Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Jan 20, 2016 – Day 539 – Intestinal Parasites

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All anthelmintics, like Black Walnut, and Wormwood, target intestinal parasites. Initially Wild Apple Leaves do too apparently, but I had forgotten. Other testers found that they had initial loose movements that cleared up. Again, everyone may be different, based on how many and where the parasites reside. I tried steeping some leaves in absinthe initially for the ethanol and wormwood, and thought it was attributable to that. The apple leaves alone are gentler. Once that had passed for me, my intestinal function was the best it had ever been my entire life, generally. I had missed that, focussing on the increasing external parasites drilling out at old bug bites. Understandably, once 50 year old hornet sting nematodes, residing near the bone, had drilled all the way out, they were getting much of my attention.

In my case it took almost a couple weeks, and led to my Apollo anal0gies, leading up to “splashdown,” for that initial nasty nematode skunk out bowel movement. TMI? Not really enough information, actually. It is independently confirmed now. I started with live leaves to make about a cup of salad, but found that was a little too strong. It caused a mild headache over my right eye, alleviated by a single 100 mg ibuprofen, but then really wiped out a brain fog I wasn’t aware of before. Eating Wild Apple Leaves get the intestinal parasites too. They were midsummer July leaves when the apples were still green, and I thought that might have contributed too.

At Davos, Switzerland, the IMF Annual Conference, they point out that every new biofilm enzymestechnology promotes great fear. If you are a doctor, with Wild Apple Leaves, you have a lot to be afraid of. Not for patients, but for yourself. You will shortly discover how misdirected the entire medical system is. They missed this for all history. The health implications of multiple vector parasites that the apple leaves skunk out are more than enormous. These hitch hiker helminths are likely responsible for a massive amount of chronic illness, on top of pulling the wool over your eyes about their existence, I suppose. They hide in biofilm, and I suspect they are the culprits that construct it and farm it for food. You can see in the reviews for Kirkman Labs Biofilm Defense that every medicine works better when the biofilm is eliminated or reduced. I am trying to replace these Kirkman Biofilm Defense enzymes with  the natural Wild Apple Leaf enzymes and pectin enzyme, serrapeptase, and invertase. It has been somewhat successful, and at a lot lower cost, but if you don’t believe it, try Kirkman’s Defense too. I see good things about it in the reviews. It may cover the cost in medicine you will save from wasting on biofilm illness.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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