Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Jan 24, 2016 – Day 543 – Turned Around

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I went to sleep early. I fell asleep watching SNL at 8:30 PM in our time zone Pacific Time, then I wake up and can’r get back to sleep. I sit up here and look into things, like GIS applications for Linux. It keeps me going. I feel driven, sidelined by Lyme presumably, yet also feel guilty. I always worked hard, long hours. It was expected because we had a limited window when we could access target areas when they were frozen. Now there is a general downturn in oil exploration as we see the lowest prices in over a decade. Our whole economy gravitated to an oil based economy when oil was at a premium, but now the bottom has fallen out. It has really hit the Canadian dollar since we are an oil producer.

I have been trying to explore a new herbal crop here with Wild Apple Leaves. The fruit crop is known, but the multiple medicinal properties of the powdered leaves is unknown. Olive Leaves are better known. The main thing is they get rid of all th0se tenacious worm parasites at the location of bug bites and stings. People do not know they exist yet, and they live off human brain, nerves, and meat for decades. Apple Leaf Powder straightens that out quite quickly when it forces the worms to drill out from where they were hiding. It is the only known defence to this largely unknown vector bioweapon affecting all persons’ health.

I stay up at night fretting a lot for people. Hardly any of them even have a clue yet. This way you can meet your own parasites, should you have any doubts. If you don’t they will kill you as they always have. It seems it has been that way since at least Genesis 3 where it was documented. The Apple fruit itself is just one source of nematode parasites though. The leaves hold the key to skunking out the parasites. From my work outdoors in the woods and prairies, I had a lot of bug bites where eventually many of these things came out. I had no idea they were freeloading there for most of my life. They explain why my health took a sudden turn for the worse 9 years ago where medicine had no idea. I even matched the incident to a repeatable set of insects and bites. It correlated to the spawning salmon run cycle here.

train-wrecks-accidents-23You could link this to heart disease of many types, and all sorts of illness and strokes. Blaming it all on smoking is an obvious non sequitur when compared to the damage that the insect parasites wreak. All medicine is full speed ahead on the wrong track, but of course they will not listen to me. I have a front row seat to the impending massive train wreck, and there is nothing I can do. It keeps me awake at night waiting for the impending discovery  that people will have when the wild apple leaves make it all so blitheringly obvious. Now there is Zika Virus, and that is just another identified problem that nematodes can cause I bet. It will be decades before they can figure it out, while I have known for 543 Days what the main trouble is. You can tell they will never discover it without my Apple Leaf discovery. It opens a whole new field of health science that is a new foundation for all medicine, and they are ignoring it.

There is a reawakening of yet another new model of medicine, and that is the link of many fatal and/or disabling chronic diseases to the Borrelia spirochaete. I believe that is secondary to the presumable nematode farmers I found. These “farmers” are too stealthy to detect, not culture-able, and too slippery to catch in the act. Of course, you can see them for yourself, whether you are a doctor or a gardener, if you just eat Wild Apple Leaf powder, and they will start drilling out of you. Then you tell me what is happening. I tried to stick to the plot and formulate my own theories about them. It explains most of the unknowns of medicine should you care. Fortunately. we live in a world now where the highest quality education is free, and only requires your time, curiosity, and commitment. You can link above existing science even. I do that looking for answers how the parasite evades detection so easily, yet is undeniably there for a long time, like decades. It has totally warped my world view from where it was before this.

Met someone today who asked why I was limping. Said “Lyme Disease.” He said that’s incurable. I replied, “You should have seen it before this.” I have really come very far from where I was. It explains a lot though, like why they do not diagnose it. Why diagnose something incurable when you can just ignore ineffective and/or dangerous treatment and possibly give people futile hope instead? I have made progress, but not a total cure. Skin cancer/psoriasis, arthritis, and intestinal difficulties were easier to cure for me, and the Apple Leaves did that. It was a quick fix for what I guess was neuroborreliosis, but it is hard to tell except from other than a perspective of a patient/victim like I was. I didn’t even know it was getting bad until the apple leaves ripped it away. The weird thing about the bug parasites drilling out must have a lot to do with those conditions. An endocrinologist would have a field day with this, but you don’t need a degree in rocket surgery to figure out that the nematode parasites are behind the whole tangled biofilming mess.

Sunday Housecall had a bit about the tendency of alcohol to vasodilate blood vessels. It is not good for cold weather, but I can see it increasing circulation. I see now that is why it was about the only thing that really provided arthritis relief back before apple leaves walloped the rheumatism. I assume biofilm caused a lot of microcirculatory issues as well. Alcohol is a vasoldilator that works for me even in small amounts now. It also helps clear out mucus and phlegm if they are an issue. Think cough syrup. I have a drink I envision to call “Grandma’s Apple Rock Remedy.” It would be a whiskey strength apple leaf extract, but would be very hard on people with lots of insect bites and resultant parasites. Phloridzin, rutin, and avicularin would be prime constituents, leached from the apple leaves. There is strong evidence for anthelmintic phage content.

The bottom line is that this is still extremely promising, but if I do not break the national weightlifting record, nobody will care. I am not even going to try to do that. I am just happy I was lucky enough to witness the thing with the deer after they ate the apple leaves. It cured the lame one rather quickly, and she looked to suffer from the same thing I was suffering from at the time. At least I found out and confirmed it was not unrelated. And I press on in my quest… Well, at least it is thousands of times more powerful than pot! lol There has to be something on that.

It led to me finding that starch was hundreds of times deadlier than smoking.

E-medicine commercials. That is the true future of medicine. I might be able to slip in, but I am a mineral engineer stuck in a bug bit surveyor’s body. I meditate to get in touch with their problems on the Dark Side. They think we are 95% of their universe. lol We’re barely breakin’ the 4%’s from here. Oh well, any port in a storm. Insurance is running for the exits. There had better be an app for that.



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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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