Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Jan 4, 2016 – Day 522 – A Rough Start

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The stock market is off to a rough start for the year, dropping 50 S+P points in a morning mass sell off on Saudi Iran tensions. I’m OK but it sure isn’t. By 10 EST it is finally climbing off a dip. You don’t know where and how that will end up. Ever since the Fed rate increase in December, it has been climbing the stairs to fall off the cliff. The markets gave up 3 months of gains.

Last year, I gave up three months of physical gains when I had a bad reaction to drugs they prescribed. Then I knew medicine had no idea about what I found. Everything they did made me worse. I am on my own here until they kill me with the next “diagnoses.” Understandably, I have a bad case of White Coat syndrome now. That sheds some light on why they deny Lyme Disease exists. They must keep killing people, and they felt ignoring it would help their stats.

It is a bad start to recovering from a printed Recovery rally. If anybody needs a physical recovery rally, I have it in Wild Apple Leaves, but they sure don’t. The doctor/pharma centric system is a complete fail, no matter which way they count the score. We found a simple problem, and a simple solution. First get rid of the thousands of parasites. Then work on trying to break down all the bacterial biofilm they built up over the years. Don’t figuratively climb all those stairs to walk off the cliff. Easier said than done maybe.

The Middle East is always a mess it seems. If it isn’t one thing, it is another. They like to rattle the sabres to boost oil prices. With lots of alternate supply now, it didn’t work this time. Feb Futures for oil are at $36.55. That has really done a number on the Canadian Peso. Thus the Tequila business is a natural hedge against it. Make medicine out of it to kill two bad birds with one stone. Jalisco is calling. All Tequila must be officially made in that province of Mexico by definition. Although the worm is a myth borrowed from mescal, just add Canadian Apple Leaves, and you will have plenty of real worms coming out, while you bust up biofilm. Works for me. The components of apple leaves are not miscible in water, but they are in ethanol. The biofilm targeting enzyme is Aspergillus Niger derived, and they use it to break down the Agave, which is made of the same polysaccharide. The characteristic salty lime taste is a bonus.

They don’t drink in the middle east generally. No booze. Their loss. I can imagine those sand flies pack a lot of nasty worms in their bites. The ethanol does seem to help the enzymes permeate the biofilm. Many medicines are extracted using ethanol as well. It is a holdover from the days of eclectic medicine. Back to Tequila Making, or even Converted Agave Coffee Sweetener.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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