Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Jan 19, 2016 – Day 538 – Women Live Longer

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I wonder if that is because they are exposed to less nematode parasite infested insects? It’s a theory. I found the bug worms are a smoking gun for all sorts of chronic disease personally. The longer you have them, and the more you have of them, the more damage they do. I kind of have a unique perspective because Wild Apple Leaves have afforded me a chance to feel what it is like with them gone.

Of course I am curious if any are left that were immune to assault from the apple leaves. I found more hiding under biofilm. It took over a year before those bee sting worms started to come out with the remnants of the stinger. Mosquitoes, Spiders, hornets, fleas, mites, ticks, Black flies, and every other colour for that matter, looked to leave a parasite when they bit. It will be a whole new field of medicine, but they aren’t doing well with the current ones, if their track record is any measure. If a body part screws up, they just get rid of it. Apple Leaves seem to start repairing it whether you knew about it or not. They’re the pound of prevention worth a ton of cures.

Apple Leaves are a new previously unknown or forgotten anthelmintic with a twist. Taken orally, they do not kill the parasite helminth, but force it to leave from where it hides, alive. By folding their hand, and showing where they have hidden for decades, a pretty good picture of what the parasites do emerges. Perplexing health issues, like arthritis, or neuroborreliosis symptoms, sometimes clear up after the helminths leave. It warrants a huge amount of research by doctors, but it is way beyond their comprehension, so they are not interested. It shows the answer to most of the age old questions of medicine, but they don’t want simple answers to tough questions, I guess. They are like new breed politicians where the questioner is unfair and insane. Then their peanut gallery cheers.

Back to the NTFTD ; New Thing For The Day. Women have less lifetime bug parasite exposure. Too simple. Yet I can see them beating the board to a pulp trying to hit that nail on the head, while we have driven it clear through a couple layered boards in one shot. It’s the same OTFTD. Medicine is in a house made of beaten up boards with undriven nails hanging out of it all over the place. All sorts of foundations collect money claiming they’ll drive all those missed nails in, but they just beat the boards up more, and they build a shoddy new wing full of missed nails to boot. Explains a lot. Wild Apple Leaves are the Howitzer of Power Nailers. It blasts nails you can feel, but can’t even see, when they’re done. Another silly analogy.

They’ll never know what Apple Leaves do. The phage like action is too unpredictable, and it will be different for everybody. Still, if it works to drive your parasites out, I would do it until they’re all gone. More pectin enzyme exposed more parasites, and they also came out. I tried to reverse 59 years of damage from the parasites with them, but some of the injury may be permanent. I still hold hope that it all isn’t that way. They expose a whole new class of unknown parasites, but they are as real as the pinhole wound where they leave. Everybody is at risk from those multiple parasite diseases, but outdoor workers will be at higher risk. I can hook that to men dying faster.

I would be interested if anyone else found a way to get parasites out. Scram! is an intestinal parasite formulation of Black Walnut, Sunday PaperWormwood, and clove powder, but didn’t find anything more than apple tree fibre got, that I knew of. ParaGone is also similar to Scram! Apple Leaves are also natural, much less harsh, and expose many more unknown vector parasites. In Canada, we are shooting in the dark with censored-by-omission endocrinology results, so who knows where the next Powassan/Lyme is hiding. Canada used to do endocrinology until they found there was more money in psychiatry, and everybody who was sick could be declared insane for a fat government pay check. If you have any vector illness, stay away from them and start the apple leaves immediately. Trouble is, there is a pathway to prove every illness is a vector illness, and apple leaves are the only way you will find out when the illness just disappears.

Sarah is ready to drill, baby, drill the establishment, as she presents Trump with a Makita. I’m ready to drill, baby, drill the worm establishment too, with wild apple leaves. They’ll love it like a root canal.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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