just lucky, then. Can’t see how, though.

Right now, I guess they can’t restore the salmon run here. It was cut off a hundred years ago in Hell’s Gate, on the Fraser River. 3/4 of the salmon run was lost in a landslide. They didn’t have a fish way over it. That’s a quarter of the regular bugs too. Yeah. Fite the Bite.  It’s still full on. The bugs are worse than cigarettes that repel them are for you. Do mosquitoes carry it? Some do apparently. More vectors than you can shake a stick at. Explains a lot. Hornet nematodes are more memorable, as are bees. Bees differ in that they leave a bonus chunk of stinger. I wonder if any of the Freedom Kids have ever been stung? Other than by every other news outlet humpin’ Trump?  When worms drill out of the Freedom Kids’ shoulders, I’m not sure what would happen either.

Moving along, this whole puppy will have to be de-wormed. There will be whimpering. It’s not that simple. It may not get crushed every time around here. Eventually, everybody will want to get rid of bug worms, but nobody even knows they exist yet. So here I am at Meat Zero, where they were literally eating me alive, as they are with you too this very second. This is different from moxi, Ivermectin, or Avermectin. It is OK for human consumption, and forces them out alive. Those medicines are out of my hands. That would be up to your doctor,. but doctors also have no idea what I found even exists. It is a huge red flag, smoking gun of a health care system gone horrifically wrong. I’m frustrated, but still hot on the wild apple leaves.

One thing that is important is to determine if others can handle the side effects. Depending on level of infestation, and assuming mine was sizeable from working in the woods and swamps, there was a marked herx and a lot of the nematodes etc. coming out. The herx wasn’t as severe as an antibiotic ileus sepsis herx, and actually better for digestion. Recently, a tester didn’t like the first flush of all the intestinal parasites, but it cleared up after a day. That may have also been fly related, but I also experienced the same thing initially. After the first wave of intestinal nematodes went, it cleared up better than ever. It was much less harsh than Black Walnut too. It took more than a year until I could take any wormwood because it seemed to change the worms into little electric eels. Still, I tested apple leaves soaked in 70% ABV Absinthe. One time, after finishing an ounce of unfiltered tincture made of Sambuca, Absinthe, and steeped Leaves, it really cleaned me out, and I felt weak and dizzy to the point I had to lie down. Still, a couple dozen or more biofilm dwelling stragglers were there. It is hard to tell how many the tincture got that time since they were internal. Everybody will be different. That is just what we have noticed.

The whole second biofilm reduction part depends on age of infection with the parasites. Mine exceeded 50 years in a lot of cases, so it has taken since Day 313 until I figured out a way to get rid of all that, and it is ongoing. I continue to get more of it slowly, from in capillaries and major circulatory channels. Now I am trying 2000 mg. odourless garlic pills to address a walking pneumonia like post flu mop up, and it seems to be working with the lingering mycoplasma, liquifying biofilm mucus. I’m trying to naturally address the MSIDS Map, when and where I can. I guess my way is an Apple Leaf protocol, and it is complex, looking for clues as I go from feeling and results.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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