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Sun, Jan 17, 2016 – Day 536 – Mycoplasma

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Mycoplasma is another insidious co-infection, but it is quite relevant in my case. I hope that Wild Apple Leaves have pared everything down to mycoplasma, and I suspect the antibiotic resistance mechanism is largely biofilm. It shows the importance of reducing biofilm concurrently. Mycoplasma appears to lurk there to infect another day. The link shows it contaminates the cell cultures they base medical decisions on as well.

MSIDS Map knows. It is a point 1 class infection. Dr. Horowitz goes in greater detail on Point 1 in his youtube lecturesMSIDS. Here are the known options for treating a mycoplasma infection. Mycoplasma is unknown in Canada, so they treat for infections blind and by luck. You tend to assume the entire endocrinology of Canada is a joke in that light. MSIDS defeats that easily by Point 10. It is but one reason why lyme treatment is going nowhere in Canada. Even a winter bound hill billy engineer in BC can tell you that. My whole family struggles against mycoplasma co-infections and does not know it. Bothe my parents are dead from that amongst other MSIDS co-infections, doing the post mortem and knowing the symptomatology that defeated all medicine here. Both parents came from biting insect riddled bush environments since they were young in the early 1920’s. Their infections would have combined from marriage, and the illnesses would be congenital and infect the entire family.

In the more recent Lyme Light, it looks like I am lucky to have even made it. It was lucky that I found that deer even ate apple leaves to take advantage of the strong anthelmintic properties of the organic apple tree bark/fibre. It was previously unknown, and although it my be useless to try and get the word out by a blog, I know that there is no way around nematode parasite illnesses becoming chronic without getting rid of the nematodes that Wild Apple Leaves do. I just hope that more [people find out, one at a time. It doesn’t help that the medical system here declares them all insane to draw a pay check when they are stumped. I’m way beyond all of that. I have a couple more with nematodes just coming out now, and asking what the hell these things are. Well, scroll back about 536 Days to find out. I haven’t run this blog that long, but it took me a few months to figure out what they were myself. I knew they came from bug stings and bites, and later, aquatic biofilms. Swimmers Itch they called them. It is a live parasite that never leaves until apple leaves forces it out. It makes biofilm to survive off of you. Eventually it kills you, but not them. Go figure. You’re just another meal to them.

If they raise mycoplasma too, that is just dessert. Once they are gone, the mycoplasma lives on should another nematode get established. In that respect, you must always maintain the apple leaf defense. Getting rid of the biofilm is tough once your body is trained to make iot for the apple leaf parasites, but you just cannot stop. You must maintain the pectin enzyme to take away the biggest building block your body uses against itself. You should alter your diet to minimize that, but everything is starch, so good luck. The parasite knows that humans have no shortage of that. We are a sweet ride, as are our starch fed pets and farm animals.

I have one study patient/tester/friend now, confirming a lot of this for me. I had to explain what a nematode exit was when it happened, a pinhole wound that did not heal immediately, as the insect bite parasite worm steals all the fibrinogen it can on the way out with the initially affected parasite pinworms. There are multiple more sophisticated ones to come out yet, hiding in biofilm and deep in previously torn tissues and broken bones. Moreover, you will feel it a bit as that area is revisitedĀ  and remember. I catch a bit of it too from the tester so I know what the hell it is, or in this case, go looking for a match. It is a mycoplasma pneumonia type thing that took advantage of their prior leaving nematodes’ biofilm farm. Sneaky. I always say that when I find out what it is. Because it is. No medicine has a clue what they are up to. Too Sneaky.

Their actions speak louder than a 2×4 upside da haid though. That alone could kill you, but it soon becomes obvious that they, nematode parasites themselves, actually do kill you. It’s that simple. Medicine here doesn’t do simple. There’s no money in it. Meanwhile, my tester is so grateful, they cleaned out my entire apartment here. I made it intentionally, inside my house, to downsize the energy footprint of this place. It has worked spectacularly. Why heat the whole place to use the 10% of it that I do?

BiohazardI hate going to town now. With most people infected, I have to go through recovering from all that when I return. You pick up things from every surface they touch like the cash machine or the checkout counters. It’s a hard place to get away from. Then you know it could be out of the frying pan into the fire. It’s the Devil you know, and nobody else does. The Apple Leaves get most of it, but then there are the weird walking pneumonia like things that it can’t. Alone they are enough of a drag to alter your behaviour to avoid them. I rarely had anything like asthma, but mycoplasma is now a smoking gun, leaving me starving for air until I defeat it again at home. Medicine will never understand when I found out smoking is actually a remedy for it. Hack out a huge loogie and voila… no more asthma. It was all that dissolving biofilm guck in my lungs. The asthma puffer actually gives me a headache, makes me sicker, and doesn’t work at all. Typical.

Meanwhile, I actually find myself agreeing with Sean Penn. We are all responsible for El Chapo as we were for Al Capone. We all lie and smoke our little smoke, snort our little snort, then look for another lie to get out when the SHTF. No shzt, man. Blame where we got it. Blame anybody but us. That’ll keep the cops at bay, misdirected from us. Some competitors use it as a weapon when their tech comes up woefully short of the mark. Lyme Disease is like that, but from my new uninfected perspective, you’re all a source of reinfection. One day, your chickens come home to roost too, rightly or wrongly, for convenience. I just found out how they are judge, jury, and executioner with wild apple leaves, no matter who you are.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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