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Sat, Jan 23, 2016 – Day 542 – Working for Free

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I missed a day goofing of a couple days ago. It was one of those rainy days in the winter that we can get here, but then followed with uncharacteristically sunny bliss as everything melted slightly. Dismal to sunny. It made me tired. I hibernated. I counted myself lucky that I did go to Mexico, and celebrated with a few tequila. They have that new Zika mosquito thing, and I can’t take my apple leaves there easily. I can get drunk smelling a bar rag these days, so it was a small cheap drunk. Wo0+! I can’t find my guitar slides. We cleaned up around here, but I didn’t see where those got put. They’ll turn up. Anyways, I’m trying to work for The Boss here, meaning myself. I’m wearing too many hats here though. I am not able like I used to be. I wind up stumped on things I used to find easy to do.

Makeachange.com wants to put us to work… as do we. I know I can contribute a lot of typing when I set my mind to it. It is hard to steer away from my typical throwaway rants, but I manage. The Boss wouldn’t approve. So what if I were a writer? I wouldn’t be able to start a sentence with “So” for starters. I just couldn’t give a ho0+ though. If they get it, they get it, and the literary pundits will have something to bash. It’ll make them satisfied, in a way. As such, the reader is co-boss, being the judge of all that. Here, have a tequila. Let’s have a meeting.

I don’t write much about politics. That’s overdone. Kinda tired too. No matter who is elected, they’ll screw it all up. It’s a first world thing, and it serves its purpose to misdirect us from the real trouble. Now I think I should soliciot answers on how to manage such an unruly and unlikely crop as apple leaves. I use wire cutters to snip test leaves, stem and all. Overkill, but does a good job getting the whole thing. Oddly, the small leaf stem feels to have the same properties as the dried leaf. I still have a little bit of fruit leaves from other trees to try and check that I am not crazy. They are my placebo. They do have other properties, such as slightly probiotic, but nothing like real apple leaves. I do not know if they take heavy metals as well.

IMG-20140809-00088I have an employee that works for nothing as well. My Apple Test Tree, and her compatriots. Gramp’s Tree is a consultant. His fee is similarly minimal. The Test tree actually has a couple trees, a maple and an apple. They’re pals, but I am interested in the apple, like the deer were. They’re cheap too. I only eat the leaves like they like. They can digest poisons, but I had a hunch these were OK after nibbling some myself. Count me surprised when it woke up the old bugs though. If you look back, I still hadn’t figured they were nematodes left by those old bugs. I clued in after about a few weeks though. It had to be that way. And it made sense. And yes, I know it is bad form to start a sentence with “And.” Gotcha! lol I’ll work on shapin’ up. These days, I have to find my guitar slides to practice, though. I eventually found them. I’m trying to reinvent myself on slide guitar but I fail. I think the animals don’t mind it because they haven’t left yet.

Are we not all slaves to the bugs? How would it not be that way? I ask people if they’ve been bit by a bug. They look at me as if I am nuts. Everybody gets bit by bugs. It’s a safe bet this is happening with everybody. What would you do, faithful reader? I’m trying to bounce some ideas off you here. If I sold apple leaves, people wouldn’t like my quality control. It’s just apple leaves after all. Get your own. The trouble is obviously pesticide and fungicide though. People spray their apple trees, so be careful. That is why I like the wild ones. No spray on them. Mine used to have more V. Inaequalis (Apple Scab) fungus, but that was cleared up this year. YMMV.




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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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