Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Oct 13, 2015 – Day 439 – Shopping Day

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I have appointments in town, so you try to do the shopping all at the same time. I need string for leaf nets. An apple corer would be nice. I also need apple boxes. I have a tent, and a CO2 generator/furnace. The deal there is you store apples in carbon dioxide to keep longer. It also has the added benefit of repelling insects. They hate CO2. Methane, or natural gas, generates 2 moles of water for every mole of CO2, consuming 2 oxygen. Propane C3H8 makes 3 CO2 to 4 Water, consuming 5 Oxygen. Should any bugs straggle, they will flee the “evil” carbon dioxide. They also hate diatomaceous earth, sprinkled as a powder. They really hate my custom 2015 leaves from the Superphage tree, I notice. I know a social worker who also hates carbon dioxide. Medical people hate carbon dioxide. It is my favourite engineering material for dealing with bugs, and also making apples keep longer while I get my wine making act together to use up some extra pectin enzyme to convert the apples to all sugar.

Apollo 13 showed us all that we can handle 5% CO2. I couldn’t get enough in here to trigger my detector. It was more sensitive to Carbon Monoxide, and would always go off when the trailer it was in was towed by a gasoline vehicle. Not with a diesel vehicle ever though, although the VOC’s could stink a dog off a gut wagon when it was cold. If I towed it down the highway with lots of other gas vehicles, it would trigger it from CO from all the other vehicles. It never triggered here. I am still here. I’m still waiting for my globe to be warmed. I want my money back. lol

Newt Gingrich is being short listed for Trump running mate too. Maybe the Grump run is back on. I am running on the “fire all health care” ticket, and replace it with Wild Apple Leaf phage and American Eclectic Medicine for all infectious chronic illness, and especially ARD antimicrobial resistant disease. Biofilm is the only chronic mechanism left, and we wallop that too. Maybe I will make Governor Ventura president instead, using my 23rd Amendment loophole. Governor Schwarzenegger could be his running mate. I could just be Grumpy king maker. One brother who is a lawyer warns me the difference between engineers and lawyers is that lawyers don’t think they can be engineers. I countered that I can really make a legal train wreck instead. They’ve already established precedent there, with lawyers driving the train. They owe me one.

They say Newt could replace the Moon Base with a Mars Base. Interesting. I would just get the medical house in order first. Then I would look at the Mars Base in my second week. I would go golfing on the extra two days after the first 3 it takes the phage to start the cure for most people. Sceptical people can opt out and die like usual. They can keep their doctor for real. What about the Iran nuclear blackmail? I guess we’ll have to keep the deal. It’s not like you have a choice, no matter what the other candidates say. I would make an executive order day one for a surgeon general warning that there are no GMO labels on any food on a billboard at the entrance of every supermarket, pointing out that North America and Antarctica are the only continents on earth not requiring that these Autism linked chemical laced foods be labelled. I would have to kiss Monsanto funding goodbye. I don’t suppose Big Pharma would exactly pick up the slack either. I have a YouTube. And I have a keyboard, pen, and a phone. Trump has a Twitter. The new Bully Pulpit battlefield. Reach Out, and throttle someone.

I would fund research into a GMO antidote like my OMG!™. It basically is an additive to make your body process poison as best as it can, and capture VOC’s that may make it past the Apple Leaf. You put the garbage in, we can try to get it out, but no guarantees there. Again, you can opt to be a Monsanto guinea pig. <shrug> You’re paying for the health care. Pyrus Malus fibre will get the heavy metals and move them out. That’s been known for a century. Anybody born or living in a city prior to 1975 will be a while getting all the lead from gasoline out. Impose a surcharge on unlabelled food to pay for the healthcare, with penalties based on parts per million residue using ELISA testing. It will take months to reduce all the pectin bacterial biofilm as well.

Don’t you wish brevity was the soul of election campaigns? Once they found out it was big money business, they kissed that notion goodbye. I know brevity should also be the soul of blogging, but I can’t help myself. It is physio I like, and mostly due to the fact I am getting my typing skills, sad as they are, back. That was the first tell something was wrong. I started making a lot of left hand typos in late 2006, and it got worse in early 2007. That would be my introduction to a babesia co-infection, I now realize. Lyme is a given from the environment here, being the rich salmon spawning grounds that this place is. Luckily, I saw that deer here really liked apple leaves from trees they germinated themselves. With a little testing and trying the same thing, I think I finally have a solution to this whole mess, and a theory as to why it works like it does, given the observations I have noticed. Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humour? No doctor will ever find out! They would give up from the herx, and would never discover that smoking makes it scatter the worms even faster. Even veterinarians wont, even though a phage signature, is cross species effectiveness. lol Apple seeds germinate by freezing them it is said. I take it those droppings are like little Jiffy pucks to give them a leg up growing from scratch. Deer eat the entire apple, but only after it falls. They like the overly ripe ones. Their droppings are actually transparent amber, clear like apple jelly, I noticed.


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