Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Jan 30, 2016 – Day 549 – A Large Body of Evidence

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Here I am nearly a year and a half in. In microbiology, everything is microscopic by definition. Wild Apple Leaves exposed nematodes at or near the initial site of the infection, and you could see the exit wound left by the exiting nematode. Biofilm reduction measures were apparently working, because more nematodes hiding in biofilm came out after Day 313, almost 8 months ago. I have not used any antibiotics. None would have worked anyway. The nematode farmer would survive and build a new flock, so I kept trying to get rid of the farmers. The reason it has taken so long is that I am going slow and careful here. I haven’t asked for any money. I had no idea what would transpire, and followed the hint from the deer.

Eva Haughie from Empire State has a timeline here. She provided the first evidence that I was on the right track with nematode farmer parasites. I didn’t know what they were at the time a year or so ago, but now we have a better idea first hand. They come from insects in general, and in my case, more than from just a tick. Last week, I stumbled on a new paper by Dr. Alan B. MacDonald describing it in finer detail. That is about MS though. It turns out that MS is just a symptom of Lyme Disease, according to Tom Grier. I believe it now. From the evidence I see, this is what was happening. Something like a human form of SURRA caused by T. Evansi trypanosomatids. This is all a game changer. I concur because what they say is matching what I see with apple leaves.

In Genesis 3, it starts, “And the serpent was more crafty than any beast…” or something like that. No kidding! These things can kill a moose, and they are killing whole moose and deer populations. The new paper gives clues that SURRA affects all vertebrates. All from just a bug bite. Can we just kill all the bugs? I don’t think that would end well. That will kill all the birds too. That was the trouble with DDT. There was so drastic a hit on the food chain, they banned it.

I live in a unique area with a salmon run every four years. I got notably sicker every four years. Wild Apple Leaves intervened, and showed me why that was. They are like Ivermectin, an anthelmintic. They have more side effects from other properties too. The evidence I found shows that is the first job that has to be tackled with vector illness. You must get rid of the farmers. Only then can you address the disease farm. MSIDS shows that is no small chore either.

My lifetime of travels complicated it. I likely caught malaria, or babesia, from an infected person by a convenient vector. I had those symptoms. Bartonella came in from family pets. Medical care here is overly simplified, and unable to deal with any of this. I tried to do what I could. Dr. Ernie Murakami is in Hope, BC, just down the highway a few hours from me. He is retired, and attacked by his own system for trying to look into this. He teaches at Boucher Institute now. There is nothing for us here.

trypanosoma-is-a-protozoan-parasiteThe evidence is that my own case is now hopeless, as far as I can tell. I fell through the cracks. I tried to bang the heck out of the sides to no avail. At least I am stable at this point, and I know how to get rid of the disease persistence mechanism. I only planned to go a year, but 8 months ago I attempted to reduce biofilm with more surprising results at Day 313. Nematodes were also hiding in biofilm! The apple leaves skunked roughly another hundred or so out. They were hiding in old broken bones too, pervasive and evasive.

Please forgive my linking of these open source pictures. I went Open Source with the body of evidence, as the evidence that it would go nowhere in the medical system grew to enormous size. The deal with open source is that at least it is out there. I hope it makes people sleep easier because they can move to the next challenge faster. It may be too late for me, but not you. Funny how songs pop up into mind from the TV or other open source, out in the open? Explains a lot, like Deepak Chopra’s Universe. It’s another mountain of evidence.

Speaking of Little River, it is just down the road connecting Shuswap Lake, BC, to Little Shuswap Lake. It’s a way to cut to the Chase, BC. lol We grew up as space children here Surveyor_3-Apollo_12pre-teen, back in the hornet days. Nematode came outta those too. They were the ones responsible for arthritis I believe. Yellow Jacket vectored nematodes. I was diagnosed finally with anklosing spondylitis in 1970. That morphed into a Surveyor’s Disease affecting compatriot surveyors and engineers working outdoors. and that winds up being Lyme Disease and other vector variants. They all have parasite nematode components from a bug.

John Chapman would say it was God’s way. All from an apple seed. Genesis 2:9 warns us not to eat from the presumed apple tree of knowledge in 2:15-17. Yet the serpents populating everybody and many insects were more crafty than any beast. They know it too, and are hiding under the surface of all kinds of disease. Does that all come from the little serpent eggs in the apple? Other religions say that the tree of knowledge meant from this is a different tree, Palmyra. The Forbidden Fruit takes many forms. It looks like there is always a deception when nematode parasite serpents are involved. They have successfully employed it to escape the vision of doctors. It explains difficulty understanding Lyme disease.

Nobody gets out alive from that. There are no immortals, unless they hide like the serpents/nematode parasites. They skip around used vertebrate hosts. The healthiest just make better nematode parasite food. I take it they do not like smokers when their smoked meat tastes like ashtray. The serpent has deceived yet again. Surveyors smoked to keep the biting insects at bay. Almost a third of insects tested had serpent eggs. Much has been invested to find extraterrestrial life, but there is intelligent life within all of us, hitching a ride. The next bug lies in wait to reinfect us. It is a divine connection documented in western Judeo-Christian religions, but the language is cryptic, suffering from too many subsequent translations. Chronic Diseases have a base nematode mastery of deception, using borrelia spirochaetes as a puppet. Zika Virus is just the latest metamorphosis of that old game.

Everyone eats of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil if it is in fact an apple tree. I suspect the knowledge I have gained comes from that. It is said you cannot even touch the tree in the centre of the garden, yet here we have all the offspring of that tree surrounding us with sweet and sour apples everywhere. Perhaps it is preconception due to our Christian upbringing, and is all psychosomatic. We are all sinners, all human, no matter how hard we try. We are all armchair psychologists in a battle of Id, Ego, and Superego, constantly questing knowledge. It is the entropic quantum nature of cognitive thought, underpinning all religious and other thought. Time marches on and we follow, inexorably locked to it. There is realization of a larger universe now including Dark Matter Energy. We have that knowledge now, however immature that it is. Wild Apple Leaf sure scares the crafty filarial nematode farmers. Make of that what you will.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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