Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Jan 25, 2016 – Day 544 – Oil Effect

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The price of oil weighs heavily on lots of things. Food, textiles, hard and soft commodities, discretionary spending. How would it affect health care? There is a deflationary effect to all kinds of sectors. A lot of new high priced production of oil, saddled in debt, is not economical in a sudden glut, with Iran poised to come back on stream. Saudi Aramco is not about to stop or curtail production, and the OPEC cartel is in a shambles. Much of the free world economy, the S+P 500, is hedged, if not based, on oil too. Everybody was caught betting on higher energy prices when the price came down.

There is a parallel in medicine. Everybody was caught betting on continued chronic disease tonics. That existing model is heavily weighted on the long disease side. Wild Apple Leaves shatter the existing model. Nobody banked on a ubiquitous vectored nematode farmer parasite epidemic, underlying it all, or that it could be cured. The oil trade shows us that might not be a good thing when the current medical pharmaceutical cartel collapses. Apple Leaves have the potential to do that, and medicine is caught weighted all in on increasing chronic disease. Far from being a pipe dream, it gets closer to reality with every passing day. Eventually, the cat will get out of the bag, and everybody will find this out themselves, or die off.

Burning up all of a lifetime of stored starch will affect your food consumption. All that junk food has a built in second wind people never suspected. Converting all that starch to sugar in situ really lowers your appetite. Most of the world eats rice, and that is basically pure starch. You become more protein conscious with your diet. The parasites lived on starch sequestered in your body, but without them, now you need enzymes to get rid of the whole literally sickening mess of polysaccharide biofilm. The older you are, the more of it you will have to be conscious about. I should know. I’m 60 now, and I’m still hacking out blobs of bug jam. Everybody will go through the same thing or plug up with it like everyone else does now.

Now on a new thing for the day. Do plants have parasite eggs? I am talking like nettles, poison sumac, poison ivy, and other irritant plants. I don’t know. Trees may also be suspect, like you notice sometimes with what we call fir whiskers. They are tiny slivers. I had some some slivers come out eating Wild Apple Leaves as they mopped up. This was over and above the apparent nematodes. The apple tree fibre seems to force out what doesn’t belong in your skin. There is no real wound with some of these slivers, and they come out white, generally. I know a pine cone wound to the face initiated an irritated patch that I worried was growing like a cancer. It since cleared up though over a year ago.

train-wreckLawrence Summers, former US Secretary of Commerce, will be talking about the oil weighted market losing steam on CNBC. It is all up to the Saudis versus Iran. The Saudis are flooding the market to put pressure on Iran. Again, he re-iterates the oil consumption – producer underlying growth engine of the world. It is a high pressure $ weight base on all outlying sectors. Finance is a lot more interesting than all the regular weighted news negatives. It is a heads you lose – tails you lose setup. It’s like the news-tainment that way. They’re setting up a Bloomberg Trump saw-off for shzzles and gizzles. The bureaucracy winds up winning, and we all lose again.

Meanwhile in Canada, former first world “have” country from our oil, we were pitted in a battle against the bottom line for our energy. That has been since 1973. Far from being viewed as gallant oil warriors, we were everybody’s whipping mules. Now it looks like we finally “won.” That’s a paradigm shift we could do without upstream as they call it. I’ve been distant, working here on a year and a half critical apple leaf testing from scratch. I’ve been down to a maintenance dose though for a few months, just doing an applyme a week on weekends to see if it catches anything. I bump it if I get a cold or flu or bug bites to fight off again. It’s still very pro – biotic. You just don’t need as much like Pavlov’s apple leaf muncher.

I feel for other surveyors and engineers who had to work outside. They do not know that these bug parasites are living on their dime like unwanted souvenirs that like to munch your joints. I’ve been through a heck of a battle finding what I hope is bottom with them. Nobody even knows there is a top, and everybody is topped up, yet. I went careful breaking trail and stretching it out over a year, but about 3 months could do the bulk of it now with what I’ve found, and depending on age, continuous biofilm reduction after that. Chewing raw dried apple leaves reduces biofilm plaque on your teeth, so that was a clue. Apple cider vinegar is a better brush agent than toothpaste too it seems, but more than just a bit sour. It gets your juices flowing for sure. I’m still on just weekly or as needed apple leaf maintenance though. I am still typing physio wise with all the ups and downs as they may come. It helps me keep a monitor on it. My mouse hand is still shaky at times, then I revert to zen again, and it goes. Good practice anyway.

The oil effect is wider than most suspected. It has been a general contraction spreading across economies as OPEC crumbles under excess competing supply pressure with a potential boycotted old supply poised to fill the gaps as Iran reboots from the tumultuous 1970’s. It is scary where it will all shake out, and there is a large geopolitical risk component. Not much we can do about that. Energy falling, and food rising. None predicted that. Make no mistake it is an anomaly, and will take some time to sort out. You can always remember the days of the Apollo Program before this all happened. It will take an effort like that to address oil pressures, but Job 1 after food is still health care. They have spent more than Apollo, and still have not solved much at the root cause level. From my perspective, I just hope you have never been bit or stung by a bug. It was Wild Apple Leaves that opened up that whole other possibility to a new stability that has been unknown until 543 Days ago. I hope it helps, and know it has potential for others, even though inner space does not have the caché of outer space.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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