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Thurs, Jan 28, 2016 – Day 547 – Worrisome Future

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The CTV News Channel, like many others, paints a rocky road ahead for us all. That is accounting for the fact that if it bleeds, it leads with news networks. Up front, Zika Virus is poised to quickly become the next malaria. I take it you have all heard variants of the story, but the level of the current epidemic spread estimates are alarming. There is no cure in sight. It has already spread northward from tropics via travellers. It poises an existential threat to mankind by causing fatal birth defects.

Closer to home, the existential threat here is economic collapse. After 4 decades of remaking ourselves into an oil economy with heavy oil, oil has been taken out of the picture. Thinking about it is causing me to lose sleep. It is another one of those impending train wreck things. Even though there is nothing I can do about it, you cannot help but play out the possible endings. That doesn’t help to change the topic. It affects everyone here, and they may not be able to take it as well. The weight of our government services built for the boom years will take us to a Grecian economy sooner than later. Imagine 30% sales tax. Not nice.

All the pipelines are being plugged out of Alberta. It used to be the lifeblood of the country, but has a regulatory bureaucratic tourniquet on it now. There is no relief in sight, with the can being kicked down the road to where it will be too late to help if the patient dies when the clamp is released. Mental health is poised to expand. If they continue to lump on people having been bit by insects, plus all the stressed out indebted oil patch gang, that will collapse into a medieval state as well. Soon, over 49.9% of people will be declared nuts. What is going on there?

Rhetorical questioning aside, it paints a worrisome forecast. The whole thing is a mess, and those were just the big points or headlines. We went all in on the wrong side of the economy, and instead of declaring force majeur, we have no alternative to counter it. The quick fix is to eliminate everything that was. The paradox of sustainability has taken out any sort of sustainability.

Bacteriophages1Who will win? People with guns? The government? Life after people says the environment we built to kill us all will win. When there aren’t enough people to run it, or shut it off and roll it all back, it will all end badly. I know with Wild Apple Leaves, vectored nematode parasites already won over people. I went through that shutdown already, and it was long and tedious. At the end, there is still damage that must be repaired. Nobody knows that. If there is strength in numbers, phage will ultimately win, at 10³¹. They already kill half the bacteria in the world every two days. It’s a tough world at that level, if you think we are in trouble.

It was reported that existential threat to mankind will be inevitable. Dr. Stephen Hawking has noted it could happen in the next thousand years, and surely in ten thousand. We have AI, aliens, and ourselves to fear. Google announced that its AI could win at Go! It’s already getting bigger than our boots on any ground. The computer achieves that by working like a human, which is a double negative that isn’t positive. They claim it will be useful for medicine. For a while, yeah, but you can see the wheels falling off that already. Add aliens and it will be an interesting race to the gutter. It is like a Black Hole where we can only wonder what goes on in there.

We are the first animal to master fire. Now we have mastered enough firepower to burn ourselves to a crisp, and it is too big to master, it may end bad. I try not to think of it. The survivors will envy the dead, it has been said. There is a least no shortage of work we have to do to prevent all this. My Dad used to say, “The problem is not  shortage of work, but the kind work that you get paid for.” Ironically, I am disabled with both of those kinds of work at the present. The full time job still has to be done.

Working, paid or not, exercises our minds. Wild Apple Leaf has been hard work that way. It led to a study of chronic disease, and applicability to preventing it. Who knew that an understanding of the mechanics of Lyme borreliosis could help solve it? The pressure on humans from stealthy Trypanosomes, schistosomes, flukes, and various other parasite nematodes  are a huge negative to health, I found. That paper on filarial nematodes was published this month. I have the apple leaf bullet for that disease mechanism. It is all largely unknown in humans, and that, in itself, I find very disconcerting. At least I know. It solves a lot of age old questions. The only way forward now is a research grant or contract. The chances seem slim. Let’s see if there is a movie. Even lightening up gets pretty heavy. Humans have an out. “It’s beyond our control.” We handle what we can, however meager it is. TED Talks takes us way past that limit.

Now there are mixed signals in the oil market. Saudi Arabia and Russia are cutting production, or are they not? They are playing the old OPEC oil news game like 30 years ago. Iran is poised to pump, while Venezuela and others are forced into pumping oil by debt. Volatility in prices, all from the news. They will play that trick out again for what it is worth, and that is a lot. However, Apple Leaves with their anthelmintic property to fight helminthiases has an overarching effect to disease threatening/affecting everybody, and not just MS/Lyme. Having a glimmer of hope helps. Helminth parasites play a game way older than that until now, and this is a doable checkmate. Just look back here to see how I tried for 547 Days. It has that biofilm reduction catalyst bonus too. It is literally against all odds.  Maybe even the hidden dark matter odds.




Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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