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Tues, Jan 26, 2016 – Day 545 – Filarial Nematode Parasites


I’m not sure there is much more I could say or do about all of this. Eating Apple Leaves causes the bug bite parasite nematodes to exit. I tried to journal all my observations here even though people didn’t want to know. I read reams of peer reviewed and published info. The biofilm channel on YouTube was a great baseline to start from, and explained a lot about the mechanics of these things, with respect to chronic illness. It’s a lot wider spread than I ever could have imagined. The days get longer, and the nights get shorter, time marches on, as I thank my lucky stars that I made it this far.

There is slowly more cropping up on these filarial nematodes and their link to Lyme and MSIDS. Multiple Sclerosis was ruled out in my case, but the symptoms are similar. Like Dr. Alan MacDonald says, it is another keyhole view to a lot of chronic disease. I look at it that parasite filarial nematode farmers, such as those apple leaves presumably force out, are the key plugging the peephole. I don’t look at it like my effort was too, little too late. If you find an edible source of apple leaves, you would find out the same things. The biofilm reduction spin off is another thing I tried to make through, as the apple leaves started to penetrate it, and I helped them with pectin enzyme. I may be a voice in the wilderness now, but someday people will follow my path, laid out like a surveyor putting the boundaries on a new road. It is hard to pilot when you don’t know where it will all wind up.

The difficulties with Lyme Disease are well known, but that keyhole on chronic illness Dr. MacDonald discovered is a real eye opener. Who knew that the same thing underlaid all sorts of disease? Dr. MacDonald has known since 1986, and still struggles to get the word out. The biofilm discovery is also another piece of the puzzle. It all has a plausible explanation when you eat wild apple leaves to address nematode parasites. Unfortunately I am not a doctor, and it is kind of a closed shop. I don’t like even going there because centralizing contagious sick people doesn’t seem to end well in a lot of cases. New medicines are a double edged sword when all the side effects are taken into account. The implications of what I found out have me in a reverse quarantine here, when the infectious vector is everywhere but here. That alone is a heavy chunk of knowledge to live out.

I used to be a lot more musical. The whole town was, but there has been a change. The artistic scene has disappeared largely. The economy is depressed and idling. I can see a large health care crisis looming if it hasn’t already manifested. Instead of feeling helpless, this humble blog is my journey on how I found a way to help. Nobody wants to know, or takes it seriously, here. The day after Katrina is a little too late, but you can see it coming. Of course, by then it is too late. Apple Leaves work much better as a preventative measure, but the problem is awareness of the dangers I found. It all seemed, and still seems, unknown. The problem is simply vector parasites.

I can tell you it is a miracle I am even here now. All this was totally unknown. You couldn’t pick a tougher test subject, since I had been bit by bugs more than most, being a surveyor in the woods. I used to sit on logs occasionally, making it all worse I presume. I also know that long term camps with open sumps pose even more problems than ever suspected. I hope writing this in silicon stone will help, but it is a low probability stop gap solution that needs extensive investigation. It looks like that will not happen soon if ever. The eyes of an endocrinologist may see that differently, and that is my hope. I hoped fopr a change, and this was what I was dealt in response. I thought it was nothing short of miraculous, but realized from such an unlikely source, it would be an uphill battle for any sort of recognition. I did it for purely selfish motives. It worked for me somewhat, and got me to where I needed to go. There is no support here where I live because they are still arguing about it. Where there is support, I do not know if they even know about this. I tried to get the word out.

I was a foot soldier in a battle with OPEC. Now I am a wounded warrior. It is kind of hard for people to ignore us after we did their bidding, but they do anyway. Perhaps it is all meant to be. I just followed the money and the orders. I tried to come up with solutions where there were problems for us. Engineer solving problems. Nothing to see here. Move along folks. This one was a lot tougher than most, and it was a tougher path that doesn’t have an ending until that fateful day. I kept positive. I still keep positive. There is always the dream that someone will underwrite the research to drive this into a new ground floor from which all medicine must launch, as I know it is without a doubt now. I know enough to know that all medicine does not know this, when it is of the utmost importance. You would deduce the same thing if you ever ate Wild Apple Leaves. No pain, no gain.

I can’t say enough about starting early. The obvious reality is that people know nothing about filarial nematode spirochaete farmers, and they don’t want to know. They are hidden until you force them out with the Apple Leaf treatment. All the time they are hidden parasites they are doing damage, and I suspect they are building bacterial biofilm for their food. I got rid of all the worms I think I can, and hopefully much of the biofilm they left. It has been a long learning journey that all chronic disease sufferers will have to go through. There is no real alternative to stop it if you don’t now, until nematocides are invented to target the unknown helminths that Wild Apple Leaves force out.

Is 60 years too late though? I would like to hope that it isn’t. It is a tough sell when people think they are fine and bulletproof. Then they get arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, age related neurological issues, asthma, urinary tract, digestive issues, and more. They treat the irritation, and not the cause we think is forefront with the filarial nematodes. They get stints to make more room for bacterial biofilm to expand in coronary arteries. It is a creeping cumulative negative force to deal with, and it affects everybody over time. The stealth that the filarial nematodes exhibit serves them to the point that most people think nothing is wrong. After you have gone through what I did, it becomes apparent that you were eating for 200 little worms or so, and everybody will be different as the insects that bit them. Is it hopeless? Yes and no. Yes that people don’t believe it. Maybe no if they find this whole blog, and try to fight it. It always looks better in hindsight, and when you feel a bit better as each nematode comes out. It could be an additional psychosomatic component that makes you feel better too. You can feel and see the progress, and it cheers you up a bit.

The doctor on this biofilm video points out that anything you buy to eat that you couldn’t get 100 years ago is suspect in fueling chronic illness. That is on top of filarial nematodes, but I think the wild apple leaf class of nematode parasites are a huge ignored factor. They aren’t only lymphatic filariasis. They do not migrate much from the point of the initial Miamotoivector bite, and exit where they were acquired. In 1939, Japanese researchers reported a link of vector parasite nematodes and malacia (softening of organ tissues) as reported in the filarial link with lots of worm pictures. That’s news to me, not having prior access to referenced Japanese translations, but I can see it being lost in the haystack. That’s a pretty good doctor, Alan MacDonald, writing there. I have mountains of evidence here to meet the nematodes they describe, I believe, using wild apple leaf as an anthelmintic.

The filarial nematode link states, “The possibility of more than one species of worm simultaneously infecting the Cerebrospinal fluid could not be excluded,” and I could see that too. Finally, something else that matches what I saw, and came from multiple species of insects, not just ticks. I noted the veterinary similarities too. Tom Grier has lots more too.
Physio earlier on guitar was learning “Wild Apple Leaf,” but made it sound like “Wildwood Flower.” That goes with “The West Denial Virus Song.” lol



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

5 thoughts on “Tues, Jan 26, 2016 – Day 545 – Filarial Nematode Parasites

  1. Hello Mike!
    Keep on writing! You are an inspiration!!! I am plugging along with my own self experimentation, having added olive leaf recently that I purchased in bulk from Organic Matters.com…since I do not have access to apple leaves right now. Seems to be also digging out the mycoplasma pneumonae….my educated guess at the moment due to resulting herx?!? I also had pneumonia in the distant past. Keep up the good works! A&W Kaselitz


    • Thanks. I’m trying to keep my chin up here, as we are ostracised by the health care system here, and being stuffed into the cracks. I tried the olive leaves too, but they didn’t do much for me. They were 15% Oleuropein.


  2. Don’t give up! There is hope… Btw, I believe in your take on why women live longer…only it may be reversed in my case. I was a small scale rancher/horse trainer living in central MB at the time. We rode up on a dead moose in the forest one day, engulfed with mosquitos. When the bugs swarmed after us, we rode away fast! The old timers knew it was ticks that brought the moose down…but the docs said we lived in a Lyme free community, so my fatigue, fevers & joint pain that year (early 90’s) were all psychosomatic. Lol.


    • If borrelia too the moose, the mosquitoes feeding on it would be infected. It is way more than ticks. Different bugs may be responsible for different parts of the disease too when they all team up.


  3. Yes I believe it was the mosquitos too. It took me many years to make that full connection. We will be looking for Apple leaves here this year. Meantime I’m using everything I can get my hands on… in rotation….chaga, essential oils, herbs, rife machine, the ‘candida cleaner’…. etc, etc. There is a future & a hope!


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